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The Imprint

The Imprint Embry was always the shy and quiet one, compared to most of the other boys that are werewolves on the rez. But when a girl moves in with her younger cousins to help them out with the pain of looseing their father, Embry and Izzy’s life will never be the same again.

Disclaimer, only Izzy remains in my possession, the rest of it is all Stephenie’s…

2. The Imprint

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“Izzy!” Leah exclaimed as she ran into the kitchen. Izzy and Embry were still looking at each other, unable to look away.

“Uh-oh....” Quil muttered knowing something that nobody else did. He was looking at Izzy to Embry and back again.

“Izzy, are you ok?” Leah asked again, waving her hand in front of Izzy’s face.

“Yeah,” she said in a dazed voice, “I think so.” She nodded slowly, finally breaking eye contact with Embry to look at her little cousin.

“You haven’t changed a bit! Well except for obvious reasons, of course.” Izzy exclaimed, acting as though nothing had happened. Everyone knew what she meant about ‘obvious reasons’; it was a smooth way to talk about werewolves for Izzy.

“I missed you! Your room is upstairs; do you want me to go show you?” Leah asked.

“Sure, I have something for you, your mom, and Seth in one of those boxes. You can help me look for it.” Izzy nodded as Leah led the way upstairs. With one last dazed look at Embry, Izzy ran to catch up to Leah.

As the two girls’ footsteps were farther away and finally out of earshot, Quil started to explain.

“Tell me something, Embry.” He asked him.

“What?” Embry asked back, curious.

“What did you just feel, when you saw Izzy?” Quil scrutinized Embry’s expression as he started to explain.

“I don’t quite know. It was different from any feeling I have ever felt before. It wasn’t lust…but it wasn’t love like I have for my siblings. It was love that I would have for…my girlfriend… or wife…that is if I had one. But it was wanting too. It was weird; I really can’t explain it well.” Embry confessed.

“You don’t have a girlfriend or a wife, yet..” Quil corrected. Jacob, Seth, and Paul were listening intently, all the while eating Mrs. Clearwater’s cookies at the same time.

“What are you talking about?” Embry asked.

Quil smiled, “You just imprinted on Izzy Clearwater.”

Seth’s cookie dropped back on the plate and out of his hands with his mouth open, but Paul just looked disappointed, “I guess that means she is off limits.” He muttered. Jacob choked on his cookie from surprise, and Embry’s eyes went wide.

“You’re sure?” he managed to ask, his voice sounding as if he just got the wind knocked out of him.

“Positive. What you felt was exactly how I felt when I imprinted. You’re lucky though; at least she’s near your age. You’ll be able to be romantic with her, like dating and marriage.”

“Marriage?” Embry asked.

“She is your true other half, Embry. She wants you as much as you want her right now. Why wouldn’t she say yes, even to just be your girlfriend? I mean if that’s what you’re worried about, don’t be..” Jacob said.

“Congrats I guess.” Paul nudged Embry with his fist.

“I guess this means we will really be related.” Seth said, “She’s a unique person. You’re lucky.” Seth added.

“Are you sure you’re okay? It took me a while to get over the shock when I found out.” Quil asked. Embry’s eyes were still big.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Maybe we should talk to the rest of the group, and Izzy too.” Embry hinted. The rest of the pack nodded, and made their way upstairs to where Izzy and Leah were.

“Look at it this way, at least you imprinted on a twenty year old rather than a two year old.” Paul snickered as Quil gave him an annoyed face.

“Hey Leah, we need to go over to Sam’s, and bring Izzy.” Seth informed her as Leah was walking out of Izzy’s room. She eyed them all once, especially Embry, and turned around to talk to Izzy again.

“Izzy, we are going to go to Sam and Emily’s. Can you come with us?” she asked.

“I think you’re old enough to go without a babysitter.” She laughed once.

Leah laughed too, “I am, but Seth I’m not too sure about...” Seth made a face at the closed door, his ear pressed close to the cool wood. He was surrounded by the pack still listening in the hallway.

“You need to talk about something with me, don’t you?” Izzy guessed.

“Yeah…I can never hide anything from you!” The boys heard Leah say, as footsteps came toward the door. They immediately spread out, trying to look like they did not just eavesdrop.

Paul then started to whistle, looking all around except at Izzy and Leah. “Smooth, very smooth.” Izzy cracked a smile and then pointed at herself, “I think Seth put me as having a ‘sixth sense’.” She laughed, “It wouldn’t matter if you were whistling or ruffling your hair,” for Jacob just did so, and he paused midair and ducked his head, looking abashed. “I would still know you were outside my door, listening.” Izzy winked to show that she wasn’t mad, but joking.

“And that,” Leah pointed to Izzy, “is why I love you so much.” Leah joked as Izzy started laughing again.

“Well thank you, Leah. It’s nice to know.”

“We will meet you there.” Quil said to Leah, and then the pack was down the stairs and out the door.

“Come on, I have a feeling there is a lot of explaining we need to do.” Leah guessed, having heard the word ‘Imprint’ as she was walking upstairs, to her cousin as they made their way down the stairs and out the door, heading towards Sam and Emily’s.

“I missed it here.” Izzy said to Leah, walking down the road to Sam and Emily’s. She sighed in contentment looking at the trees, cliffs, and the ocean that was surely beyond that. The reassuring dull roar of the ocean was bringing light breezes with it, tinged with the scent of sea salts.

“But there’s hardly any sun.” Leah pointed out. Izzy had moved with them from California.

“You would be surprised how easily you can get tired of the sun when you have been with it for nearly all your life.” Izzy explained, “And besides, the weather isn’t the only thing I missed about La Push. Of course I missed you, Seth, and your mom. And your dad.” She added, her voice becoming softer at the end. Leah hid a frown before continuing, resisting the urge to let the sob that was building in her throat out.

“Well, I am glad that you’re here. Seth and I have tried to help out as much as possible around the house… but lately, running around as a wolf seems to be a full time job.” Leah muttered.

“But I bet you’re good at it, as long as you listen to Sam.” Izzy warned, “You can get hurt being stubborn.”

“I hurt Jacob, a few months ago…just by not listening. I’m working on it. It’s just hard to be around Sam…” Leah cut her sentence short. She had always hated how werewolf’s imprint ever since Sam had dumped her for Emily. And she was fairly sure that someone in the pack had imprinted again, she just wasn’t sure who they were.

“Hang in there; I know you just want what’s best for Sam. Destiny has a way of working itself out.” Izzy murmured.

“You honestly don’t sound like a 20 year old.” Leah laughed once.

“I get that all the time.” Izzy smiled. Then the girls fell silent, and just the crunching of gravel beneath their shoes as they walked could be heard.

“Is that it?” Izzy pointed to a house coming up. Leah nodded once, and the girls picked up their pace, eager to see why there was a meeting that Izzy had to attend to.

Leah held the front door open for Izzy and then they both walked in. The house was small, but had such a charm to it that it just made you want to call it home instantly.

All of the pack was crowded around in the family room, empty muffin containers sitting on the coffee table. There were a few left untouched, but Paul seemed to be eyeing them.

“Hello, I am Emily, you must be Izzy.” Emily came up to Izzy and hugged her.

“It’s so nice to meet you.” Izzy said back. Leah went to go take a seat with the rest of the pack.

“Boys, and girl,” Leah cracked a smile at Emily’s introduction, “this is Seth and Leah’s older cousin, Izzy Clearwater.” She announced proudly. Izzy waved once, and then turned to Sam.

“You must be Sam, right?” Izzy guessed.

Sam nodded, “It’s very nice to meet you.” He said politely, shaking her hand. Izzy had known what to expect, the sudden warmness of the werewolves, for Aunt Sue had explained it in detail.

Then she turned around and the rest of the pack that she had not met introduced themselves to her.

“Alright, let’s get down to business.” Sam started as Izzy sat next to Seth and Quil, across from Embry.

“Why did we have this meeting to begin with?” Sam asked, looking to Quil.

“Well…Embry imprinted.” Quil announced.

Sam’s face turned to shock, and Emily smiled warmly, “That’s truly wonderful, Embry!” Emily said, hugging him. There were murmurs from other pack members; Leah just sat there, her thoughts proved right..

“What’s imprinting?” Izzy asked to Seth.

“It is something that werewolves can only do. To Imprint means that you have found your true other half. Like finding your true love, and when it happens you’ll never find that same love again. It’s like two people fit together like two puzzle pieces, and are only designed for each other. Even more intense then love at first sight. Quil has imprinted on Claire, Jared on Kim, and Sam imprinted on Emily.” Seth explained.

“Well, then congratulations Embry. It’s good to know that you can be as happy as them.” Izzy said to Embry, looking to Sam and Emily at the end..

Emily was smiling like Sam, and Sam had his arm around her.

“Well put, Seth.” Sam said. Seth gave a small smile.

“So who did he imprint on?” Jared asked.

“That’s where it is a little complicated.” Paul started.

“I don’t exactly know how to say it.” Quil said. Izzy just sat there, not exactly understanding what was so hard to explain.

“Go ahead.” Sam urged and the rest of the pack nodded.

“There was a reason why Izzy came along, you see…” Quil said, trailing off. Izzy’s head snapped up in response to her name.

“I imprinted on Izzy.” Embry finished.

There were a few gasps, and Izzy froze. “Izz, you ok?” Seth asked once. Izzy didn’t answer and continued to stare at one spot on the carpet.

“She really isn’t normally like this.” Seth muttered.

“So that-that’s why I had that feeling when I saw you, wasn’t it?” Izzy whispered looking to Embry.

“Let’s move outside.” Emily suggested, shooing the boys out of the room so that Izzy and Embry were the only ones in the house.

“So you felt it too?” Embry asked, moving to Izzy’s side.

She turned to him, “I thought I was going insane for a second-wanting a guy I haven’t even met.” She let out a shaky laugh.

“Same here.” Embry admitted.

“This is a lot to take in…so I’m your soul mate, and you are mine?” Izzy asked.

“That’s the concept, yeah.” Embry nodded.

“You know, it’s weird. I feel like I have known you my whole life.” Izzy whispered.

“Well, we were practically designed for each other…” Embry whispered too. He took Izzy’s hand in his. Izzy automatically moved closer to Embry, suddenly cold, and wanting some of his warmth.

“Don’t you think we are rushing things, just a bit?” Izzy asked him.

“Do you feel that way?” Embry asked her back.

“No, not at all. That’s the part that sort of scares me a little, it’s not exactly normal. Well, then again, this situation isn’t exactly normal either.” Izzy said, still amazed.

“I know it’s a lot to understand, but I am here for you, if you want me to be.” Embry assured her.

“Why wouldn’t I want you? I can feel it, there is something between us-and you’re a very lovable guy, Embry.” Izzy said a-matter-of-factly.

“And you’re a very lovable girl, Izzy.” Embry smiled, and Izzy did as well. For a moment, both of them could only look into each other’s eyes.

“You should know I am rather new at this whole thing.” Embry confessed to her breaking the silence.

“You aren’t the only one.” Izzy laughed.

“Haven’t you ever had someone you loved?” Embry asked.

“No, not romantically anyway. Sure, boys asked me to be their girlfriend-but I always turned them down. Lust doesn’t work for me; it has to be love. This is probably why I haven’t loved anybody like that, not before this.” She explained. “And what about you?” she asked him.

“Nope, never.” He cracked a smile, “before this anyways.” He added.

“So what exactly does this mean?” Izzy asked, not entirely sure where this left the both of them.

“You tell me.” He said.

“Hmm.” Izzy smiled, opening her mouth to say something. But before she could, Embry leaned in and kissed her.