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Flying to the Sun

What if... What if Edward chose Rosalie? What if he grew to love her? And what will happen when Bella shows up.... Yah. It's a CF.

This is a muse, but it's my baby. :) I really love it but unless other people love it there will be no more, I will keep my love to myself. hehe

1. Chapter 1

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Edward’s PoV

I’m nervous. No, that’s an understatement. I’m terrified.

Maybe right now isn’t a good time...


I can’t even say it in my head. The possibility, the percentage of unknown hanging tangibly in the air as I’m standing outside her door haunts me. I’m filled with uncertainty, doused in insecurities.

What if she doesn’t…?


What if she doesn’t learn to love me? I make myself still as stone, because when I want, not even a fellow vampire can hear me.

Right now I’m invisible.


Not so much. Just as I’m getting calm and collected the door opens and She looks out suspiciously, watching bemused as I’m caught totally off guard.

“Umm….” I say, guffawing oh-so-stupidly as she leans casually against the doorframe looking smug.

“Is there something you want?”

I can’t move a muscle. I was frozen, carved like a statue out of ice, unable to concoct a reasonable explanation of why I was standing stalker-like outside her door.

“No? Well bye then.”

And she slammed the door in my dumbstruck face.

God. She was so damn beautiful. Her confident smile, her smug expression, her sparkling eyes have me caught in a spell. I’m enchanted.

“At this temperature you could take over my mind.
Like gossamer, you softly touch…..
It's the kind of sleepwalk that never ends.
A type of loan with no dividends.
It's a parlour game where you're given chase.
Guess it could be called an acquired taste.
I know, he knows, he calls, I go, I know.
This could be an enchantment.

Why don't you tell me I'm forgiven?
He calls, don't know how I fell under his spell.
I'm forgiven... lately I've been driven.
He smiles and I give in,
an enchantment.”

Rosalie’s PoV

Everyday, no let me rephrase that. Every minute of everyday I am so thankful that he accepted me.

That he loves me, that

He. Chose. Me.

I watch the storm raging outside, the huge bucket God emptied on the sky.

If there is a God to empty it, I mused, resting my chin tiredly on the windowpane.

I was tired of not knowing.

I wanted…

To know, for Carlisle, for Esme, for Edward.


His name alone sends shivers down my spine.

His breath is like clouds tickling my cheeks, his lopsided grin is my sun, his eyes, though usually are a gold shade, the clear blue sky.

He is my world and I am his.

We melt together flowing like water through life, us vampires, but with him I’m something special.

With him, I can fly.

But he was so different today. Distracted, not listening to a word I said, as I recounted the whole Alice/Jasper-walk-in-on–them-making-out-fiasco. He had barely even acknowledged me. His silent nod when I told him I loved him as we crossed the parking lot had cut into me.

We barely exchanged ten words today, and each stone cold icy reply he gave me shut me out until I could have screamed.


But then I knew.

The second she walked into the cafeteria I could tell. It was her.

He sat up immediately, sneaking looks at her throughout lunch. He seemed to not be able to stop. At one point, their eyes connected. There was a hunger there, in his gold-flecked ones. A longing, a wishing, a hoping.

I couldn’t not look; I spied on her through my peripheral vision.

She was gorgeous, but you could tell she didn’t know it. The way her hair fell like a curtain when she bent over her sandwich made me so… so angry, so jealous, and SO envious.

There was no denying it.

She was gorgeous.

I could feel Edward’s muscles tensing as the air circulated toward us.

He could smell her.

He wanted her.

Edward’s PoV

She snuggled closer to me.

Nudging my shoulder to make me move, she nestles in the crook of my stone arms, her hair like a golden crown framing her face as she daydreams, lost in her own world.

What had I done?

Images from earlier today flash through my head, her face playing over and over like a broken record. Her hurt, her loss.

She needs me! I tell myself sternly.

I love her! And I do. I know I do.

She is my life, I am hers. She is my future, the only light in the dark abyss. She loves me. And I hurt her with this stupid little freak!

This oddball, this one girl.

Something about Bella was not right.

She was just so… different. Everything seemed to fade away when I saw Her.

I forgot what I was,

What I am.

NO! I tell myself sternly. STOP!

This one girl, this one girl whose mind I cannot read, could ruin my love!

Rosalie is my sun, my golden sun.

I am nothing without her!