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Volturi Pet

Ok, Bella and Edward are to be married in a week. Yet some one decides to visit. What can possibly go wrong? Please review. I am rating this adult for chapters to come. OOC and this is a crossover one of my friends informed me of that as i told her about this. The Amane character is a sidhe. Thus her character may not make sense if you have not read Kiss of Shadows.

Two reviews and I will post the next the chapter.

1. Chapter 1

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Alice POV

Jane Volturi ran into a room with Aro sitting in it. “The Light From Heaven is gone,” she said. Then scene changed. A young girl sat against a tree asleep her collarbone sticking up out of her skin. Her elbow was torn to shreds. “Find Carlisle Cullen,” she said quietly.

Everyone knew the look on my face anywhere. I was having one of my visions. “Alice,” said Edward looking at me wide-eyed. “What did you see?” Everyone was staring at me curiosity growing in his or her eyes.

Bella POV

Alice looked at Carlisle fear increasing in her eyes. “Carlisle do you know who The Light From Heaven is,” Alice asked.

Carlisle’s eyes widened as he spoke. “She is the Volturi’s pet. Aro raised her like a little sister. Why?” Alice sat down shaking. Jasper sat next to her and held her close.

“What is she like,” Esme asked?

“She is a vampire similar to us. All though she has power that none of us have ever seen,” answered Carlisle. “The Volturi usually send her to check up on vampires. She is very scarred up from fights she has been in. What did you see Alice?”

“I saw her coming here, to Forks. She was alone and badly injured. She is coming here to talk to you Carlisle. That was all I saw. Then she just disappeared,” said Alice looking at Carlisle.

“How long do we have Alice,” Carlisle asked with a sigh.

I was scared now I had not been changed yet. Edward held me closer and tighter to him. “A day maybe less,” replied Alice.

“Is she a vegetarian,” I asked? If she wasn’t we would be in trouble. She may try and take blood from me or someone close to me.

“I do not know Bella. I have not heard,” said Carlisle. “Everything will be all right.”

The Light from Heaven POV

I was on my way to Forks. Something was happening to me and the Volturi could not help. I needed space and Aro, Demetri, and Heidi was not giving it to me. I had less than a half a days run to Forks. I hated not being able to quench my thirst for blood. No animal or human had quenched it. Something was wrong with me. I had control over elements. No vampire could do that and I had many other powers that no vampire was known to have.

I began to wonder if I needed vampire or werewolf blood. I started biting my own wrist and drinking my own blood. It helped with the blood lust but not enough. I am right outside of a reservation. I need sleep. The same vampire attacked me again and he did the same thing to me. My collarbone and left arm was throbbing. He broke my collarbone and tore my left elbow to shreds and used a red-hot branding iron to burn a fresh cross burn into my forearm. “Find Carlisle Cullen,” I reminded myself. Then sleep began to come over me.

When I woke up I was laying on a couch. I heard a male voice say, “Damn she’s hot.” I did not open my eyes afraid to see what was a waiting.

“Embry, shut up. She is injured. We need to get her to the hospital,” said another male voice.

“Ok, just calm down Sam. Jacob can take her,” said the male named Embry I was too tired to argue. I went back to sleep