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A Kind Soul

Just a brief, one-shot about Angela. The day Bella returns to Forks High after Edward left and the events that follow.

Hello! This was my submission for the October Challenge. :) Don't own any of it...all Stephenie's! © Edwards Rose 2007

1. Chapter 1

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A Kind Soul

By Edward’s Rose

Storm clouds gathered over the school, just a ways ahead of the inevitable rain. I gave a yawn and gently fixed my pony-tail. It was fifteen minutes until first period started…and I hadn’t finished my Calculus. I tapped the end of my pencil against my chin and screwed up my face in concentration.

“Hey, Angela!” a bright and familiar voice called behind me.

I swiveled my head around to look at Jessica. “Hey, Jess! Um…did you finish this homework?”

Jess bounced up to me, her eyes glittering with obvious excitement. “Who cares about homework, Ang? You’ll never guess whose back!”

“Who?” I asked casually, my mind already somewhere else.


My head automatically snapped up. Bella was back…? It had been almost two weeks since her supposed “nervous breakdown.” The Cullens had left and she’d taken it pretty hard. Eric had even heard she’d tried to commit suicide…Lauren had heard she’d run away. Never believe rumors, I guess.

I hopped up, ignoring Jessica’s stream of babbling. I hurried over to the student lot where kids had already begun to line up on either side of the walk way. I pushed past until I saw the object of their infatuation.

It was Bella, alright.

She was slamming the door to her truck, a hood drawn up over her face. She slung her book bag over her shoulder and began to stumble down the walk. She raised her head a little bit, to meet the curious eyes of Forks High. Her pale and drawn face turned a violent red and she looked down. Her hair hung lank and stringy around her frail shoulders, like she hadn’t even had the strength to wash it. Her large, brown eyes were huge and grim…like doors that were shut tight.

She walked silently through the crowd, her hands stuffed into her jacket pockets. I felt a sharp pang as I regarded Bella…she looked lost, like a part of her was gone. And then I lost sight of her as she disappeared into the English classroom. I heard the whispers begin to erupt behind me, flying at a mad speed.

“Ang!” Ben called, running up behind me. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and his eyes were wild. “Jeez, did you see Bella? She looks terrible.”

I felt a pained look cross my face. “I’m going to go find her,” I whispered. I hurried off to leave Ben on the sidewalk, watching me with a puzzled expression. I hope I hadn’t hurt his feelings…

I felt a strange sense of protectiveness for Bella, not wanting to see her hurt more than she already was. I practically ran towards the classroom Bella had entered, I didn’t care about stupid Calculus anymore. I hastily put my hand on the doorframe, scanning the room for Bella. I saw Jessica, leaning against Bella’s table, grilling her for information.

“Jessica, Mr. Banner needs to see you!” I called out in fake urgency.

Jessica looked up, puzzled. I gestured with my hand and Jessica shrugged, running past me. Bella visibly slumped onto the desk, her form bent. I sighed and ran towards first period…Dad would agree with me that compassion beat Calculus.


I slid into the seat between Ben and Mike. Everyone was chatting animatedly, but stopped as Bella arrived. Her hands were slightly shaking as she held the lunch tray and her hood was thrown back…revealing her pale face, her eyes worn and tired.

“Do you mind if I sit?” she asked in a barely audible whisper.

I was the first to recover. “Sit down, Bella!” My voice sounded high and superficial.

She mumbled her thanks and basically fell onto the seat across from me. It was the first time I had heard her speak…her voice sounded dead, almost like a zombie. Come to think of it, that’s how she’d been acting all day. I think everyone else sensed that they shouldn’t talk to her, so another conversation was struck up.

I peeked at her in-between bites, wanting desperately to start a small conversation. Something to make her feel better…but I’d probably say the wrong thing, so I remained silent. She didn’t even touch her food, not even putting on a show of tearing it to pieces. I saw her eyes flicker towards the now vacant table in the corner…the Cullen’s table. Almost instantaneously, they went back to her plate, though. Her dull eyes found mine for a moment, and I immediately let them drop, not wanting her to know that I’d been watching. And like the coward I was, I went back to my lunch, as if someone wasn’t suffering right across from me.


I waved goodbye to Ben as he walked towards his car. I watched him go, and then felt the rain drops alight on my face. I grimaced and pulled my hood up…I’d better start walking home. Then my eyes fell on the now deserted student lot…save for one car. I sighed as I saw Bella’s truck, barely making out her silhouette inside.

I walked quickly towards her monster-like car, summoning up courage at every step I took. The rain began to fall harder, in thick sheets. My shoes crunched from the gravel underfoot, carrying me next to her window.

It was rolled down as I said her name. “Bella?” I questioned softly.

Her hands were clenched onto the steering wheel, her knuckles turning white from the effort. Her eyes turned towards mine, blank and staring. But then I saw it, reflected in her eyes…a silver Volvo…topaz eyes…pain, hurt…

“Bella, are you alright?” It sounded like a stupid question, but it was the only thing I could think of.

I expected her to lie, or not answer me at all, but she did. “No,” she said simply.

I gave her a grim and consoling smile and watched as her hands loosened their grip. “D-do you want me to drive you home?” I questioned.

“No, thanks…” she whispered. Her tone was strained, as if it took everything to summon up the words.

I nodded blandly and watched as her truck roared to life. “Bella!” I blurted out.

Her eyes turned towards mine…I could see all she wanted was to be alone.

“You’ll be okay,” I whispered.

She gave me a melancholy and wistful smile. “Want to bet, Ang?” With that, she carefully drove out of the parking lot, the grating engine fading away into nothing.

I watched her go, her pain was almost tangible. It would be a long time before I talked to the real Bella again.


“See you later, Angela,” Bella said sweetly, walking away from our table with Alice.

I smiled at her and she smiled back, a genuine and real smile. The Cullens had returned, and Bella was almost completely back to normal. I definitely had seen improvement even before they came back, but this was even better. I gave a slight shudder, picturing our conversation by her car.

Suddenly, I sensed someone behind me. I turned to see Edward Cullen looking at me thoughtfully for a moment, his eyes pained as if he had just seen something.

“Um…hi, Edward,” I said, slightly put-on-edge by his mood.

“Angela, I wanted to thank you. Really.”

I cocked my head to the side. “For what?”

“You were compassionate to Bella…genuinely kind when everyone else treated her as a social hazard. You have a kind soul, Angela, I’ll never forget it.” With that, he turns away, gliding towards Alice and Bella.

I watch him go thoughtfully. He truly cared about her; it was hard for me to even imagine why he’d left. I gave a slight smile to myself. Before Bella, Edward had always seemed sad, aloof and resigned. Like his heart was permanently frozen over.

I guess even the coldest of hearts could be melted.