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It's Valentine's Day and Edward wants to do something special for Bella. See how the night end with a fight between Edward and Mike.


1. Chapter 1

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Edward's POVToday was Valentine's Day and I want to do something special for Bella. Today was the grand opening for this romantiv restraunt in Port Angeles.

Bella was still asleep. Once in awhile she would say my name and that she loved me. It was my second favorite thing to do, watch her sleep, my first was just to talk to her or be alone together. While she slept she looked so beautiful and innocent. It's fun to hear her talk while she's asleep.

Bella started to turn in restlessness and then woke up. She turned around and smiled at me. "Morning."

"Good morning. Happy Valentines Day." I gaver her a kiss and it was a longer kiss than usual, but she looked so beautiful I couldn't help myself. Her heart went wild while I kissed her, I loved doing that to her.

"I completely forgot today was Valentine's Day. So what are we going to do on the most romantic day of the year."

"Well, what I was thinking is we could go to that new restraunt in Port Angeles, which is alright with Charlie. Also, if it's okay with you, you can sleep over at my house tonight."

"Why, Edward Cullen, it would be a pleasure." I smiled at the way she said it and she smiled with me.

"I already packed your things and they're in my car."

"Well thank you for doing that for me."

"You're welcome."

"Hey, where is Charlie anyways?"

"He went fishing."

"Oh." Bella got up and grabbed her clothes for the day. She looked confused for a moment and started to blush.

"Are you alright Bella?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. I was just thinking about something." Then she just started to get undressed right in front of me. It was unbearable watching her take her clothes off in front of me.

"Um...Bella...what exactly are you...um...doing?"

"I'm getting dressed." she said in a matter-of-fact tone. I couldn't look away when I knew I should. My breathing was unevern. I wanted to go up and give her a long and passionate kiss. She looked so...sexy.

"Don't you usually do that in the bathroom."

"Well since we're getting married might as well get used to it." She was blushing and her heart was going crazy.

I walked up to her so I could talk in her ear. "You have no idea how much I want you right now. You're too beautiful for your own good." I kissed her neck all the way up to her lips. She kissed back eager. I pulled awaybefore I could get to carried away.

She finished getting dressed adn I made her breakfast. As she ate she sat on my lap. When she was done I carried her to my car.

The ride there was quick. The whole time I held Bella's hand in mine. She was smiling the whole ride, which made me happy to see her happy.

We reached my house and I held open Bella's door. I pulled her close to my side and gave her a gentle kiss.

Bella's POV

Once we were inside the house Alice was already there waiting for us.

"Bella!" Alice rammed into me and gave me a hug.

"Hey, Alice." I said when I could breath again.

"Come on Bella! I have to get you ready for tonight!" Alice just pulled me away from Edward. Edward laughed at my facial expression. It was so quick I didn't know how it happened, but I was in Alice's room.

There were clothes everywhere. She made me try on like 50 outfuts before we found the perfect one. It was a black dress that went down to my knees. I think I looked great in it and obviously Alice agreed because she let me out of the house wearing it. I wore a black 2 inch heels with it.

For another hour Alice did my hair and make up. When she was done I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought I looked better than usual.

"Well, what do you think!?"

"I love it Alice. Thank you so much."


I walked down the stairs and didn't fall once. Once I was downstairs I saw Edward. He was staring at me in amazement.

If Edward ever looked liked a god it was tonight. He was wearing a simple black tux and looked absolutly beautiful in it. I didn't know if he was real or not.

"Wow Bella you look so beautiful."

"I'd saw the same thing about you." Edward lead me outside where the moon lighted the sky. It was so beautiful to see. Edward then pressed his lips against mine. He wasn't as guarded as he use to be. Edward pulled away and held my hand. He kissed my ring and then my hand.

Edward lead me inside the shiny Volvo. He was in the driver's side in a flash. Then the car went ot life and we were racing down the highway.