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Obsidian Thirst

[AU, Pre-New Moon] Bella will do anything to become a vampire. She pushes Edward too far one night and regrets her decision. Chapter 4: Unveiling Truths Bella and Edward each get their encounter with magic. Will this be the answer to their problems?

All recognizable characters belong to the wonderful Stephenie Meyer. Story is AU and Pre-New Moon.

2. Chapter 2: Misunderstandings

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Last Chapter:

She will do anything to be with Edward Cullen forever—even if it meant risking her life.

Chapter 2:

Bella scooted closer to Edward on the black leather couch. She took his cold hard face between her hands and stared imploringly into his golden eyes.

“Anything?” asked Bella.

Edward felt a sense of foreboding, and replied, “Anything within reason, that is.” Bella inched her face closer to Edward.

“Is this within reason?” Bella gently placed her lips upon Edward’s, as she slowly climbed into his lap and straddled his hips. Edward sighed and closed his eyes. He placed his hands on her waist, as she began kissing every inch of his face. He felt a fluttering of lips on his eyelids, a peck on each of his cheeks, and a timid brush of her lips on his nose.

Edward let himself get lost in a whirlwind of senses that was Bella, and felt himself lulled by the ever increasing rate of her heartbeat. But he was surprised when she slowly moved her gentle kisses along the line of his jaw, and nibbled his ear. ‘This is new’ Edward mused, as he unconsciously rubbed slow circles on the length of her waist. He felt the warmth of her breath heating up the inside of his ear, as she licked its shell with her wet tongue in a swirling motion. Suddenly, his ear felt a rush of cold air, as the warmth of her mouth disappeared from his ear, and reappeared on his neck, nipping, biting, licking.

As her mouth was working hungrily on his neck, Edward tightened his hold on Bella’s waist. It felt good—too good. Edward suddenly wanted to latch his own mouth upon her soft neck, and feel the throbbing pulse of her heart under his lips and probe the pulse to a faster rhythm with his tongue. He leaned forward and grazed his lips on her jaw. Edward wanted to taste the sweet nectar of her blood, drink it, and feel the hot wetness of it between his lips. He bent his head towards the curve of her neck, opened his mouth—and froze.

Edward’s eyes had grown a shade darker, from the light gold, to a deep and murkier brown with gold flecks dancing along the edges. His tongue, on the other hand, was unknowingly tasting and teasing the skin on Bella’s throat. His sharp teeth were glistening with poison and were poised, ready to strike, to tear into the tender flesh; that was as easy as ripping paper with his nails.

Meanwhile, Bella was unaware of the conflict that was playing before her—she was preoccupied with the pleasing sensations that were assaulting her in so many different places. Her hands were threaded through Edward’s smooth bronze locks, and her eyes were closed with her lips parted in a small smile, as Edward’s tongue and lips worked wonders on her neck.

Her cheeks were flushed pink, and she let out a happy sigh. Suddenly, her blissful world was tipped upside down when Edward grabbed her by the shoulders and wrenched her violently away from him. She landed on the wooden floor with a hard thump!

“What were you doing?” Edward hissed. “I almost—almost…” Edward groaned and lowered his head into his hands, while he turned away from Bella and shook his head. Bella looked up at Edward from her place on the floor in surprise, which quickly turned into anger. “I only wanted to be intimate with my boyfriend. I didn’t realize that it can be hazardous to my health,” she retorted.

Edward gave a dry chuckle, with his back still facing her. “Bella, anything that happens within this relationship is hazardous to your health. Damn, the very definition of this relationship is hazardous!”

Bella stood up and brushed off the dust from the seat of her skirt. “If I knew that you didn’t appreciate my affections, then I wouldn’t have kissed you.” Bella was hurt. When Edward pushed her away, she felt rejected. She hadn’t anticipated that Edward would push her away, and refuse her affections for him. It caused a blow to her feminine pride. Little did she know that Edward was affected by her—so much that he was afraid to face her and show her the bulge that was protruding proudly from the front of his trousers.

Edward was frustrated. He heard the hurt in her voice, but he didn’t mean to hurt her. Gods, he wanted to do unimaginable and unmentionable things to her body because he was as much a man as a vampire, but damnit, he was he trying to save her! He could have bitten her right there, and she would have finally gotten what she wanted. But he couldn’t make her suffer.

Although it’s been about a century since Carlisle had turned him into a vampire, Edward couldn’t forget the burning pain that plagued his body for the longest three days of his life. His flesh was on fire, and it felt as if hot burning knives were searing through his innards, slashing through his lungs and burning them into a crisp. He remembered screaming, to a point where he blacked out and stopped breathing altogether. But most of all, he remembered wishing for death; because the pain was too much to take that he wanted to die so badly. In an ironic sense, he did get his wish. After waking up from the tortuous pain, his body was cold, and his chest unmoving from the lack of breathing. Yet, he was still alive somehow.

A loved one cannot be made to experience pain like that. Even if it meant making sacrifices to their relationship, Edward was determined make them in order to save Bella from pain and an eternal fate of running, hiding, and uncontrollable bloodlust. He wanted to save her from the eternal curse of the vampire.

“I suppose I should leave.”

Edward turned his head around and saw Bella by the door of his room, her hand gripping the smooth doorknob.

“Bella—don’t. I’m sorry.” Edward took two long strides, and stood before her. “I was surprised, and for a moment, I lost control over my instincts. I almost bit you.” To emphasize the point, Edward gently took Bella’s face in his cold hands, and turned her head towards his. However, she was staring dispassionately at the wooden floor.

“Then why didn’t you?” Large doleful eyes stared passionately back up at him, brimming with unshed tears, willing him to change his mind.

“Because I love you.” His eyes were a fierce gold again, while he willed her to understand.