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Being With You

This is how I think Bella feels when she is with Edward. It's A very cute poem. Read!!!


1. Chapter 1

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Being With You

Being here in your arms is like nothing I have ever felt before

Your touch is so cold, but makes me feel so incredibly worm inside

The feelings you give me, I almost want to faint

Your eyes dazzle me

Oh Edward. I wish you didn't have to let me go

Nothing on this earth could compare

to the absolutely overpowering feeling I get when I'm near you

You are my life Edward.

We fell in love so quickly

But I wouldn't have it any other way

Your lips make my body weak

But your there to catch me

when I collaps.

I fall right into your arms and you never miss a beat

You are mine Edward Cullen

I will never stop loving you

I couldn't if I wanted to

You are my life line

I love you