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A Better Place, A Better Time

It’s impossible, this can’t be… 1917. Even time, itself, can’t keep them apart. If this is a dream… I don’t ever want to wake up. Bella finds herself nearly 100 years in the past. Coincidentally in the city of Chicago. (Takes place during New Moon when Edward has left, AU.) Time traveling should be illegal. *COMPLETE* Sequel "All This Time" is posted on my profile.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters in the story. Warnings: None yet. This takes place during New Moon, when Edward is M.I.A. It does not take the rest of the series into account. Enjoy. *Complete as of 4-25-2008!

11. 11. Restlessness

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11. Restlessness

I stepped out of the black cab and onto the pavement, gravel crunching under my boots. The train depot was larger than I could imagine.

Edward was already helping the cabbie pull our luggage from the back and lug it into the depot. I signed and followed after them. Edward chattered nicely to the cabbie and handed him a few coins.

The man bowed graciously and left.

“Where are we going?” I demanded, my patience wearing thin.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”

“If you think that this is somehow romantic, you are a disturbed person,” I grumbled.

He chuckled and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. “Bella, my dear, I never said this was going to be romantic.”

I groaned. I didn’t know what else to say.

He pulled us over to a glass covered window where a young man in a blue jacket was straightening papers. “How may I help you?” he asked, noticing our approach.

“I have two tickets reserved under Masen.”

The young man trifled through some papers and came up grinning. “Ah, yes Mr. Masen, right here. Two tickets to W-”

“Thank you,” he said cutting the man off and sending his a knowing smile.

“Yes, sir.” He handed them to Edward through a half moon cut in the glass. “Have a comfortable trip.” He nodded towards me, “Miss.”

“Thank you,” I said softly. We moved towards a few wood benches and had our luggage taken to the train.

“I suppose we could board anytime.”

I nodded, “I suppose.”

“Have you ever been on a train?”

I shook my head. The idea of sitting in a train for… who knows how long made me sick. I could barely stand long car rides, but a train heading for god knows where… My stomach flipped over and churned tightly.

“You’ll like it. Much faster than an automobile.”

“Oh yeah.” I’m sure it’s ten times slower than a plane. I tried to listen to the men shouting out departures and arrivals, but their voices were lost over the noisy crowd. The chalkboards displayed the trains and their destinations but without a train number, I couldn’t even begin to guess where he’d take me.

“You look sick,” he said, scooping up my hand into his. His eyes were like the fresh green grass in the spring. They glittered under the low lamp light of depot’s vaulted ceilings.

I shook my head, wishing for some Dramamine. He gently patted my hand and smiled. Okay, okay. He had me there. I let my stomach settle with a few deep breaths.

“Shall we?” He motioned towards the other end of the station, where I can only imagine out train stood waiting for us.

I nodded, not wanting to open my mouth and possibly vomit on him.

He stood and helped me up with an outstretch hand. I interlaced my arm into his, and we started towards the gate. My boots clacked loudly against the marble tile and my corset was binding my hips too tightly. I considered taking it off once we were on the train, but I wasn’t sure there would be a place to.

The train car was decorated in a dark red velvet and cream coloured lace. The wall was papered in a vertical stripe and dark oak chair rail.

“The finest money can buy,” he laughed. “It’s my father’s personal favorite car. Pompous, isn’t it?”

“Completely unnecessary,” I said looking around and touching the delicate textiles. I took a seat near the window, and Edward took the seat across from me. I tapped my fingers against the oak armrest and let my head droop back.

“We depart in fifteen minutes,” the usher said before bowing slightly and sliding the door shut behind him.

There was an awkward silence between us after he left.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head and the velvet of the back rest brushed against my neck. My head drifted towards the window.

“Tell me more about yourself.” It was more of a demand than an inquiry. As I looked over to him, I saw his eyes were filled with bewilderment. He smiled when he noticed my gaze. “Please?” he whispered softly and reached his hand out to mine. He brushed his fingers over the back of my hand, lightly grazing my skin. I pulled my hand back instinctively. He brought his hand to his chin and perched his adoring face upon it.

I sighed, ashamed that I had pulled my hand back so quickly. “There really isn’t much to say.” I closed my eyes hoping to imagine exactly what I’d say to him, but nothing came. My mind was a blank slate.

“You tell me one thing, and I’ll share one piece of information on myself.”

I considered this proposition for a moment. I was curious about him. I felt like I knew everything about the other Edward… and nothing about this one. I nodded slowly and glanced out the window. I felt the car jerk forward, the station outside was slowly starting to move pass the window. The sky was turning grey outside and doomed down upon the city. I closed my eyes imagining away the rain clouds that stood over head. “One of my favorite books is Wuthering Heights.”

Wuthering Heights?” I knew from his tone, he was going to go on about the storyline, the characters… everything. I felt the words coming, the cutting down of every part of the book. “Well-“

“I don’t want to argue about this, yet again.” I was too late to stop myself…

“Again?” He turned on me suddenly. His eyes reading every inch of my face. “When have we ever argued over Wuthering Heights?”

“That’s not what I meant.”

He moved to the edge of his seat, his eyes searching my face. “But it is.”

I shook my head and averted my eyes from his penetrating glare.

“You are so cryptic.” His voice was barely audible. There was silence again. I felt his body weight slide back into his seat. When I dared a glance, his eyes were still watching me. “I feel lost in my own skin.” His voice hadn’t changed in volume. I almost didn’t hear him.

I tipped my head forward and stared, wide eyed. “What do you mean by that?”

He shook his head. “Your turn.”

“What?” I said, my eyes still wide.

“I told you, you tell me one thing, and I’ll tell you one thing.” He was still tricky.

I huffed and sat back in my seat. “If you think you’re going to string me along so I’ll tell you everything… you’re wrong.”

He smiled stiffly. “I am?”

I nodded and crossed my arms over my chest.

“And if I tell you why I feel like I do, will you tell me something else?”

I considered this. I knew he would do anything to get me to talk. “Fine.”

He paused for a moment and pulled off his jacket. He straightened his waistcoat before saying a word. “I feel lost in everything, everywhere. It’s almost as if there is something missing inside me, or I am not supposed to be here. But since I found… met you, I feel like puzzle pieces are falling into place.”

I was flabbergasted. My heart thudded loudly in my chest. My mouth went dry, and my head felt like it was full of helium. I started to slip sideways in my seat. My head came into contact with the window, and the air turned grey and misty.

“Bella? Bella?” His voice slowly quieted as he continued to call my name. Through the fog, I saw him move towards the compartment door and yell down the hall. “Water! I need water!” He didn’t leave my sight, but a steward hurried into the compartment with a porcelain pitcher and a crystal glass. I saw his large eyes, but nothing else. The room turned black and all I could hear was the rattling of my restless heart.