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Broken Dreams

This is the third story in the Bloody Hurt trilogy. I really hope that you guys like it.

I got really nervous writing this one, becuase I really wasn't sure how I wanted it to go, so if the beginning is really shaky then I apologize.

4. Chrissy?

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Recap: I slipped in through the front doors of the hotel, and breezed by the front desk to the elevator.Then I was in front of his door. I took a deep breath before knocking lightly. The door flew open and he stood there.A statue in my midst. I gasped. The sharp lines of his face were the same, his soft bronzy hair feel in the same style as always, yet he still looked different. Wiser, haunted. And then I remembered why I was there.I still felt nothing… was that possible. I didn’t love Edward at all.


Christine’s P.O.V.

My eyes searched my mother’s face wearily. I was worried about her.

She had been heartbroken over the man standing before her, and yet on her face there was nothing to constitute any form of emotion.

That man! I thought is utter disgust. That man which had ruined every part of my childhood.

Well as normal a childhood as I could have had considering that I was a semi-vampire.

He had forced me to grow up prematurely in order to take care of my once grieving mother.

It made no sense that after years of tears; she could stand here in front of him now, dry-eyed.

I took him in piece by piece. I could find nothing attractive about the man in front of me. I’m sure that in a different situation he would have been remarkably sexy, but because of my obvious and heady dislike for him, he looked horrid.

My mother had however been able to describe him perfectly, since we had never had any pictures, she at the time didn’t think that she could take them, so I was only left with her description of him. Of Edward Cullen.

The name coursed through my mind and I had to work hard to force down the growl that was quickly clawing up my throat. I swallowed it, and made do with a horrific and loathing glare directed at his face.

His eyes however where glued to her face, as hers was to his.

If he touched her I would be forced to rip his hands off.

I’d do it, too, as my mother knew from previous… accidents.

I knew that she sensed my tension, but was so wrapped in his gaze that she could do nothing.


My cell phone broke the silence.

I grabbed it so hard that it crumbled in my hand.

Ooops… oh well. With the money I was making due to the record contract with E-Z records would easily cover the cost of another cell phone.

The damage to the silence, however, was done, and Edward Cullen let out a ragged gasp.

I sighed waiting for something to happen while still keeping my glare in tact.

The sound of my sigh broke his concentration and his eyes shot to my face.

he flinched away from the glare, but persisted in staring in wonder.

He seemed confused at first, and I realized that he didn’t recognize me.

Then suddenly his eyes grew wide.

“Chrissy?” The word was only a whisper, but it opened a primal instinct in me.

The growl erupted and a bared my teeth at him, not being able to control the emotion with in my body.

I felt Alice’s restraining hand on my arm.

I shook it off and continued to hiss and growl in his direction.

“Don’t EVER call me that!” I screeched.

I finally took into account to look on his face.

He looked scared and… broken?

My eyes flashed to my mothers face, and the growl finally slowed and stopped, as I watched her wide eyes slowly adjust into a motherly look of disapproval.

“Sorry, mom.” I whispered, but continued to glare at Edward. “He made me.”