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The Imprint

The Imprint Embry was always the shy and quiet one, compared to most of the other boys that are werewolves on the rez. But when a girl moves in with her younger cousins to help them out with the pain of looseing their father, Embry and Izzy’s life will never be the same again.

Disclaimer, only Izzy remains in my possession, the rest of it is all Stephenie’s…

1. ?imfephre?

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“Tell me again why we are carrying all these boxes?” Embry asked Quil as they unloaded a truck.

“Because, annoying people, such as yourselves, have to.” Leah Clearwater retorted to him, jumping into their conversation as she was walking out of her house to watch the rest of the pack help out.

“Oh, so why aren’t you helping?” Embry threw back at her. Leah had always had a temper, and it was entertaining to make her angry.

Leah made a face as Seth laughed from behind them. She walked back into her house, followed by the five boys.

“The real reason is because my older cousin is coming to help out around the house. She’s even putting off college to help my mom out.” Seth answered Embry from behind him and Quil. “And most of these boxes are her stuff.” He finished, making an annoyed face.

“I heard it’s a ‘she’. What exactly does she look like?” Paul half joked, half seriously asked, stepping into the house and setting the box he was carrying down with a thud.

“That’s her, over there.” Seth pointed to a picture on the small mantel over the fireplace.

Paul, Jacob, Quil, and Embry all went over to see the picture, leaving the boxes on the floor where they were placed seconds before. “How long ago was this picture taken?” Jacob asked.

Paul snatched it out of his hands, “The dates on the back, smart one.”

Jacob rolled his eyes, “Whatever, you snatched it from me before I could look.” He said defensively.

“It says a few months ago on the back. She looks like she is a little older than us.” Paul said, interested.

“Her name is Izzy, and she is 20.” Leah sighed, coming into the room.

“Nice.” Paul snickered appreciably. “I’ll say.” Jacob agreed.

“So when is she coming?” Embry asked Seth, turning away from the picture.

“Soon, which means you have to get all of these boxes up in her new room.” Mrs. Clearwater walked past the room, reminding them to get a move on.

“Right Mrs. Clearwater, it will be done right away!” Quil yelled.

“I hope so.” She hinted. “There are some snacks on the table once you’re all done.” She yelled to them from the kitchen.

“Boxes first, Izzy later!” Paul announced, eager to get some food. The others agreed, walking back towards their boxes and picking them up. They quickly carried them up the stairs to Izzy’s new room.

“What is she going to be doing every day? She will probably get freaked out about the whole ‘werewolf’ thing, I’m guessing…” Jacob asked.

“Actually she already knows about it, about everything. That picture was taken at First Beach, when it was sunny, which is probably why you guys didn’t recognize it…” Seth said.

“Honestly, I was too preoccupied with Izzy to look at her surroundings in that picture.” Paul laughed.

“How does she know?” Embry asked as they were walking back down the stairs to get the snacks Mrs. Clearwater had laid out.

“My mom told her, after my dad’s death,” Seth paused and then continued, “She insisted that she come and help out. She figured most of it out for herself though. She has only been on the rez. twice, so that’s why you don’t remember her. But she has a weird ‘sixth sense’ of figuring out stuff.” Seth finished explaining.

“That’s cool.” Quil said.

“She sounds nice.” Embry noted.

Looks rather nice too.” Paul muttered. Seth shook his head, smiling.

“What, you disagree?” he asked Seth.

“Umm, she’s my cousin. Ew." Seth reminded him, as he dug into the cookie jar.

“Hello? Aunt Sue? Seth? Leah?” a female voice called from the door.

“In here!” Seth tried to say, his mouth full of a bite of his cookie. Instead it sounded like ‘imfephre’.

“Seth, are you eating a cookie?” The voice asked coming closer.

“See what I mean? Sixth sense...” Seth muttered. “Maybe.” He said to her now.

“Ah ha! That’s what I thought!” she laughed as she turned the corner and into the kitchen, in view of the boys.

“Hi, I’m Izzy.” She said, looking at Jacob, Paul, Quil, and Embry.

Izzy was beautiful; she had an olive skin tone, making her looking Italian, with long wavy brown hair-nothing was out of place. She was slender, with big brown eyes, and had her sunglasses on top of her head in almost a SoCal way, jeans, and a dark striped violet top on with a white sweater over.

“You realize you will have no use for those sunglasses here, right?” Seth greeted his older cousin.

“I realized.” She laughed. Then she looked back at the boys.

“Quil.” He said easily, for he already had Claire.

“Paul.” He managed to choke out. Unlike Quil, Paul didn’t have an imprint or a girlfriend.

“I’m Jacob.” He raised his hand slightly, and then put it back to his side.

“Embry.” He whispered. Something felt strange to Embry, like the whole world had suddenly changed. He felt happy, and there was a warm feeling inside of him. It was like the whole world had suddenly just froze, making Izzy and him the only two left un-frozen.

“Embry.” Izzy repeated, whispering it as well, and looking directly in his eyes. She had felt it too, like somehow they both belonged to each other. It was crazy, they had only just laid eyes on each other, but yet they could both feel it. Either one could hardly breathe when they were looking in the eyes of each other.