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Broken Dreams

This is the third story in the Bloody Hurt trilogy. I really hope that you guys like it.

I got really nervous writing this one, becuase I really wasn't sure how I wanted it to go, so if the beginning is really shaky then I apologize.

6. I know my daughter 1

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“Oh.” An awkward silence filled the room, but my eyes stayed on his face… that is until I heard a shower turn off and the bedroom door open to show a beautiful vampire in a towel.

Chapter 5::

Bella’s POV::::

Long blond hair, white smile, most gorgeous person I had ever seen, I would know that girl anywhere.

“Rosalie!” The world escaped my mouth in a gasp and the room spun a little, before I came to my senses and lunged off the couch and into her arms. She looked a little shocked to say the least


Her towel slipped a little, and her hand reached across her front just as I crashed into her. I held her tightly not caring or really even realizing that her exposed chest was hidden only by my hair and body.

“Bella, don’t move.” She whispered into my hair. I understood then and stood very still. She slowly moved back into the bed room pulling me with her, always in front of her body to hide herself.

Once the door was closed, she dropped the towel, and raced around the room to get dress. I was a little surprised that she had dropped her covering right in front of me, but then again it was nothing that I hadn’t seen before.

I though back to that crazy night when Alice, Rosalie, and I had gotten a little crazy in the creek behind the mansion when I was about 4 months pregnant.

That and the fact that her body was essentially perfect, and she had nothing to hide. If a sculptor wanted the perfect female body to work with, hers would be the one.

Once she was dressed she turned to me and smile, rushing into my arms quickly.

“How are you Bells??”

At the words I fell apart. Tears streaked down my crimson cheeks, and I sobbed deeply my head resting lightly on her shoulder, with my face turned away to keep the blood off her freshly clothed body.

She didn’t say anything, and yet it was her silence that comforted me the most. More then the slight rocking motion, or her seemingly delicate arms wrapped tightly around my chest. It was the fact that she seemed to know that I didn’t want to talk. That all I needed then was to cry.

Letting out the feelings without words felt so wonderful that I could hardly breathe. Then again it could be the fact that I was sobbing so hard that breathing wasn’t really an option anyway. It was a moot point though since I didn’t need to breathe in the first place. When Chrissy comforted me, it was awkward, because although she loved me more than she could possibly express, she tried to comfort me by talking about different things.

All I needed was silence, and a willing shoulder, and I would go to town.

I could here my daughter getting agitated on the couch, so I knew that she could hear my cries, and yet she seemed to know that I needed Rosalie, not her at the moment. As much as I’m sure that hurt her, she also knew that it was important that I reconnect with my family.

I would talk to her later, after I worked everything out with Edward, and things WOULD get worked out. I could guarantee that.

The tears slowed till there was only a momentary drop that fell onto my pale cheek. I rushed into the bathroom that adjoined the bedroom, and grabbed some toilet paper to wipe my cheeks with. The stains were still there from earlier, combined with the fresh ones and my cheeks looked like someone had taken red paint and brushed it down my cheeks.

I scrubbed furiously, but it was all I could do to get the immediate stains off. There was still a hint of color on my cheeks and with my white skin I looked like a ghost with its eyes poked out.

I scoured a little more and then gave up, convinced that with as much I cried I would just walk around with permanent stains on my cheeks. Shrugging off the tears that wanted to well back into my eyes I turned and walked out into the big room where Rosalie was now hugging and crooning over Chrissy.

I could tell that Chrissy was uncomfortable, but she clung to Rosalie with a ferocity that was so powerful that it made my own shoulders hurt. Rosalie was stroking Chrissy’s long auburn hair. It was past her waist now, and it shined red in the sun, but hung in a bright mahogany color inside a building. The perfect mix of Edward’s hair and my own…

Chrissy was beautiful. She was finished growing, and would have the body of a teenager for the rest of her life, but she could pull off adulthood of a few years if she tried hard enough. She had HUGE expressive eyes that took up almost half of her face, and they shined vibrant topaz all the time… well except when she was angry… then it almost seemed as if there was a fire burning in them. Not really though.

Her skin was pale and creamy with the faint hint of freckles that had started to develop before she froze over completely. She had her father’s mouth. That soft, sensual mouth perfectly contoured, that it hurt to look at, because there was a faint wanting that grew until you couldn’t stand it… a want to kiss her. She was tall… almost a giant… nearing 6 feet now.

Many modeling contracts had been thrown her way, but she quickly turned them down, too modern and too traditional to expose her body like that. To be put on display for people too ogle at. I knew the real reason though… she was afraid that her father would see her like that… exposed in whatever small bikini that they forced her to wear for the swimsuit edition of whichever company she was modeling for at the time.

She wanted her father approval so much… she just didn’t see or feel it.

I know, because I know my daughter.

I know, because I know that she thinks about him at night.

I know because, I can see the look on her face right now as she stares at him over Rosalie’s shoulder. There is a warmth there that I knew as soon as he looked at her would go away.

I know my daughter, and I know that her entire world revolves around Edward.

I know my daughter, and I know that what she wanted most was to see her father for the first time, and she couldn’t hide the small smile curling up the corner of her perfect lips as she watched him pace in front of the window.

Her eyes flashed to mine.

Her lips parted… “He’s HOTT!”