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Broken Dreams

This is the third story in the Bloody Hurt trilogy. I really hope that you guys like it.

I got really nervous writing this one, becuase I really wasn't sure how I wanted it to go, so if the beginning is really shaky then I apologize.

2. Birth

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Bella's POV

The sky grew darker and darker as I pushed my car past even its top speed. The dark, twisting road seemed like a treadmill keeping me in one place when all I wanted was to get away. I glared out the side mirror checking to make sure that no one was behind me.

The road was empty, but the car shuddered, as I pushed the accelerator harder anyway. I had to get as far away as possible.

Suddenly a sharp pain erupted in my stomach... the kind of pain that could only mean one thing. My hands flew to my stomach instinctively, and the next thing I knew the car was heading strait for a tree.

Carlisle's POV

"Carlisle!" Alice's shriek was so panicked, that I jumped when she burst into the room. Her entire body was shaking her eyes still slightly glazed; a side effect although the vision was clearly over by now.

"What is it, Alice?" I tried to stay calm for her, but her obvious agitation was slowly working its way into my system.

"Bella... the baby... Carlisle there was an accident... Bella is in labor...its cold and wet, and she is lying in the dirt. She needs help!" She gasped out each of the words as quickly was possible, although frankly that wasn't very fast because of the sobs that she was trying to breath around.

My eyes flew wide open at the mention of Bella and the baby. I grabbed my doctor's bag, and rushed out of my office, with Alice hot on my feet.

"Esme!" I roared. She ran over to me, afraid. I rarely ever yelled. "Bella's is in trouble we have to go now!"

Suddenly Edward was at my side; his eyes empty; his voice an unusual monotone. "What is wrong with my Bella?"

"Edward she is not your Bella anymore, you blew your chance." Alice spat in his face. I wasn't sure if she would ever forgive him.

I looked at him with pleading eyes. "Stay here!" I commanded, searching his face for any sort of sign that he comprehended what I had said. I breathed a sigh of relieve when he nodded once, and ran up the stairs and back into his room.

I rushed out the door and into the rain with Alice, Esme, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett behind me.

Bella's POV

I clutched desperately at my stomach, as the next pain came on.

"Ugh!" I screamed.

"Bella!" I heard Carlisle shout. I didn't even care if Edward was with him. I was just so glad that Carlisle was a doctor and that he was going to help.

His voice became extremely urgent as he got closer, and I could hear him shouting orders.

"Emmett, get behind her and hold her up. Alice and Rosalie I'm going to need you to hold her hand for support, you're going to have to coach her through this. Jasper, make her calm. I don't know what kind of damage make have resulted from the crash, but I need her as still as possible just in case. Esme, you are going to have to help me with the birthing process."

I felt two hands grab my arms, and I felt my body being drug lightly as the hard earth below me was replaced by Emmett's chest.

"Emmett, BE CAREFUL! Don't let her move. She is fine I'm sure, but I can't say anything for the baby. By the look of the bent up steering wheel, her stomach went right into it. We have GOT to do this right, or the baby may not survive."

I felt fingers press against the inside of my legs, and I streaked as the next contraction came. I could hear Carlisle grit his teeth as the marble walls of my uterus ground his icy bones together.

I tilted my head back, and let the rain hit my face, trying to wash away the pain.


A/N:: I was going to go into full detail as to the birth, but I know that some people get squeamish about that kind of stuff so I'll do a G version. If you want to read about the actual birth then let me know, and I will send it to you.


The next few hours were without a doubt some of the worst of my life. But at 12:00am, Christine Aileen Cullen, entered into the world in a mad flurry of activity.

By that point, Emmett was so torn up, that HE might need Carlisle more that I did. He had clamped his arm tightly around my chest which rewarded him with quite a lot of stinging bite marks. I had slammed my head into his chest so many times as well, that here could be a permanent dent there.

I really hoped Rosalie wouldn't get to mad at me for damaging her husband.

But after all was said and done, and I had Christine in my arms, Emmett seemed content to just lay there with me resting against him. He got a perfect view of the baby, and was thrilled when I draped her across my shoulder so that her tiny cheek rested against his massive chest.

He lightly stroked her fine hair, and cupped her head in his large hands to kiss her nose. She shivered slightly, and then settled down when Emmett started rubbing her lightly behind her ear. An odd purring sound resonated from her chest. That was the first clue that was a half-vampire if not entirely.

I gave her to Esme, Alice, Rosalie, and Carlisle for them to ogle over, and lay back against Emmett's chest, physically and emotionally drained.

"Thank you." I mumbled. “I’m sure that was tough for you, too."

I felt his shoulders move under me as he shrugged. "No problem."

I felt him kiss the top of my head. I grinned. "You do realize that you are like the best brother EVER right... not to mention the fact that you will be the scariest uncle. I feel horrible for the first boy that ever tries to kiss her. You would be on them like white on rice, and... No offence or anything... but, your size would scare them away VERY quickly."

He burst into a fit of laughter, rocking us both violently. Once he had calmed down I could feel him smile. "Well... thank you... I guess."

We lay there for a moment, before I suddenly felt his shoulders tighten drastically and his breath become short.

It came out in a sudden burst of words, whispered in my ear.

"Bella, I know that you are trying to get away, and I don't want to stop you because I know that what Edward did was unforgivable, but I wanted to offer you a place to stay. There is a small cottage that is on the very edge of Washington, near a college that you could attend. Rosalie and I bought the house a few years back as a vacation spot. I know that the idea seems inconceivable right now, and I'm sure that all you are thinking about is the risks, but we really need you near. We could all get to it easily, and you would be safe there. We... Alice and I... well, I really want you to stay. I care about you know. You are the bestest sister a guy could have."

I rolled my eyes at his blatant attempt to mock my previous statement, but then I turned serious are my mind started turning.

“Perhaps you forget... but Edward would figure it out quite simply by doing a little mind digging."

"We won't think about you, well... if we do we will get to you before Edward so that you can get away."

I turned my head to look at him. His eyes were full of unrestrained hope, and desperation. I hated to break his heart, but there were too many risks. This time I wasn't thinking about me. This was about Christine now. She was my life, and I was going to do everything that I could to keep her away from anything that could potentially harm her in anyway. That included her father and my EX- husband. As far as I was concerned I didn't know him anymore. He was a completely different person, so it didn't hurt as much to leave him. He wasn't Edward anymore. He was the monster he had always feared. And that was not okay with me.

"I'm sorry Emmett, but no."