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I was thinking about what Jake would write to Bella! WHY DOES NO ONE REVIEW THIS?

sadness for Jake as he writes a poem to Bella!

1. Goodbye

Rating 3.6/5   Word Count 107   Review this Chapter

You always call but never care
Always willing to listen,
But never want to share
I'm lost and confused
I don't know what to think
You seem fine and unphased
But for me things just don't link
Gone is the magic,
Lost is the touch
Can't help but wonder,
Was it all too much
We had a great time
I feel this is the end
I'm glad I met you,
And that you were such a great friend
This is harder than you think,
But remaing friends only seems to make me cry
Something happened that can't be changed
I'll miss you but this is goodbye
I won't be back,
I hope you can see
That things can't be the same
And well I hope you miss me!