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The Dusk

Bella Swan’s life is back normal now.. Well, as much as normal as it can get. Her father still watches over her and making sure a certain boy does not come inside their home. She continues to work at Newton’s’ family-owned store. Though, there is something not normal in her life. Her boyfriend and one that she loves so dearly is a vampire. As these two try to mend mental wounds that effect them both, someone’s out there trying to tear them both apart once more.

I don't any of the Twilight universe! I wish I did, but alas, that's a far shot.

1. 1. Capture

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1979   Review this Chapter

1. Capture

I tossed over in my bed. Something wasn’t right. Where’s Edward?

Edward Cullen visited me nightly through my window and watched me fall asleep for quite a while now. He always knew better and came before I took a shower and changed for bed. And then he would wrap the covers around me just so I wouldn’t get cold.. Where is he? My mind trickled back to Romeo and Juliet, and how she met him on her balcony. I sighed. Where art thou my vampire? I settled on the foot of my bed. I felt myself grow more and more impatient for his arrival. Maybe his hunting trip ran a bit too long and he was ‘having fun’ much more than expected. Maybe..

I heart a sudden tap at the window, and my heart jumped to my throat. I walked across towards the window -- being the klutzy self that I am, I tripped over my own feet -- and silently opened the window. Edward sat very still on a tree limb, as if he never tapped my window in the first place. His eyes bright, fresh from hunting, seemed to glitter in what little light that leaked from my room.

“I always admired your graceful steps, Bells.” His voice leaked into the air and caught my breath, as he added a flash of a smile. I sighed, and leaned over the windowsill. My steps made me look like a duck compared to his fluid ones. He always looked perfect to set on a stage and walk across it. Then again, he’d look quite glittery on stage.. Maybe he’d play a part where his character was so happy, his skin just shined with joy…

“Are you going to let me inside?” Edward said timidly, preparing himself to climb through my window. I nodded out of my thoughts of plays. “Sure.” I stepped back from my own window, just as he elegantly climbed - what a choice of words - through my window and jumped onto the floor, not a sound coming from the floorboards below. Charlie grunted in his sleep in the next room over, and then continued to snore.

Edward brought me back to attention again by placing his hands on my cheeks. I immediately felt heat rising to them from the unexpected move. He smiled, and brushed his lips over my own. My heart jumped up in pace and I felt my knees go weak, but Edward wrapped a cold arm around me to keep me in place. Edward parted suddenly, as I felt my knees buckle under my own weight. “I don’t want you fainting…” he said silently, his golden eyes looking over me so. He was right, I could feel the world spinning around me. He guided me over to my bed, and easily placed me onto his lap. His arms were wrapped tightly around me, as if he hasn’t seen me in weeks.

“How was your weekend?” he asked innocently. I wanted to say something where I sounded angry, but the thought didn’t transfer to my tongue.

“A weekend,” I said.

He tilted his head, hanging on my words.

“Well, limiting myself so I wouldn’t get hurt..” I looked at him thoroughly again, “I did chores all weekend. Nothing interesting, really.” My mind suddenly turned on. Wait, I’m sort of angry at this vampire! “Why were you gone for so long?” I shot silently.

“I was only gone for four days, Bella. Not that long.” Edward said nonchalantly, as if four days was four seconds.

“I didn’t ask that.” I snapped.

Edward’s eyebrows went rigid, and he looked down at me again. “Emmett decided that he wanted to play some baseball before we left, and it took a while to find a clearing…” His voice trailed off. I was hanging on his words this time. “…You know, since it’s the summer and all.”

“Oh.” My voice sounded small now. He looked around in my room and then with two cold hands, he stood me back up. He felt that I began to silently shiver as he explained himself. He looked around my room once more, and then looked at me.

“Put on something warm.” he said in a new tone, almost commanding me to. I gave him a questioning look, but he beckoned me to my dresser. I walked slowly over to open a drawer and pulled out a dark sweatshirt. It did make me feel a bit better. I turned to face him once again, but he was gone. And so was my pillow.


Edward re-appeared at the door to my bedroom with both my pillow and blanket and hand.

“What are you..?” I asked him but he placed both the pillow and blanket into my empty book bag that laid astray on the floor.

“Let’s go for a change of scenery tonight.” Edward said with a grin. He offered my book bag to me.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, instead of me staying overnight over here, how about you come and spend the night at my house?” He still had a grin on his face.

“What about Ch-?”

“I’ll have you back before he goes to work, promise.” His eyes echoed the promise. I silently took my book bag and slung it over my shoulder. “You better, or Charlie will flip.”

Edward’s grin only grew.


After leaping out a second story window (and nearly having a heart attack), I was clinging onto Edward’s shirt as he raced back to his house. I kept my eyes closed most of the way due to my heart was still beating in my throat since I snuck out of my house. I shivered against his back. Even though it was summer, it still felt like it was the middle of fall.

Edward placed me down once at the foot of his driveway and offered me his hand. I shyly took it.

“How come you wouldn’t just run to your doorstep?” I asked, as I swallowed. My heart wouldn’t quit beating so hard.

“Well, I figured if I ran a bit more, your heart would just burst out of your chest.” He said smugly as he swung our arms in tune with our steps. I wish that he gave me time to change. Showing up in pajamas and rain boots was no way to present yourself. I started on something else.

“Why did you decide this?” I asked, as I adjusted the weight of my book bag on my shoulder. Not that it was heavy, just annoying to carry.

“Well, I was gone for four days.. I figure to repay it to you.” Edward said quietly, his eyes ahead and his jaw locked. I stared at him for a moment and then looked away. It seemed like this for a while now.. He was constantly finding ways to make little things up to me. I wonder if he still hung himself for leaving me most of the school year last year and then tried to get himself killed because he thought I killed myself from leaping off a cliff. But I put most of that behind me now, he was back and that’s what counts. Though, Edward doesn’t forgive himself that easily.

Edward welcomed me inside and I felt a burst of energy smack me in the face as soon as I stepped foot inside.

“Bella!” a bird-like voice squeaked and pulled me into a cold, hard hug. I caught a glimpse of the pixie-cut hair as Alice. She kissed me on both cheeks before letting me go, beaming.

“Hello Alice,” I smiled back.

I then realized that unlike the other times I was over, not the whole family was waiting for my arrival. Carlisle and Esme were gracefully walking towards us, and they both smiled at me. I felt warmly welcomed.

"Where’s everyone?” Edward ask softly. His hand rested upon my shoulder.

Esme turned to Edward. “Jasper and Emmett are playing that silly video game.. And Rosalie is reading some magazines at the table.” Her voice trailed off.

“Make yourself at home, Bella.” Carlisle said timidly before excusing himself to his study. Esme decided to join Rosaline in the kitchen once more, to see what she was reading. It seemed as if my arrival was more casual this time.
I suddenly heard a loud growl from upstairs. Edward muttered something darkly.

What was that?” I asked, my heart jumping.

“Jasper has lost another round of racing to Emmett.” He sighed. “C’mon, I’ll show you how vampires waste their time at night.”

After putting my things down, I walked silently behind Edward on their elegant stair case and stopped, as Edward knocked loudly. “Make yourselves decent!” he commanded in a dark voice, as he opened the door.
Jasper’s room was bright red with few furnishings. A desk was lit in a corner with papers tossed across it. A comfortable-looking couch sat against the wall while on the opposite wall, a flat-screen television was hooked to the wall. On the floor, were many game counsels and other electronics enough to make a game junkie swoon. Emmett was currently pinning Japer to the ground, as Jasper yelled.

“YOU CHEATED! I KNEW YOU PUT IN THAT CHEAT TO MAKE THE CAR GO OVER ONE-HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILES PER -- Oh, hello Bella.” Jasper’s voice turned almost mute when he saw me standing in my pajamas. He always acts sheltered against me now, due to what happened at the party the Cullen family threw for me when I turned eighteen.

Emmett immediately got off and shook my hand vigorously. “Hello Bella! It’s so nice to see you! Sorry you had to see that!” He smiled weakly before turning back to Jasper. “Another round?”

“Fine, but I’m watching your hands this time.”

They began to play their video game once again, and I was blown away of how quick their fingers were dancing across their controllers. Jasper was holding his tongue between his teeth as he weaved his virtual car around obstacles.

“This car isn’t fast enough---”

“Stupid turn--”

“The freaking wall!”

“Get out of the way-!”

And then in an instant, Jasper slammed his controller down and paraded around in front of the screen. “I came, I drove, and I conquered!”

Edward sighed, quite bored with their antics. “Let me play.”

A few moments later, a new game was on the screen, Edward sitting with a controller that was like a guitar.

“What game are you playing?” I asked, as I laid on the floor next to him.

“Guitar Hero two, you’ve never heard about it?”

I shook my head. Me being a girl, I don’t bother to look up the new ‘it’ video game. I heard Jasper groan and mutter something like “Here we go..”

Edward chose a song to play, and placed the difficulty level to ‘expert’. I knew the song from a CD that I listened to before. It started out the same, but as soon as the keys started blaring across the screen, I watched gaping. He hit every note perfectly. I shouldn’t be that surprised, because he’s always been quick.. But still. I never saw someone’s fingers breeze over the buttons so naturally, as if he created the game himself.

Alice suddenly breezed inside with her dancer-like steps and sat next to me, watching Edward play with the plastic guitar controller. She hummed along perfectly to the song. I looked around from Edward playing, Alice humming, Jasper and Emmett watching like statues (I guess video games were boring to Rosaline) and I felt so small to all of their perfections. I laid my head down on my arms, keeping my eyes on the television.

“You alright?” Edward asked, eyes still watching the screen.

“Yeah, just a little tired.” I said.

He continued to play another song and that’s where I know I fell asleep. In truth I was tired. But the music, and the low talk of their past hunting trip became my lullaby. At least I was good at something that all of them couldn’t do...sleeping.