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Twist of Fate

Okay. So another story that just randomly popped into my head. This takes place after Eclipse. Edward and Bella are married. Everything was set for Bella to become a vampire. Then, great news! She's pregnant. She can't become a vampire while she's pregnant. So, she has the baby. Now that the baby's here, she can't draw herself to change. One night, the whole family's gathered together when they receive bad news. Gasp! PROLOGUE ADDED!KELLY- READ NO FURTHER OR YOU'RE IN BIG TROUBLE!

DISCLAIMER: None of them are my characters. They are property of the wonderfully, amazingly, spectacularly terrific Stephenie Meyer, author of my favoritest books ever, the Twilight Saga! Oh, except Lizzie. She's my own creation! :)

3. Surprise

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The wolves led us to a small clearing encircled by tall pine trees.

Edward let me down. Jake went off into the trees to change back to a human so he could carry me.

As I watched him walk off, Edward pulled me around to face him. Then, without saying a word, he crushed his tense lips against mine. I knew this kiss all too well. It was like the kiss before James hunted me and it was like the kiss before he left me and it was like the kiss on my graduation day. This kiss meant there was danger.

I hung limply, too frightened to overreact like I usually did.

Suddenly, from behind us, Jake cleared his throat. We broke apart, my cheeks turning red.

Edward leaned in one last time and pressed his lips in the hollow below my ear.

"Be safe," he whispered. I stared at him with wild eyes.

"Everything will be fine, Bella. No one on our side will get hurt."

"Promise?" I begged.

"I promise, Bella. Now, go. Quickly."

I turned to Jake. His arms were held out for me. It was déjà vu, except for, this time, Jake's eyes were sad, not eager. I walked forward.

"I don't think that's a very good idea," came a high, reedy voice form the shadows.

I froze. I knew that voice. I hated that voice. I was scared of that voice. Everyone in the clearing was frozen too.

"Those who break their promises must pay," the voice continued. I turned in the direction of the voice.

Jane stepped out of the shadows, followed six cloaked figures. Suddenly the whole clearing was thrown into motion.

"Run, Bella!" Edward yelled.

The Cullens and the werewolves raced towards the Volturi. Jake ran past me, his whole frame vibrating.

"Go, Bella!" he commanded, pushing me. I started running, holding Lizzie to my chest.

"Get her!" Jane screeched. I pushed myself, running faster than I ever had. It wasn't fast enough.

Before I knew it, Felix was standing a few yards in front of me, grinning widely.

His appearance caught me off guard. I tripped over a stone and fell flat on my face.

When I hit the ground, Lizzie skidded out of my arms, crying. I stared at her with horror in my eyes. Then, I looked up at Felix again.

His dark eyes were on Lizzie now, full of blood lust.

"NO!" I screamed, jumping to my feet faster than I ever had.

Unfortunately, once again, I wasn't fast enough. In a matter of seconds, Felix had drained Lizzie of all her blood.

Edward appeared out of no where, snarling furiously. He attacked Felix with renewed strength.

"Get out of her, Bella!" he shouted.

I rushed forward, picked up Lizzie's limp body, and ran for the trees.

Once I reached the cover of the trees, I couldn't run any longer. I collapsed into a sobbing heap on the forest floor.

Lizzie was dead and it was all my fault. I was stupid and clumsy and human. And now, Lizzie was dead.

How could Felix have done that? She was only a baby, hardly a month old. It was just like Esme.

Just like Esme. I heard the crashing waves close by. My mind went back to spring break over a year ago. I had done something really stupid and Alice had thought I'd done it for another reason.

Suddenly, I knew what I had to do, what I wanted to do.

I stood up, clutching Lizzie to my chest. Instinctively, I knew which direction the cliff was in and I took off for it.

As I ran, I prayed that Alice wouldn't have a vision, that Edward wouldn't try to stop me.

Then, the cliff came into view. I breathed a sigh of relief. Suddenly, from the clearing, there came a mangled cry.

"No, Bella! Stop! Don't do it!" Edward yelled. Alice had had a vision.

I shook my head, even though I doubted Edward could see me. I couldn't be sure, though, and I wouldn't dare turn and look behind me.

I could see the waves now. I hoped this would be painless and quick. Whatever pain death would bring, it had to be better than the pain I felt right now.

"Bella, stop! Please don't do it!" Edward begged. He was so close now. I knew he would catch me if I didn't run faster. I pushed my legs, my muscles squealing in protest.

Then, like a miracle from God, I realized that I was about a foot away from the cliff. Without hesitating, I threw myself off of it.

As I fell, the cold air whipped around me, and I held Lizzie tightly to my chest, not wanting to lose her.

Suddenly, there was something much colder and more solid than the wind around me.

Edward had caught me and he wasn't going to let me die. His arms formed an iron cage of protection around me.

I closed my eyes, tears still streaming down my face. Somehow, Edward had flipped us over so that Lizzie and I were on the top. When we hit the water, I didn't get the hard impact that might have killed me. Instead, I felt a splash of water before I was completely submerged.

Once in the water, I realized I was only holding onto consciousness by a finger. I decided to let go, hoping it would ease the pain.

My eyes drifted closed, my arms still tight around Lizzie.