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The Imprint

The Imprint Embry was always the shy and quiet one, compared to most of the other boys that are werewolves on the rez. But when a girl moves in with her younger cousins to help them out with the pain of looseing their father, Embry and Izzy’s life will never be the same again.

Disclaimer, only Izzy remains in my possession, the rest of it is all Stephenie’s…

3. Shock

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Izzy pulled back after a few moments.. She had to admit it was rather enjoyable; the feeling of Embry’s lips on hers, and how warm he was….her head was spinning.

“I don’t know what to say.” She whispered.

“You don’t have to say anything, not now.” Embry wasn’t feeling shocked at all. He felt good, better than he had ever felt before. Even better than finding out he was a werewolf.

Izzy’s eyes trailed over to Sam and Emily’s clock sitting on the mantel. It was around dinner time, and she was supposed to help Aunt Sue.

“Oh, Embry! I have to go, we’ll talk later.” She promised, breaking free of his arms around her. She jumped up and ran to the door, opened it, and ran out.

“Sue is going to kill me!” she yelled into the air. She looked back and saw the entire pack, and Emily, looking a little ashamed, all surrounding the door frame. Paul was rubbing his nose a little, indicating that he was the reason the door was a little harder than usual to open because he had been leaning against it in an effort to eavesdrop better. She sighed a little but then forgave them; she knew they meant well. Izzy started running towards the general vicinity of her Aunt Sue's house.

Embry came out, completely confused. “Jeez, Embry. What did you do to her?” Jared snickered.

“He didn’t do anything, its dinner time.” Leah jumped in, “Izz is supposed to help, and so are we.” She warned Seth as she ran after Izzy. Seth followed reluctantly.

“Seriously though, what happened in there?” Paul asked him.

Embry shrugged, “I suppose you’ll find out the next time we phase anyways…” he trailed off. He was enjoying the pack making him center of attention.

Emily knew this was probably a guy moment, and she slipped into the house without making a fuss.

“And?” Quil urged.

Embry gave a sigh, “The shock will come to her later.” He muttered.

“What do you mean? What happened?” Jacob asked.

“We just talked...About stuff. Then I kissed her.” he grinned at everyone’s response to that.

“Jeez Embry, you just met her.”


“I didn’t know you had it in you.”

“She was okay with that?”

“It seemed that way, until she ran out of the house saying that Mrs. Clearwater was going to kill her….she told me we would talk later.” He said.

“Good luck with that…you might want to ask Leah about the shock and everything-after all she is a girl.” Paul suggested.

Jacob rolled his eyes as Embry suddenly froze. “Embry?” Sam asked.

“Wait, do you smell that?” Embry asked walking a little to the right of the house.

“Yes.” Sam nodded, alert. “It’s a new leech.”

“Finally! Some action!” Jacob exclaimed.

“Everyone phase and follow me. When any of us have a plan, tell me or Jacob.” Sam ordered.

“Sam! Wait,” Emily rushed out of the house and took his coat and shirt, “that was brand new- and be careful.” She reminded him, gave him a peck on the cheek, and rushed back in the house with the clothes.

Jacob laughed and, as Sam looked to him, it turned into a fake cough.

“Let’s move, the trail smells fresh!” Paul urged.

“Into the woods everyone, we can’t let it get away..” Sam ordered again. The pack rushed into the woods, phasing into werewolves once the woods hand gotten thick enough.

“Who could it be?” Paul thought.

“Stay in formation, we’ll find out soon enough.” Sam ordered strictly.

“Great, now we will have to notify the Cullen’s if it gets away….I hope Bella isn’t in any danger.” Jacob was a little worried about her.

“Aw, just shut up already! I don’t think I can take any more thoughts about Bella!”

It’s driving me insane.”

“Embry that goes for you too, Izzy and Bella thoughts together WILL drive me insane.”

“Stay on his heels, we can ambush when we get close enough.” Sam ordered. The pack swerved left, going towards the coast after the vampire. The vampire was a male, with brown hair. The pack couldn’t tell much more other than that.

“Permission to tackle?” Paul asked, he was close enough. The pack kept on running.

But somehow, as if the vampire knew what was coming, he went right, diving at full speed into the water of the ocean. Before Sam could give permission, they had lost the vampire.

“Damn it!” Jacob thought.

We could wait for him,” Quil suggested.

“No, he has advantage in the water, he is long gone.” Sam replied.

“I don’t think he will be coming back any time soon…” Jared guessed.

“Back to the woods.” Sam ordered. The pack all followed.

Meanwhile…… (A/N I was going to cut it here, be nice and say thank you that I didn’t)

“I’m so sorry Aunt Sue.” Izzy said as they finished cleaning the dishes. Dinner had been finished and eaten, and Izzy could only help out with the last part of it.

“That’s alright, sweetheart. You didn’t have to help, you just got here.” She reminded Izzy. Izzy gave a grateful nod.

“I might go over to the Call’s later tonight, is that okay?” Izzy asked her.

Sue handed her a plate to dry, “The Call’s? Why would you go there?”

Izzy looked a little uncomfortable before answering, “Does having a werewolf boyfriend make things complicated?” she asked her Aunt Sue, “Because honestly this whole imprinting thing has got me a little scatter brained.” Izzy thought that that would probably be the best way to explain things to her Aunt.

Sue gasped, dropping the plate she was scrubbing back in the soapy water with a clank. “Embry Call imprinted on you?” she asked.

“If imprinted means feeling some type of magnetic pull, not noticing anyone around you when you look in his eyes, or completely ignoring the fact that you hardly know him and yet you feel adoration for him that’s just way too strong to not notice, then yes I supposed he did imprint on me.” it felt good to Izzy to get this all out. Aunt sue was like her second mother.

“Oh, Izzy, that’s great news! I guess you will be staying here longer than expected.” Sue felt so happy for her niece. She was also very surprised and a little worried about her daughter Leah; How would Leah take the fact that her own cousin even had an imprint?

“I’m still a little confused. I was going to ask him some more questions and stuff tonight…”

“That’s fine, of course you can go. But be home soon, you’re probably tired from the plane ride here and then all of this news at once. I would call your parents in the morning.” She suggested.

“And tell them what? I can’t tell them about the werewolves.”

“No no, don’t tell them about the werewolves-your mother wouldn’t take it too well. My brother already knows the legends….but not enough to believe them. Just tell them that your safe is all.” Sue nodded her head while she was talking.

“Okay, thanks Aunt Sue!” Izzy said to her, drying the last dish before heading out to get on her shoes.

“Do you know which house it is?” Sue asked from the kitchen.

“Yes, I have a pretty good way of figuring things out…that and Leah pointed it out to me earlier.” Izzy laughed.

“Alright, Izzy- be back before midnight.” Sue called to her from the kitchen before Izzy escaped through the door. She shut it quickly with a click before turning around.

It was raining lightly, and it was dark. Izzy pulled her hood over her head before descending down the road to Embry’s house. She had so many questions for him, and she knew they could not be explained all in a few hours.

She continued to walk down the road; gravel crunching beneath her shoes was all she could hear-except for the occasional gust of the wind or the chirping of crickets.

Suddenly a sound from behind her made her freeze in her tracks- footsteps, and a twig snapping. “Hello?” Izzy asked, looking to her right. All there was behind her was the forest-but it was too prominent of a sound to be ignored, or passed by as an animal.

She saw a ghostly figure, an alabaster color, move quickly in front of her.

She screamed-Izzy had no idea what was going on, only that whatever this thing was wanted her to be alone, and in the dark.

“IZZY!” she heard voices behind her. She whipped her head around to find the pack of werewolves rushing to her. Only they hadn’t phased, well six did but the rest were still humans. They were all lightly panting as they finally got to her.

“You five, go with Jacob after him.” She recognized Sam. She was still where she was when she screamed.

“What was that?” Izzy whispered to them. The six wolves raced into the forest, while Sam, Seth, Leah, and Embry were with her.

“That was the new vampire that was here earlier.” Seth said to her, a grim expression in his eyes.

“V-vampire?” Izzy’s mouth was open in shock. Aunt Sue had mentioned werewolves, but definitely not vampires.

“Didn’t Sue-” Sam was cut off by Leah.

“No, she didn’t.” Leah said to Sam.

“How could she not tell me about vampires? I mean, isn’t that just a little crucial to living here?” Izzy asked. She was shaking, “You mean to tell me that vampires are real? They drink the blood of humans? Humans like me? You mean to tell me that that vampire was trying to kill me?” Izzy was almost hysterical. She couldn’t absorb this information into her head-she refused. Sam and the others just stared at her.

“I told you the shock was going to come later.” Embry muttered.

“My mom was going to tell her soon, we didn’t want it to end up like this.” Leah explained.

“End up like what? Me almost murdered?” Izzy asked.

“This is too much for her; we need to get her someplace else other than the street.” Seth said.

Embry walked over to Izzy, “Izzy, we will explain everything.” He promised her. All of the worry, panic, and hysterics she had felt before went away when she looked in his eyes. She nodded her head as Embry put his arm around her waist to help her walk. She was still shaking, though not as much.

“Embry I think you have it from here, Leah, Seth, and I are going to catch up to the pack. Go to Emily's.” Sam said. Embry nodded once as the three of them had gone into the forest.

“You’re going to be fine.” Embry promised her. She believed him; she leaned her head on his shoulder. The moon cast a hazy shadow on them as they continued walking towards Emily’s.