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For Never

Edward's fight to win Bella back is hindered by the creation of a new vampire in his absence, a new vampire that has 'a thing' for Bella. Plus, Bella's never ending circle of hurt involving Jacob and Edward is only deepened when Edward returns.

This is based on an inspiration I had while re-reading Twilight for about the hundredth time--I hope that you enjoy this, and I love reviews so I can make my writing better. Thanks for reading =]

1. Flight

Rating 5/5   Word Count 614   Review this Chapter

He sat and watched her window like a hawk watches his prey; like a father watches his daughter; like a friend watches over another. Her window stood above the tree tops like the turret of a castle; always there, always shining, always filled with distant memories of a once upon a time in love. On his roof, nothing mattered. It was simply him; simply being, simply existing, miserably and pathetically. A façade that, he thought, had been kept so well began to fail. It was torn apart by the simple memory of her name, of her blush, of her warmth…no, he thought. It would be suicide to let his mind wander further into the depths of his memories. It would be murder for them both if he returned. Ever.


She clutched the hole that ate away at her constantly, slowly eroding away what was left of her shattered heart. He had not shattered it; no, it was much worse than that. He had tossed it into a blender, thrown it around, rubbed it into the dirt, and pushed it over a cliff without looking back. Her window was open, if just by centimeters, but she wouldn’t admit the reason why. No, after all these months of no letters, no phone calls, no emails, it was a daring hope to hope that it would make a difference. Who was she kidding? He wasn’t coming back. Not now. Not ever.

Edwards POV

There was nothing. There was everything. Simply her smell. Her scent. Her perfume, that life giving perfume. It had been so long since I had smelt it, so so long. What was I doing here? She did not deserve me. My angel, my love, my… Bella. I breathed her name inwardly with a sigh. Then it hit again; the pain. The ongoing, everlasting, constant, searing pain. It would never leave as long as she endured. But, not like it would matter if she ever ceased to exist, for I would not last long after that. I snorted. As long as the pain was coming, I might as well live it thoroughly. In a moment of pure, rash decision, I gave myself over to my heart and ran; I ran for Bella.


My legs crumpled; I grasped my side as if I were on the brink of detonation. It had been so long since I had heard that voice.

Don’t do this Edward.

That voice, again. Where was it coming from?

Alice. I would know that voice anywhere. But, where was anywhere?

You left her once Edward. It was your choice. Why are you going back? She won’t want you. You’re just contradicting yourself. Don’t do this. You know—

A snarl rumbled deep in my chest, and I closed my mind off. I rose off the ground, and away I ran. I would prove her wrong. Bella would take me back. I would prove Alice wrong.

As I ran, I listened for sounds of chase; nothing fell upon my ears. It was odd that she didn’t try harder to stop me; that wasn’t typical of Alice.

Then again, what had been typical in my life in the past year?

Bella’s window neared my view, and I fell into a pattern that seemed too familiar. It was warm; warm like Bella. This time, her smell hit me for real. It stopped me dead in my tracks (no pun intended). I swiftly climbed up her window, the hole in my heart becoming one for just a moment, the moment before it shattered again or was mended by my true of loves; the moment before Bella finally looked into my eyes for the first time since I left her.

And what my eyes met, I thought I would never see.