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Broken Dreams

This is the third story in the Bloody Hurt trilogy. I really hope that you guys like it.

I got really nervous writing this one, becuase I really wasn't sure how I wanted it to go, so if the beginning is really shaky then I apologize.

8. Edward's Epiphany

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Bella’s POV

Suddenly with Chrissy gone, I was nervous. She was my anchor, and without her I felt a little lost. Alice, Rosalie, and Edward were just watching me.

I felt a desperate need to break the silence. “Soooo….” I coughed.

“Bella?” The word was a strangled whisper out of the mouth that I had once loved so much. Edward’s face crumpled, and his eyes showed a pain that was immeasurable. A feeling so fierce that it almost knocked me over blew through my body. I wanted to hurt him.

My mouth turned down into a grimace, after all this time I had mastered my power, and I was able to control it to a tee. I wouldn’t let it out, although I couldn’t help but throw one little dagger his way, because I was truly curious.

“Edward… Where is Danie?”

His eyes froze, wide with non-existent tears. His lips pulled over his teeth, and for a moment I was scared, but then his face slowly relaxed into something that was slightly more normal.

“Gone.” The word was brisk, and tight, leaving little room for questions or comments. But question I did.

“Gone… hmm… gone where?”

He glared at me lightly. “Just gone.”

I pressed him further, seeing just how far he would go.

“Ah… I see.” I gave him a skeptical look.

His teeth clenched, and his nostrils flared. A slow menacing growl escaped from his throat, and I couldn’t breathe with anticipation for the answer. “I don’t know where!”

The words were hissed through his teeth is a way that made him seem like a snake.

He continued to glare at me. I felt suddenly taken aback.

“Don’t get mad at me… I only asked a simple question.”

Suddenly he let out all the air that I hadn’t known he had been holding, and his face turned back into a mask of despair.

I sighed and moved to sit next to him. He slid over to give me more room.

I sat down in the exact space that he had occupied, and he slung his arm around my shoulder, which he quickly removed after I gave him a warning look accompanied with a horrific growl.

“Look, here is the deal Edward. I loved you… I’m not sure if I do anymore… In fact I’m a little confused. But I want you to know that I am here for you. I’m still trying to figure things out myself, and I think that we have both matured drastically… well, I have, I don’t know about you.” Alice and Rosalie both laughed, which pretty much gave me my answer. I continued, “because of that I am going to do my best to help you… for Chrissy’s sake.”

His face grew even more somber, when I mentioned her.

“She hates me.” It was a shock to hear out of his usually self assured mouth. I was surprised by his unfathomable pain. I felt a sudden surge of pity. I had Chrissy, and she had never wanted to be with him, to see him, to miss him. He had missed out on so many vital parts of her life, and she was okay with that. He was a mess. I did my best to comfort him.

“She doesn’t hate you… she hates what you did…”


“DON”T BLAME THIS ON ME!” I snarled at him. His eyes grew wide, as he took in my red hazy eyes, and my defensive stance. It brought back memories for him, so good some bad, some just plain weird.

“I’m sorry but you are the one who left.” He tried to redeem himself.

“I only left because I found the note.” The most confused look crossed his face, and he stared at me like I had three heads.

“The note?... OH! You were not supposed to see that. I meant to shred it up and burn it before I left, but I forgot.”

“How unlike you, Edward.” The sarcasm dripped off my tongue. “Beside you left first… you left me.” The pain riddled me through like Swiss cheese, a mere ghost of the pain that once inhabited my body.

His expression twisted, and it took me a moment to collect my thoughts and continue.

“I only left to protect Chrissy and myself. What would have happened if I had stayed? Would you have actually thought that it was okay for her to grow up with two mothers? You made the choice, and the first move, I only followed with the best move for me, factoring in the fact that I had your child in me.”

“You took my daughter away from me.” His voice was consumed with pain, his eyes dark with hurt.

“No… you took her away from yourself.”

His expression became such a wide range of emotion all at once, but after a moment settled on horror.

“I did not!” He sounded indignant.

I stared at him incredulously. “Edward, do you really honestly think that I would have run away from the problem if I had the choice. You used to know me. My personality has not changed much. If I hadn’t been looking out for Chrissy, I would have stayed to beat your ass, and you know it. I was looking out for you too, you know.”

He gave me a puzzled look.

I sighed. “If your daughter dislikes you now for what you have done. Imagine what she would think if she was around you when you were with Danie. She would never want to speak to you again. She had a hard enough time coming to terms with what you did away from you, which was a very good thing; because if I had stayed I can’t guarantee that you would be alive right now.” I smiled slightly at the thought.

Edward sighed, and crumpled his long, lean body onto the couch. “What have I done?” It was a muffled question that was barely audible through the hands that covered his face.

I didn’t answer…

“Well… Rosalie want to go pop some popcorn.” I knew that Alice was being fesicious because they couldn’t eat, but I think she was implying that we were amusing her. That it was all a show for her. I felt kind of out of myself. I couldn’t begin to describe how dizzy I felt. I think it was the rush of emotion, but suddenly I was deathly tired. I couldn’t sleep, but suddenly it was all that I wanted. What I wouldn’t give to be human again.

Sleep was probably the one thing that I missed to most… the one thing that I would die to have. I’d even take the nightmares… just so long as I could escape the living for at least a little while.

“You know what; I think that I am going to go now.” The words were blurred, I could hear it myself.

“NO!” Alice’s cry was heart wrenching.

“Why don’t you come with me Alice, you too Rosalie?”


Edward stood there his shoulder heaving with emotion, his heart silent against the pain that I knew he was feeling.

We walked out of the room, closing the door behind Edward.

I collapsed into Rosalie’s arms unable to hold myself up any longer. My mind wasn’t tired, and I couldn’t sleep, but my body had taken just about all that it could in the past 14 hours.