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What if Bella was the vampire, and Edward and the rest of the Cullens were human? Would Bella and Edward still be able to be together? Read and Find out!

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1. Chapter 1

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I stared dully at the boring building, vampire or not, I still hated school. But, Charlie and Renee said that we need to look like a normal family, and me and my siblings would have to go to school to look normal. I had two siblings, we looked alike but weren’t actually related, their names were John and Luke. Since they were considerably older than myself, naturally they were over protective of me.

John was the brother who would beat up the guy who broke your heart, and Luke was the brother who intimidated any guy who thought of coming near you. So, I was pretty much off limits to anyone.

The morning started with John, behind the wheel of his prized Hummer, speeding down the highway to the jail called SCHOOL. I sat in the backseat listening to 99 Biker Friends by Bowling For Soup, on my iPod. And Luke sat in the passenger seat singing along with Beautiful Girls.

As we pulled into the parking lot, we immediately knew that the kids in this town weren’t privileged with great cars like us. As soon as we stepped out of the car, everyone went absolutely quiet. I could tell by the boy’s looks that they thought I was hot, so could my brothers, who went on either side of me, just to get the message clear that I was off limits.

We walked to the office, and stood in front of the secretary’s desk. She looked up, stared in shock then stuttered, “Oh, you must be the Swans. Umm… John, your schedule, Luke, and Bella. Have your teachers sign this paper, and bring it back to me at the end of the day.” she said smiling nervously.

I flashed a dazzling smile as we walked out towards our first classes.

The school was like all the other schools we had gone to in the past, but it still didn’t make the staring an less easy. By lunch I was ready to jump into John’s hummer and speed away. At lunch, we got trays of food and found a table off to the side, but that didn’t prevent all of the stares. I glared at my food and wished I could just disappear. But, I couldn’t, that was Luke’s power. I was stuck with listening to the stupid people’s thoughts. HOW FUN! Note sarcasm.

Since I couldn’t eat the dreaded cafeteria food (not that I wanted to) I amused myself by watching the humans do so. I half listened to John and Luke talk about their day. My attention was drawn to a large group of people sitting at a table at the other end of the cafeteria. There was a boy about my age with bronze hair, and green eyes. I felt him staring at me, and I tried to find his thoughts, but I could not. I could hear everyone else’s but not his. He must have seen the confusion come over my face, because he looked worried and turned away.

I looked in disgust at my food tray again, and quickly picked it up and took it to the trash can. I heard the thoughts of the students around “Must be anorexic,” “Doesn’t eat” and “Hasn’t even touched her food” were what most of them were like.

I passed by the boy’s table, and smiled at him brightly. A light breeze blew his scent to me, I felt myself yearn for his blood. The animal in the back of my mind whispered words of pleasure in my ear, but I steadied myself, and walked on.

“Hey! Bella!” called my brothers from our table.

I turned towards them. I smiled slyly, and flashed my now black eyes at the boy‘s direction. They looked at me in confusion, but then realized what I meant, and they hurriedly dumped their trays and ran (human speed) to where I stood.

We walked out of the cafeteria and into the woods behind the horrid school. I quickly ran and attacked the nearest animal. I had to get blood into my system.