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Obsidian Thirst

[AU, Pre-New Moon] Bella will do anything to become a vampire. She pushes Edward too far one night and regrets her decision. Chapter 4: Unveiling Truths Bella and Edward each get their encounter with magic. Will this be the answer to their problems?

All recognizable characters belong to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. Story is AU and Pre-New Moon.

1. Chapter 1: Never Enough

Rating 4/5   Word Count 706   Review this Chapter

Her heart was beating erratically, and her breaths were coming in short gasps. No matter how many times Edward kissed her, Bella will never get used to the sensation.

Her senses were being drowned in a tumult of emotions, rushing blood, and a distinct primitive need, as Edward’s sweet breath washed over her. But the fleeting touch of his cold, granite lips against her own was never enough. Bella always thirsted for more, but Edward would always restrain her—and himself. They couldn’t risk more than a few chaste kisses and innocent touches, for the fear that someone will get hurt. However, Bella didn’t care about the dangers anymore. She wanted to feel, and she yearned desperately for more than just a touch, or a soft caress. That yearning was building up, deep within the pits of her stomach; and one day, Bella was sure that it will burst out of her like an immortal fire, raging wildly and out of control.

Bella needed Edward. She wanted him.


Edward was feeling conflicted on many levels. Bella was making it harder for him to resist her. For every kiss that he would steal from her, she would always seize the opportunity to jump on him and ravish his mouth. As much as he wanted to explore the warm, cavernous depths of her delicate mouth, and taste the exquisite silkiness of her tongue, he was unable to. If he were to open his mouth to her, the paralysing and deadly venom lining his teeth would surely harm her.

The venom which was meant for his prey, only served to remind him that he was a killer and a murderer. The depth of this implication hit him hard, and he closed his eyes as he remembered a time when he had imagined sinking his hard teeth into Bella’s skin and tearing her neck apart, because her scent was so alluring to him. He remembered when he had once fantasized about bathing his face in her warm and sweet blood, as the thick crimson liquid runs down the sides of his mouth and neck, as he feeds on her.

But now, in a twist of irony, Edward couldn’t imagine or live a life without Bella; and guilt tumbled upon him as he thought of being the one responsible for her death.

No. I can’t do this. I will not kill her. I cannot become the monster that lives inside of me.’ Edward thought feverishly. He would never forgive himself if anything ever happened to Bella.

“Edward?” Bella questioned. His head was bowed, and he seemed to be lost in painful thoughts, as his brows furrowed and a dark grimace marred his beautiful features. Edward looked up, and took in a deep breath of the heady, floral scent that was undeniably Bella.

She was beautiful, in every sense of the word. His eyes softened as he took in her womanly figure sitting comfortably on his black leather couch. She was wearing a light blue woollen sweater that fell off her shoulders gracefully, and that exposed an enormous amount of her pale neck and shoulders to his inviting golden eyes. His eyes caressed over the contours of her curves, down to her long, pale, and smooth legs that was exposed from underneath a white sensible skirt, with a pretty flower pattern adorning the hem.

“Hmm?” answered Edward absentmindedly.

“You still haven’t answered my question”, Bella replied tersely. “When will you change me?”

‘Damn’, thought Edward. He thought the kiss would distract her, make her forget about the impossible request she was demanding of him. “Bella”, started Edward. “The answer is no. Ask me to give you anything else, but this.”

Bella was frustrated. There is nothing more that she can want than to become a vampire—to be with Edward forever. She will grow old, become wrinkled, ugly, and eventually die. But Edward will remain an immortal beauty forever; and she knew that with time, his love for her will wane. Because in a realistic world, a seventeen-year old making out with an eighty-year old is just, well, plain strange.

Her mind was set and resolute. Nothing will stop her from achieving her desires. She will do anything to be with Edward Cullen forever—even if it meant risking her life.