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September Dreaming

With only two weeks left until their wedding, Bella and Edward are just talking at first, until through her dreams Bella comes to terms with a few things she hadn't thought about before being changed. *This fic doesn't change Bella's mind about anything, nor does it explore anthing to do with Jacob. Just Bella and Edward. Exploring this part of Bella gave me a lot of closure since Miss Meyer left me hanging a bit. This is a one shot, hopefully NOT dreadful, but if it is, please let me know so i can fix it:) I put another chapter up!! Oh and I have no idea why i named this 'september dreaming', it sounds better then august i guess... *shrugs*

I dont own any of these characters, just an obsessive fanatic for Stephanie Meyer who should be written alongside J.K Rowling for her amazing talent. Brilliant.

1. Dreaming in July

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I sat crossed legged on my bed, nearest the pillows. It was dark out, the moon illuminated my room like another effervescent lamp. I was halfway through Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat when I heard the familiar sound of my bedroom window being lightly opened. I looked up and my eyes met those of Edward, who was climbing into my bedroom. I smiled up at him,

“Hi,” it felt like years since I had seen him, rather then the single day it had actually been, “how was your hunting trip?”

“Bearable,” was all he said, while a half smile played across his lips. He closed the space between himself and my bed, sitting himself down next to me. He lifted the book I was reading to glance at the cover,

“The Vampire Lestat?” he raised an eyebrow, laughing, “He’s not exactly your normal vampire, Bella”.

I shifted my legs so that they stretched out in front of me, letting Edward lay down next to me. I needed a bigger bed.

“Do you think he exists?” I asked as I lay back to match his position.

“Perhaps,” he held my hand in his, the coldness sucking the warmth from my skin, “if he does exist, I must hunt him down and find out how he manages to sleep.”

As usual, his eyes were beautiful, molten gold enveloped in the deep purple colour of his lower orbits. Both lacking in and unable to sleep, Edward just closed his eyes and rested his head on my shoulder.

“Speaking of sleep,” he said without opening his eyes, “its late and you have a big day tomorrow.”

“Are you trying to sound like Charlie?” I said, watching his eyes snap open.

“No, its just Alice, you know…” he sounded amused. I just groaned.

“You agreed to this,” he went back to resting his eyes again, “I mean to the Alice part.”

I saw a smile flit across his lips before his pretence overtook his features once more, “You can still change your mind, Vegas still looks promising.”

I rolled my eyes, I knew exactly what he wanted, his false pretence wouldn’t work on me,

“Just because I hate being attacked with makeup and a scary curling iron by a vicious, overexcited little vampire,” I began, sitting up and watching his eyes open, “doesn’t mean I am going to give in. I know exactly what you want.”

“But what about what you want?” he almost pleaded, lowering his voice when Charlie grunted in his sleep.

“More than anything, I want to do this properly, for Charlie, Renee and my new family. But most of all, for you,” I whispered back, watching him fight a smile. Giving in, he laid his head back, “Okay then.”

Copying him, I rested my head on my pillow next to his, just watching his chest rise and fall with his instinctive breathing. His long eyelashes looked even longer with his eyes closed and his skin even more perfect against the soft light of my lamp. His expression was peaceful, as though he really was sleeping. Without opening his eyes he whispered,

“Bella, I know you’re staring at me, but you really should be sleeping,” he went to hold my hand again, “it wont help if you’re grumpy tomorrow.”

His eyes blinked open, “Bella.”

I gave in, “Okay, okay,” resting my tired eyes and feeling his face just centimetres from his, a deep blackness washed over me as sleep took me by the hand and cast me into a strange dream...And suddenly Jessica was guiding me across the cafeteria, talking in a rush. I was missing everything she was saying, just feeling flustered as so many eyes found mine. Why was this necessary? Why had I chosen to come here? Phoenix suddenly looked so much better… Jessica lead me to a round table with about ten or so different people around it,

“Everyone, this is Bella,” I gave a nervous smile. I really didn’t want to be here. At the table sat a few girls, they all had straightened hair, all besides Jessica and me. Also, sitting on the opposite side of the table were just as many young men, they all seemed good looking. Perhaps I didn’t belong here, I should catch the next flight back to Phoenix.

All the people around the large table smiled and said they’re hellos. They seemed nice enough. Jessica pulled up two chairs, gesturing me to sit in one. I smiled at her before casting my eyes on who I was sitting next to. I saw his straight short bronze hair glisten in the odd sunlight seeping through the cafeteria window. His mesmerising green eyes locked onto mine. Holy shit.

He smiled up at me,

“Hey, my name’s Edward.” My palms started burning, the blood rushing to my face and my hands becoming shaky.

“My name’s Bella,” I smiled back to him, nervously taking my seat. His perfectly square shoulders shifted so his body faced me,

“So you’re Chief Swan’s daughter?”

If I had wanted to jump on a plane back to Phoenix I was completely deluded. Forks just became a whole lot better.

“Yeah,” I replied before looking around to see Jessica give me the death stare. I looked back to see a bemused Edward smiling at me,

“Don’t worry,” he chuckled, “she’s been a little infatuated since third grade,” I couldn’t help but feel a little reassured. So he wasn‘t with her then… Suddenly a blackness enveloped me and my dream forced me elsewhere.I was sitting exactly beside Edward in Biology class, he was writing in his note book. His script was neat for a guy, but I couldn’t help but feel intimidated by his next to my own messy scrawl. Every few minutes he would glance sideways at me, and I could see him in my peripherals, scrutinising everything I did. Eventually I just laughed and turned to face him,

“I can see what you’re doing,” he turned to face me at this, his eyes shocking.

“What?!” he teased me, I couldn’t help but smile. Feigning a lack of interest, I rolled my eyes and continued my notes. He never stopped looking at me, so I looked up again,

“What?” I asked, fighting a smug grin.

“Nothing, just here,” he handed me a note, “read this.” I looked at the torn piece of paper, opened it and it read:

Are you busy this weekend?

I chuckled, replying in my own terrible handwriting:

No, why is that?

I felt I knew where this was going, so I just awaited his reply:

Want to hang out?

He pushed the note back to me, I read it before folding it up and stashing it in my book.

“Yeah, sure,” I simply replied back, “but what did you have in mind?”

Just as before, the darkness swept through again and I was somewhere else, in another point in time.Edward and I were sitting in the front of his shiny Volvo, idle in my driveway. We were small talking,

“How did you get this car?” I asked absentmindedly, too busy staring at his perfect face,

“My father is a surgeon at the local hospital, he bought it for me for my seventeenth birthday.” I looked into his perfectly emerald green eyes,

“Oh, well its nice,” I smiled up at him. He put the engine into reverse and backed out of my driveway, he twisted in his seat and rested his hand on my seat, trying to see the road behind him. I felt my nerves spin into overdrive at his closeness. Once safely out of the driveway, he twisted back again to switch gears.

“So where are we going tonight?” I looked at him concentrating hard on the road,

“Since your new here, I wanted to take you to an old restaurant, La Bella Italiana,” he let his hand swiftly change gears.

“Okay,” I looked out the window, while he exceeded the speed limit by about twenty miles, “Are you trying to show off?” I said while watching the speedometer needle slowly fall. He looked taken aback.

“No, I always drive like this,” he turned his head to face me and pull a heart melting smile, “but I should really keep my eyes to the road, huh?” he laughed and focused again on the road ahead.

We pulled up to the small restaurant. As we crossed the threshold of the front door, and a young woman lead us to the nearest available booth,

“Can I get you anything to drink?” she smiled at Edward and ignored me.

“What are you getting?” he flashed a grin at me instead, I sensed the waitress shift her wait from one foot to the other.

“Just a coke,” I smiled up at the waitress as she wrote my order down, refusing to make eye contact.

“Make that two,” Edward said, looking smug. The waitress left and within minutes she returned with our drinks. Edward drained his dry within an instant, I couldn’t help but laugh at him. He then ordered another before ordering pizza to share and a side of fries.

He had a huge appetite, but it was funny for me anyway. I watched as he finished off the large pizza and the rest of the fries after I felt like I was full enough to explode. Throughout dinner we spoke about plenty of different things, he spoke of his mother dying and he now had a step mother, Esme. I told him of my parents divorcing and my strange choice to live here in Forks with my Dad. He seemed thoroughly interested at my boring story. I just wanted to hear more about him. Like what his favourite colour was, what he planned on doing after high school and if he had had any girlfriends. Turns out, he had had only two girlfriends both in the eighth grade, who both lasted a week before he got bored. This gave my hope a good kick, letting it dwindle to nothing. His favourite colour was chocolate brown, the colour of my hair he had said, and after school, he had planned on becoming a surgeon like his father… With this, my dream was then moulded into blackness and I was elsewhere again.

We were sitting in Biology again. Edward’s self control was evident. I could feel my body’s pull to be held by his. He settled for holding my hand below the desk. I looked up from my work, my brown eyes meeting his green ones. I returned his smile, and he squeezed my fingers tighter. I bit my lower lip as his thumb traced circles in my palm. Butterflies erupted in the pit of my stomach. He seemed to sense it for he chuckled low. Mr Banner turned the lights off and the television on. The tape was old and worn out, and no one was really watching it, least of all Edward and me. Knowing that no one was watching us, but immersed in the own private conversations, I leaned in closer and brushed my nose against his. This sent involuntary shivers up my spine. His touch was warm, his skin was so soft, it gave off his pleasant smelling aftershave. I could tell it was expensive, Phil had worn the same one to his wedding with Renee.

“Are you wearing perfume?” he asked me in a whisper, my cheeks blushed a crimson colour. How did he know? Guys aren’t supposed to know that stuff.

“Yeah, just Calvin Klein. You’re wearing cologne or aftershave aren’t you?” this time he blushed a deep scarlet colour.

“Maybe,” he laughed… It was getting annoying now, this dark cloud like mist sweeping through the dream, taking me somewhere else.Shockingly enough, I was looking at myself as though I was a ghost, seeing my own body walk and talk without me having any will over it. What was even more shocking was seeing what I was doing and where I was. Edward had me up against a brick wall at school. The present me was standing not a foot from them, but nevertheless, the corridor was completely deserted, and I was kissing him so fiercely I had to shake my head to get rid of the images. But nonetheless, they persisted. He was hoisting me up, letting me wrap my legs around his waist as he kissed up and down my neck. Again I tried to shake my head, but that was all I could see. His perfect athletic body against mine, his manly hands gripping my waist and then my thighs. My feminine hands were moving from his shoulders to his soft hair. I turned around, not wanting to look at myself… That same darkness came again, taking me away to another time.I was lying in a massive bed covered with cream coloured sheets while listening to the shower in the bathroom ensuite. Sure enough I was in a motel room, I felt older, perhaps in my twenties. I gazed around the room, my eyes settling on a massive white dress hung over an armchair near a full length mirror. Realisation hit me, I was his wife. Hang on… Whose wife?

The shower cut off. I heard some faint noise coming from inside. Then the door swung open from its slightly ajar position. To my relief, Edward walked out, just a towel around his waist. I smiled at him, unable to help myself. He looked older. His arms were larger than usual, tanned from the summer sun. His face was older too, just a hint of freshly shaved skin, his square jaw was even more defined. He looked like a man.

“Hey gorgeous, I was starting to think you would never wake up,” he smiled at me, his dazzling teeth whiter then ever. I gave him a tired grin and stifled a yawn before I clambered out of the comfortable bed. I walked over to him, letting my hands wander to his broad shoulders,

“I thought you weren’t ever going to get out of the shower,” I teased him, before wrapping my arms around his neck,

“Now I have to shower alone.” He just laughed at this, holding me tighter,

“Unless you want to give me a reason to shower again?” he gave me a charming smile before lifting me up and carrying me to the unmade bed… Mentally, I was glad that the darkness swept over me, I felt like I shouldn’t intrude, even though it was me. Suddenly I was elsewhere, I felt older again but not by much, perhaps a year or two.Edward was asleep beside me, the alarm clock read 3:06. It was dark outside and he was fully clothed so I just assumed he’d finished his shift at the hospital. In his sleep he must have noticed I was stirring, for he unconsciously wrapped his protective arms around me and rested his warm skin against mine. My eyes closed in warm comfort. I felt his rough cheek near mine - he needed to shave, but I liked this way. I opened my eyes to see his face just inches from me, his eyes were open, watching me sleep.

“How was your shift?” I asked, awake and stroking his face.

“Just bearable,” he smiled, closing his eyes to kiss me, “I cant handle being away too long.” I felt him say while he pulled away only a fraction. I could still smell the cologne he wore on our first date, he knew I liked it more than the others.

“Did you just spray on cologne?” I laughed. He grinned at me,

“I know it relaxes you while you sleep,” he took my face in his warm hands. I turned around in his embrace to let him wrap his arms around the front of me. As soon as I felt his hands caress my stomach, I sensed a strange but comforting kicking. I looked down upon my protruding belly, Edward’s hands massaging it. I was perhaps six months along.

“She’s kicking again,” I heard him smile and laugh. I closed my eyes and let his rhythmic kneading drift me off to sleep…I woke with in the same position as my dream. Just without the belly or my human Edward. He was holding me as the Edward in my dream was. I looked outside, the grey light filtered through the open window. Sure enough, he was awake. He never went to sleep. Unlike my dream, he was a vampire. Unconsciously, I looked down at my flat stomach, rubbing it around Edward’s cold hands. He grasped onto mine, holding them still. I felt his unneeded breathing on my cheek before he spoke,

“Good morning, beautiful,” his velvety voice spoke before pecking me on the cheek. All worries lost for the moment, I twisted in his embrace to face him. I kissed him as though I was never going to see him again.

“You were tossing and turning a lot last night, and saying some weird things,” he smiled at me when he pulled away from our kiss.

“I had such a strange dream,” I began and he laughed.

“I guessed that much from your usual talking,” he pulled his hand up to touch my face.

“What was I saying?” I felt a little reluctant, but I wanted to know.

“You started saying my name as usual, but then you said strange things like, ‘whose wife?”, “oh, thank god’ and ‘looks like a man‘. It was strange,” I laughed, knowing exactly what part of my dream he was talking about, “and then you started saying, ‘it’s a girl’”.

I felt my cheeks blush a deep red colour, he must have guessed what I was dreaming about.

“Do you want to tell me about your dream?” he asked, a little confused but willing.

“Okay, but keep an open mind,” I asked of him. So I told him all I could remember, pausing to watch his expression change from bemused to startled and back again.

“I was human?” he sounded astonished. I nodded, unsure of how he felt about that, “You know, if I was human, it probably would have gone that way,” he chuckled at the face I was pulling.

“As much as I would like to deny it, I actually enjoyed it. You know, seeing how things could have been,” I shrugged and his expression changed to concerned.

“You’re starting to get gooey on me, aren’t you?” he managed to joke, but look serious at the same time.

“No,” I masked my real feelings.

“Look, Bella, if you want children and a normal marriage, I wont stop you. You deserve much more than me,” he said, for the hundredth time.

“Edward, I don’t want children,” I spoke sternly even though he knew I really did want one someday.

“You say that now, but what about later? When you realise that you cant have any?” he looked upset.

“To tell you the truth, Edward… I don’t want children unless they’re yours,” I lifted his face with my hand and surveyed his eyes filled with anguish, “Really”.

His expression changed instantly,

“Okay, but still, if you find that this part of you changes, I would never stop you leaving, just say the word,” he looked so hurt at his own betraying words.

“Edward, seriously. I honestly hate little children more then Alice giving me a makeover. If I ever wanted one or more,” I made a face, “Without a doubt they would have to be yours or none at all”. This cheered him up greatly,

“Maybe in the distant future when it is possible to have children thanks to the beauty of man-made machines, we can have one then,” he smiled and I laughed.

“Right Edward,” I rolled my eyes, “You want children?”

He sighed, “I think about it every now and then,” he looked down at me.

“About children?” I asked, bewildered.

“Yes. I think about what they might look like. What it would be like to have a daughter or a son,” he looked sad, his beautiful angelic features saddened with decades of grief.

“How long have you wanted one?” I asked him, a little shocked.

“I had always thought about it, but never as much as when I met you,” he looked sheepish while he shrugged.

“Me?” I almost laughed, “Why?” he just rolled his eyes, I knew what his answer would be, so I just asked another question,

“What do they look like to you?”

“There is only two I see, a son and a daughter, which one do you want to hear about?” he grinned at me, his soft golden eyes melting mine.

“Which one did you picture first?” I asked, bemused.

“The daughter,” he held my hand in his cold one, “she had brown hair like yours, but green eyes like the ones I had as a human.”

I smiled at his little daydream.

“I used to call her Charli, don’t ask me why,” he shrugged. I laughed at this strange name for a girl,

“What was she like?”

“She was a daddy’s girl, she enjoyed being spoilt, unlike her mother,” I blushed at this, “but she wasn’t unkind, just a bit of a brat”. I laughed along with him, it was easy to picture.

“What about the other?’ I asked, hesitant.

“A son, he was younger then Charli, but he had my bronze hair and your dark eyes,” I smiled as I mentally pictured a screaming toddler. Gah.

“What was his name?” I prodded, trying to forget the scary image in my head.

“I named him Chad,” I couldn’t help but giggle at this.

“Chad?” Edward looked miffed.

“Yes, because he would be a stud like his dad,” I saw the ego in his words and I couldn’t help but laugh louder. I kept picturing another Edward, just with brown eyes. By the time I was finished giggling, my face was red and my stomach hurt.

“That’s funny,” I had managed between giggling fits.

“What?!” he looked genuinely taken aback. But his façade left and he started laughing with me.

We went for another ten or so minutes, just talking and laughing about all the absurd things we could think of, until Alice came rushing into the house screaming,

“Wedding planning time!” This part, I truly didn’t like.