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When He Left...

When Edward Left


1. Chapter 1

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When he left……… In the middle of the night, When the stars are out, shining bright, The clouds are rolling in, They send shivers up your skin, The storm is rolling closer to you, The sky is turning a darkish hue, It seems like everything is still, Until you hear the cry, desperate and shrill, Down the road, a few houses down, Lived a very young women, still new to town, She didn’t work; she didn’t talk; only one thing was on her mind, Her beloved boyfriend, they were two of a kind, She loved him, and he left her, Now she has nothing to do but cry, And now that they’re over, He couldn’t care if she lived or she died, And as the rain starts pouring And the thunder rolls on high She lies down in the flooded road, and cries .