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Angel's Call

banner by me banner by me Edward tries to fight the Influenza, good thing there is an angel beside him...

I own nothing, everything belongs tot he best and talented Stephenie Meyer!

1. Chapter 1

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I take in a deep breath, I grunt, it hurts to breath. Try to survive, a voice tells me. Why? I answer it back, I have already lost everything, my father died, and mother passed away, Why bother? I yell at it. .

I know I'm going to die soon, along with the thousands before me and the millions after. I cant live, there is no way that anyone can live through this! I say to myself. My fever is running high, and higher every hour, my muscles ache I can hardly move, its hurts too much to take in a single breath.

My stomach churns and I turn over immediately to my side and vomit. I groan and close my eyes trying to get to sleep. I can't, there are nurses flying into the room with more patients, there are people crying because of their lost loved ones, there are children crying because of the pain, there are doctors ordering, and to top it off, the throbbing pain and anxiety the flu creates on my body.

A nurse pops into the room and looks at me, she smiles kindly and I try to smile back, but I am too weak to even dare to blink. I see she is carrying a syringe, she pumps some odly colored fluid in it, dabs cold water on my hand and inject the needle into my skin. I doze to sleep, finally.

I wake up slightly and notice I am no longer in the hospital, I am outside, I can see the stars twinkling. I spot Dr. Cullen's face above mine, he looks worried. I try to speak but yet again my mouth fails to open or even dare to move. I take in a deep breath, trying to get the sweet scent of the fresh air at least one last time. I can feel the cold sweat on my face and chest, it drip down my neck and down my torso. I look at the doctor once again, "Its all right, Edward." He whispers to me.

I try to shake my head and tell him to stop bothering on saving me, it was too late.But at that second, knowing that it might be the last time I see the night sky, I fall into a deep slumber.

I notice that I am in a long tunnel, this is it, I think to myself. A light shows up at the end of the tunnel, and I know I am dead or dying, until I see a figure appear, a figure of a woman, a beautiful woman. I drift closer to her and I know she is an angel, why else would she be so lovely?

I saw her gorgeous features; her soft heart-shaped face, her plump full lips with the soft curves that I would kill to kiss, her deep brown eyes that I could dive into, her luscious wavy chocolate brown hair that I would love to run my fingers through, to feel the silkiness of it. I knew I shouldn't be falling in love with an angel, it was a sin, but how could I help it, she was stunning.

"Edward." She calls my name, and I am surprised that she knows it, "Live," she says, she demands the thing that I know I can't do.

I shake my head, I feel weak, there was no way I could survive the Spanish Influenza. I shake my head again in a soft whimper as I become fainter and the angel begins to fade.

"Don't give up," She says in an angelic voice. "Live, Edward."

I can't.

"Edward." The beautiful voice calls me, I open my eyes slowly and watch my angel come to life before my eyes.

"Hmm." I say, Bella smiles, her brown eyes full of happiness.

"Good morning." She says to me, curling into my arms, "What were you doing?" She asks me, pecking me slightly on the lips.

"I was...dreaming or remembering, shall I say."

"What were you remembering?" Bella asks curiously.


Bella was that angel I saw back when I had the flu, she was the angel that kept me motivated to live, Bella was my angel and forever will be.