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The Dusk

Bella Swan’s life is back normal now.. Well, as much as normal as it can get. Her father still watches over her and making sure a certain boy does not come inside their home. She continues to work at Newton’s’ family-owned store. Though, there is something not normal in her life. Her boyfriend and one that she loves so dearly is a vampire. As these two try to mend mental wounds that effect them both, someone’s out there trying to tear them both apart once more.

I don't any of the Twilight universe! I wish I did, but alas, that's a far shot.

2. Author's Note

Rating 3.5/5   Word Count 33   Review this Chapter


I'm so sorry I haven't updated this story :[

Life has been crazy and I have state exams.

Expect an update soon! Chapter two is in the editing stage :]!