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Volturi Pet

Ok, Bella and Edward are to be married in a week. Yet some one decides to visit. What can possibly go wrong? Please review. I am rating this adult for chapters to come. OOC and this is a crossover one of my friends informed me of that as i told her about this. The Amane character is a sidhe. Thus her character may not make sense if you have not read Kiss of Shadows.

Two reviews and I will post the next the chapter.

3. Chapter 3

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I was attacked by a girl that caused me to almost lose my balance as she tackle hugged me. Carlisle chuckled and said, “This is Alice.”

“Hi,” I said without a smile. Was this the torture? In a way yes, but no. Now 24-hour shopping hell yes. I hated shopping.

“Us girls are going up to Seattle,” said Alice excitedly. Great shopping the first thing they want to do. Two more female vampires walked down the stairs. One was extraordinarily beautiful. Which meant the other woman was Esme.

“Alice give her room to breathe,” said Carlisle trying not to laugh. Alice did take a step back but her face went blank. Was she having one of her visions?

A boy wrapped his arms around Alice’s waist. Man I wish it would rain it is to damn muggy. Then suddenly it began to rain. Everyone looked at me. I looked outside to see that it was raining. There was one part of my powers I understood.

“Alice, baby what did you see?” the boy with his arms around her waist.

“I saw the past and future of Amane,” Alice said a little scared and excited. “This is Jasper, my husband.” I smiled. “Amane do you want to go with us to Seattle?”

“No, I’m going to go play a few pranks on the wolves,” I replied smirking.

Bella glared at me and the other boy I assumed to be Emmett laughed. Edward looked at me and smiled. “Don’t you dare,” said Bella sternly.

I looked at her and laughed. "Why? It would be so much fun. That Jacob was kind of cute," I said with a smile. That last statement about Jacob really got to Bella. I wondered why.

Alice grabbed Bella and led out to a car. Rosalie Esme followed. When I heard the car start up and pull out of the driveway. I looked at Emmett and Edward. "Edward why was Bella so protective of the wolves?" I asked.

"One of her best frienda is one of those filthy dogs," Edward spat. I nodded. There was more to it than he said though but what?

I looked at Carlisle and said, "Carlisle I think you should know that Aro will be in a week."

Edward's eyes widened. Carlisle looked at me and I knew they were worried. "Amane are you sure?" Carlisle asked me.

I nodded. "Yes. When I left he said that he wouldbe visiting Forks in a wewk and a half."

"Can you delay?" Carlisle asked with a knowing look in his eyes.

I smiled. "I may be able to slow him down a little but not by much. A day maybe two."

Carlisle looked at Edward. "Edward my son, you have to change her before the wedding."

"I will change her tonight," Eward growled. I now understood that Edward did not Bella to be a vampire.

"Well," I said, "I'm going to La Push."

"Wait," Carlisle said. He had a sling in his hands. I sighed and walked over to him. He put the sling on me then let me go. Carlisle also handed me a cell phone. Damn he is going to treat me like his daughter. Oh well I'll finally get a father. "We will only call if it is an emergency," said Carlisle.