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Dearest Bella. . .

Edward's Point of View. Before Edward leaves Bella in the woods, he tries to write her a letter, explaining why he is going to leave.


1. The Letter

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Dearest Bella,

I'm sorry, Bella. But I have to go. There is no way I will allow myself to be the cause of your suffering for any longer. I just keep putting you in danger. Every thing I do seems to keep getting you hurt. And I cannot allow that. Hopefully, since you are human, your mind will be like a sieve. You will forget me. Move on. Because that will be best.

I know that for now, you still have reminders of my, of my existence. Not to worry. I have removed everything, taken everything, so it will be as if I were a dream.

It will be as if I never existed.

I must, selfish as it seems, ask one, final thing of you. Remain safe. Don't do anything rash or dangerous. Please. For Charlie... of course. If there were any other way, any other way to keep you safe, and still with me, I would do it. But I can't see you get hurt any more because of my selfishness. So, we're all going away. Forever. Please be safe, my Bella.


I stared at the letter, reading it again and again. No. She wouldn't listen. I would have to tell her in person. As hard as this would be, the hardest thing I've ever done, I have to leave her. I have to watch her face as I say goodbye. But...It is for the best.

I ripped apart the letter.