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Volturi Pet

Ok, Bella and Edward are to be married in a week. Yet some one decides to visit. What can possibly go wrong? Please review. I am rating this adult for chapters to come. OOC and this is a crossover one of my friends informed me of that as i told her about this. The Amane character is a sidhe. Thus her character may not make sense if you have not read Kiss of Shadows.

Two reviews and I will post the next the chapter.

2. Chapter 2

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Jacob POV

I lifted the girl off of my couch and carried her out to my car. She was beautiful despite her injuries. Yet I still loved Bella. There’s something different about this girl though. If one of those filthy, bloodsuckers did this there is going to be a fight.

As I parked I saw Bella and Edward talking to Carlisle, just who I needed. I got out of the car and walked over to them. “So which one of you filthy, bloodsucking leeches attacked a girl,” I questioned anger rising inside me.

Bella looked at me angry and confused. Edward glared at me as he answered, “None of us have left the house since last night. Carlisle, Bella, and I have been the first to leave.”

That I did not believe. I walked back over to my car and opened the passenger door. I gestured to Carlisle, Bella and Edward to come over. Carlisle’s eyes widened as he saw her.

Carlisle POV

There she was The Light From Heaven just as Alice had said, her long black hair falling over her delicate face. “I will take her from here Jacob,” I said taking the girl from Jacob. Jacob looked at me suspiciously. Knowing who this young girl was I knew she would heal but I need to re-a-line her collarbone.

“Can you help her Carlisle,” Jacob asked me. He was worried I could tell that much but there was something else. Did he like her? Did he find her attractive? Did he know who she was? I don’t think he knew who she was or else he would not have picked her up. If she was a vampire and he knew none of the werewolves would have picked her up.

“Yes I can,” I said. I took [the girl] from the car and carried her inside the hospital and into my office. Bella and Edward followed. I saw worry in Bella’s eyes. Once in my office I laid The Light From Heaven down on the couch. Her eyes opened when I set her down. Her eyes were like looking up at the sky. A dark midnight blue with a sapphire blue full moon right in the middle the edges fading into the darkness becoming lost.

Edward POV

I had never seen eyes like these ones nor had I ever seen such beauty. Don’t get me wrong Bella was amazingly beautiful and I loved her. This beauty was different it was more exotic. Rosalie is going to freak when she sees this girl.

I held Bella closer not know what The Light From Heaven would do. If Aro sent her then maybe she was here to check to see if Bella had been changed yet. Our wedding was next week so she could be changed the day after the wedding. Like I promised.

I tried to search through The Light from Heaven’s mind, but nothing. Was her mind blank? Or could I not look into it like I could with Bella’s. This could be a problem. I needed to know if Bella is safe or not. I could tell with the way Bella was shaking that she was scared. Nothing could calm her down.

The Light From Heaven POV

“Carlisle?” I asked wondering if that was who was looking down at me. The pain seared in my arm and I was not in the same room I was in earlier. This one had more paintings and less people.

“Yes,” he answered. Score one for me. “This is going to hurt but I am going to realign your collarbone.” He placed an icy cold hand on my collarbone and pushed down. I screamed it burned for him to do such a thing. At least now it would heal right, or so I was hoping.

“That hurt,” I spat in Carlisle’s face. I knew that he was only trying to help. The boy standing next to him laughed a little. I was not going to be a laughed no matter what. “What are you laughing at,” I snapped.

That made Carlisle laugh. I wondered what they were thinking. Man, what good are powers if you don’t know how to use them? Carlisle looked at me worry in his eyes. “Did one of the Volturi send you, Light from Heaven,” Carlisle asked.

“No, they did not,” I replied. God, couldn’t I just take a vacation. “You can call me Amane. Carlisle can I talk to you alone?” the boy held the girl tighter to him. I wasn’t going to attack.

“That is fine,” said Carlisle, “Edward, Bella, would you please step outside.” The two younger ones stepped out into the waiting room. “Now that we are alone why are you here,” he asked.

“I needed to talk to you,” I replied. “About your feeding habits. Also about powers, other creatures and joining you.” Carlisle’s eyes widened. What did he think I was here for to kill someone? That was funny.

“Ok let’s start with feeding habits,” Carlisle sighed. At least he was going to talk to me. “My family and I only drink animal blood.”

“Ok have you ever heard of a vampire having to take another vampires blood?” Carlisle looked at me wide eyed. I took that as a no. This was going to be difficult.

No. But there is no reason that it cannot happen. Now about there is no reason that it cannot happen. Now about powers, each of us brought something to this life. Edward can read minds. Jasper can control emotion. Emmett has immense strength. Alice can see the future. Rosalie’s beauty and Esme has shown us love. I have brought control. What did you bring?”

I looked at Carlisle so my abilities were still abnormal. “I have control over elements and I can shift into a wolf. I have Angel wings that come and go as well.”

Carlisle looked at me shocked. “With so much power, how do you stay sane?” I shrugged. “Creatures we will talk about later. Joining my family was the last right?”

“Yes I would like to,” I looked at Carlisle waiting for a no. “I understand if you say no.”

“You are more than welcome to stay with us,” Carlisle smiled. “Alice and Rosalie will torture you for a while with shopping trips.” I laughed.

I stood up and smiled. Carlisle smiled and led me outside. The boy and girl from early were leaning against a silver Volvo. The girl smiled at me unsure of what to do. I smiled back. “Amane this is Edward and his fiancée Bella,” said Carlisle. I knew those names. Bella had to be turned into a vampire soon because she knew to much about us. Aro would be here in a week looking for me.

“Carlisle, is she safe?” Edward asked.

Carlisle looked at Edward and nodded. “Yes take her home she will be staying with us for a while.”

Edward nodded and opened the passenger door for Bella. I rolled my eyes and opened the back door and slid in. Bella was tense as if she feared me. I did not pay attention to where we were going but we stopped at a huge house just outside of town. Edward started helping Bella out of the car.

I got out and followed Edward and Bella inside. I as stepped inside, I was attacked……