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Cross my heart and hope to die

Bella worries about her wedding vows, and her angel is there to help soothe her concerns away.


1. Cross my heart

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I cannot live without my life; I cannot live without my soul

Even in sleep, I could see his perfect mouth, hear his melodious voice, articulate the words, and it was this moment my eyes opened slowly, my arms reaching out instantly, automatically, to find him. My hands brush against something cool as his fingers interlock with my own, his icy lips, so cold yet oh-so warm, grazing across my brow. My mouth curved upwards in a sleepy smile as my brown eyes open, meeting the scorching topaz orbs inches from my face.

"Hi," I muttered drowsily, my eyes closing almost reluctantly for a moment as Edward's lips brush gently over my own.

"Hi," he whispered back, smiling my favourite crooked smile as my cheeks flushed faintly. "How did you sleep?" he asked, eyes shining, and I fight the desire to roll mine. As if he didn't already know exactly how I slept, having watched me the entire time.

"Surprisingly well," I answered, stretching my arms up over my head as I sat up, light peeking in through my window already. I wondered for a fleeting moment whether it will be one of the few nice days, and if Edward will have to go away. "Not even a whisper of wedding bells or best man speeches." My lips stretched into a grin at the flicker of chagrin on Edward's face, and, feeling slightly guilty, I leaned over and kissed his lips gently, my arms wrapping around his waist.

My head, all knotty brown locks, buried into the crook between Edward's neck and shoulder as I waited for the interrogation I knew would come. He didn't speak, though, and so I hesitantly peeked back up at him, immediately sorry for the anxiety in his eyes. I sighed and rolled my eyes, it's okay for him to tease me, and took a hold of his hands.

"Edward," I began quietly, before his lips could open to question anything, "I was kidding. You know that I'm not worried about what the wedding means; I'm more worried about tripping and falling on my face." I brought his hands to my lips and kissed them softly, before I looked back into his golden eyes. Eyes that still manage to make my heart beat slower and faster at the same time, almost three years later. The worry had gone from their depths and I relaxed, as Edward smiled at me brilliantly.

"Good," he said evenly, grinning again, his voice a musical lilt to my ears. He smoothly took one of his hands from between mine and playfully began twisting the gold-and-diamonds engagement ring on my third finger. I watched as his golden eyes lift once more to mine, something inexplicable written on his face. "What are you worried about the most?" he asked, whispering, as the jingle of Charlie's alarm clock began. "Apart from tripping down the aisle?" he added.

I dropped my eyes again as a blush stained my cheeks, my fingers toying with his absent-mindedly. Edward lifted my chin up with his long fingers, so that I had to look at him, not that I minded, firmly but gently, curiosity burning in his eyes. I sighed, unsure how to word it without sounding like an idiot, although I knew that to be inevitable, my eyes willing him to understand.

"It's not that I'm afraid of being with you, Edward. It really has nothing to do with you," I started slowly, a slight crease appearing in my brow. My father's footsteps descended down the stairs and I was glad that he'd outgrown checking on me before he went to work. Edward's eyes continued to blaze into my own, and I sighed again.

"I just...I'm worried about doing something wrong. Saying something wrong, something that doesn't quite...fit," I finished lamely, peeking up at Edward from under my lashes. "I'm not the kind of girl whom can easily articulate her feelings." And it was true. In my bedside table drawer was a notebook, filled with pages of scrawled letters, each vow as cliché and embarrassingly trite as the last. My face flushed again as my eyes flickered over to the drawer in question guiltily as I thought about it, until Edward's quiet face drew me out of my moody reverie.

"Bella," he began, pausing to kiss my forehead, his cold lips lingering, "You could turn up to the wedding wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt and sing a rap song to me and still it would not be wrong." The earnestness in his voice and expression made my heart melt and my mouth curve into a smile again, my unease disappearing. For now. My posture relaxed as Edward pulled me into his arms, his cold embrace setting me on fire.

"I might hold you to that," I murmured against his chest, eyes closed again as I breathed in the lovely scent of his body. I felt the answering smile against my forehead and I pushed away all trepidation of pronouncing my inner most feelings for the man who sat beside me in front of our family and friends.

"You mean more than the world to me, Bella. If the absolute human population was to disappear but you remained with me, I would be able to go on," he whispered in my ear, his sweet breath fanning across my face. I looked up at Edward again and smiled, not bothering to tell him that he was simply stating my own feelings for him.

Instead I pressed my lips to his shoulder as I pushed the covers back from my body, graduate or not, I couldn't spend all day in bed. I sat down on Edward's lap after stretching out my legs and kissed him again, smiling as his mouth responded in kind. He drew back gently, as I knew he would, his cool fingers trailing down my cheek and across my collarbone as I smiled.

"I love you," I whispered, as the front door opened and closed again, the cruiser pulling out of the driveway, unable to look away from the beautiful eyes before me. "I can't imagine my life without you anymore." My whisper faded into air as the inevitable rain began to fall against the glass window, and Edward's mouth fell upon my own again.

"A perfect wedding vow," he whispered in my ear, his smile wide on his irresistible face. "And I won't even tell anyone that you already practised it on me." I flushed as, of course, Edward pinpointed the source of my woes, and ducked my head into his shoulder again.

"Well, just act surprised then," I grumbled, smiling against his chest despite myself in response to his answering chuckle.

"Cross my heart and hope to die."