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Missing You

Just a short (and I mean SHORT) poem of how Bella would feel all throughout new moon, when she thinks that she will never see Edward again. I wrote this about someone in my life (my Dad), and I thought that perhaps it fits well with how Bella feels???? Let me know what YOU think, even if you HATE it... it'll take 2 seconds to read the 6 short stanzas..., reviewing would be nice too :)

enjoy, please let me now if its crap. if you like it, ill put it in my portfolio for university :) I'm from australia, and we need a portfolio to get into a creative arts course :)

1. just a poem

Rating 5/5   Word Count 138   Review this Chapter

Rain patters on my window;
Oh, how I miss you so.
Each droplet falling like the last;
Time moves just as fast.

When Summer finishes and Winter nears;
It seems that life is in fifth gear.
The cold lingers like the memory of you;
Just like tears, the rain lingers too.

Further and further away it seems;
That you turn away from me.
Like the clouds rumbling overhead;
And so many things that have been left unsaid.

Now Winter is near its end;
My wounds are still open with no time to mend.
I’m dreading the summer for all it means;
Forgetting you like my winter jeans.

Its seems like forever since we first met;
And I promise you I will not forget.
For how someone could possibly forget you;
Not even God could have a clue.