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That's why she didn't remember

this is a quick overview of alice from the asylum to meeting Jasper


1. Darkness

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The darkness terrified me. The first time they took me into the darkness. It seemed as if the darkness was walls closing in on me, keeping me in place, threatening looming giants. When I started to sob uncontrollably I heard a voice in the hallway, the door opened showing one of the nurses with a needle. I shrieked louder, crawling into the corner but there was nothing I could do.

The vision danced in my head, but something was different. I saw myself and I was outside. I was pretty and I could stand in the light.

I opened my eyes; wishing to wakeup from my own nightmare and be in the world I had just seen, but nothing changed. I gave up that last sliver of hope I had been holding onto. I watched as it shriveled and died, blowing away as dust in the wind. I was along, hungry and detached from everyone and everything. Tears started to trickle down my cheeks, leaving streaks in the film of dust layering my skin.

The nice doctor came back today. He talked to me through the metal door. He tells me that I shouldn't be afraid of my vision. I tell him what the others do to me if I tell them what I saw. He tells me he won't hurt me. I try to trust him but I can't. I share with him the things I see when they aren't important. I told him how I had seen myself outside. He told me I would be outside soon. I don't believe him, I haven't seen the sun in so long, and not since the day I had come here.

I opened my eyes to the blackness around me; I listened again for the noise that had awoken me. I heard the foot steps stop in front of my door. I pushed off the blanket, sliding my knees to my chest, clinging to myself until I was in a ball. I didn't feel the course wool blanket that scratched at my legs. I listened. My head snapped around to the sound of the door opening behind me. I searched the blackness but found nothing. I slowly turned forward again.

I caught a glimpse of a dark silhouette upon the ground. I closed my eyes, wishing I wasn't here. Imagining I was safe someplace else. I looked up when a different noise issued from in front off me. It sounded almost like a sigh. I saw that it was the nice doctor. He came in and picked me up in his arms. Then we were flying. Maybe he was an angel and I was finally dead. Soon I could make out large pine trees in the darkness. He put me down.

"You're safe now." He said, "I won't let him harm you." He took a step closer kneeling down in front of me, slowly he tilted his head and then he bit me. Sheer fire began to burn through my veins, I cried out. I can't remember what happened around me, the pain made all my thoughts incoherent. I do remember a dark chuckle echoing under the cathedral ceiling of branches and the sound of stone slamming into each other, but that was it.

When I awoke, I didn't know who I was or what I was doing here. I think my name was Alice and I remember the pain, the fire. I looked at my skin, it was pale. I couldn't hear my heart beat. That's when the vision hit me, I saw 5 others. Two couples and an odd man out. The older couple seemed to be completely immersed in themselves, watching the others like they were children. The strong burly looking one trailed after a long haired blonde, and the last one with bronze hair seemed to lag behind. They came upon some animals and began to drink the blood. I noticed their eyes were yellow. That's when the vision ended.

I realized I was like them. I needed to drink blood, animal blood, not human blood. I quickly found some squirrels and it was easier after that. I began to adjust to what I was and allow myself to be happy. I loved watching the family in my visions, I saw them hunting together, hanging out together, wrestling or fixing up cars. I knew their names and their personalities. But they had showed me that I could be like them. I wanted to be one of them.

(months or years later)

I danced across the field, I didn't run. I danced. I had seen the heard coming here so I decided I would let them find me. Giggling I hid within the tall grasses. My prey was too predictable. When the heard headed towards where I hid, I struck. My arms swung upward. Clamping the deer's head still, I felt its blood rushing through its veins. I smiled as I saw the fear in his eyes. With that a bit into his neck, the rush of blood I longed for filled my lust and calmed my thirst. My eyes turned lighter as I felt his blood start to flow slower. I sucked the last bit out before releasing his neck. Dropping the cold corpse, I stood up and grinned, my frenzy of eating done. I wiped the last of the crimson blood off my lips. I was no longer starving as I was before but I still did not have enough blood to completely quench my thirst.

That's when another image came to me, this one wasn't of the family though. This one was different. It was another vampire but his eyes were red. He was wandering on his own, he had blonde fair and a lean build. I felt like I was in love with this person. I knew I had to find him.

It took me years but I did find jasper. I waited in that broken down dinner till he came in. he sat down in one of the booths. I swayed over to him.

"you kept me waiting." I accused him.

"I'm sorry, Miss. It wasn't intentional." I loved his southern drawl.

That was all it took. I took him into the woods. Told him about what I had saw, about how I lived. He understood. When I finished explaining, he leaned forward and kissed me. That night I sat there watching as the sun finally went down over the mountains around me. Melting the sand into a pallet of color, but I never really saw that beauty. Instead I was concentrating on Jasper's face. He seemed happy and I knew he was the other half of me, the half I was suppose to find. I smiled at him when he looked down.