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The Haunted

Sequel to I Will Haunt You. Bella's a vampire now, but is it all that she ever wanted it to be? Can she avoid being one of the haunted? "My invisibility gave me a whole new level of temptation. It was the monster of me." (sequel to first ending, not the alternate ending)

Sorry this took so long to get up, guys. I hope you still want to read it.

2. Chapter 2

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“If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” Edward joked, his eyes bright with amusement.

I managed a chuckle. “That big of a secret, huh?”

“Definitely. The art of catching and killing a penguin is a rather secretive secret that only I myself know.” He managed a mock serious face.

Penguins. That is what I sentenced Edward and myself to. We thought it would be best to stay away from heavily populated areas for awhile.

Let’s say, Antarctica.

Yes, I sentenced us to Antarctica, the most boring, sanity-wrecking place on this planet.

Everything was white, white, and more white. The ground, the trees, the sky. All so pale. Well, maybe not the sky. The sky maintained a white/gray hue at most times.

The point is, when your whole world is the same color, life is very boring.

It did have its beautiful moments, like when you happened upon a tree dripping with icicles. Or when your foot scuffed up the snow and uncovered a patch of glittering ice. Yes, it was very beautiful.

But most of the time it was white, boring, and depressing.

I eyed the group of penguins 200 hundred feet away from us with a look of skepticism on my face. From what I had tasted of Antarctica’s fauna, the rest didn’t seem to hold much promise.

The slick and shiny heads of the penguins bobbed up and down as they waddled across the ice, ignorant of what was about to happen to them. They seemed almost blissful, in a penguin-y sort of way, where all that mattered to them was their mate, the ice, and their next fishy meal.

I was losing my appetite by the minute.

“Huh. Well, since you seem so hesitant to disclose your tricks of the trade, shall we look for other game?” I quipped.

“I suppose.” He said distractedly, looking up at the sky.

I tilted my chin up and scanned the sky. It was a rather clear day today, the sky calm; it was a good break from the blustery winds of the tundra. The milky clouds swirled together in a peaceful way, and a crisp breeze lifted my hair from my shoulders.

“What?” I asked, still staring at the sky.

Edward’s gaze was still locked onto the heavens, and he didn’t seem to hear me.

“Edward.” I said a little louder, grabbing his arm.

He tore his eyes away from the sky and looked at me distantly. “Yes?”

“What’re you looking at?” I reiterated.

Edward gave the sky another cursory glance. “Nothing. It just kind of…reminds me of something.”

“Of what?”

“I…I don’t know.”

I looked back up. I didn’t know that a sky could remind somebody of something. I scrutinized the clouds, my brow furrowing.

“Do you think it could help me remember?” I said quietly.

I kept my head tilted up, but I could feel Edward staring at me.

A silence stretched on for a few minutes, and then he replied softly. “I don’t know, Bella.”

Although I already knew the answer, it still hurt. I tried to keep my face composed, but Edward sensed my distress and took me into his arms.

He rubbed soothing circles into my back. “A little was lost in translation, is all.”

“I know. I know. It’s just…it’s like there’s parts of me missing.” I said slowly.

Edward shook his head. “You’re still you, Bella. My lovely, wonderful Bella.”

“The human memories where going to fade anyway.” I whispered under my breath.

Even if I wasn’t a ghost before I was a vampire.

I remembered what the Bloody Ghost Man said to me, not too long ago.


He still looked like he didn't believe me, but decided to let it go. "Maybe you were murdered, and don't remember. Though it's kind of early for that. Heck, I've been dead for two years, and I can still remember how I died."

"I KNOW how I died. And what do you mean by "though it's kind of early for that"?" I said slowly.

"Well, ghosts kind of...forget things. Except for who murdered them. We'll never forget that."

"What do we forget?" I said, surprised.

"Well," he paused, looking at me oddly." Family, friends, our names, basically our whole life. I can't remember my name." He added sadly.

What?! I would forget my family and friends! I don't want to! I started to panic silently. I didn't want to forget anything about my life.

I looked up at Bloody man to see him looking down at me sadly.

"There aren't many of us, girl, but we're all over the place. My suggestion to you is to forget about leaving this world. It hardly ever happens. What you should do is find yourself a nice place to haunt. A big house, a lake, a school. Heck, I haunt these here woods!"


I fled shortly after, leaving the Bloody Man. His words seemed to hold an importance to me now. Forgetting didn’t seem so bad till you actually forgot, and then…everything began to feel empty.

Who I am is defined by what I remember, and my memory was a little patchy.

I was a patchy person.

Because, of course, vampires eventually begin to lose memory of their human lives as well. And both of these combined?

A patchy person.

“Bella.” Edward said, jostling me from my horrible reverie.


“Do you want to go back?” Edward looked at me apprehensively.

Suddenly, the rest of my resolve and hope shattered like the mirror in my room had nearly a month ago. My body froze and stiffened, my eyes looking and straining at the figure at the edge of the wood.

“What is a human doing here!” I hissed.

Edward let go of me and sniffed the air. “What?” He said tensely.

But I ceased to hear, only to see the figure before me, poised at the edge of the trees, staring at me intensely.

I waited for several things to happen simultaneously.

For the scent of the human’s blood to waft over me.

For Edward’s arms, strong and protective, to hold me back and away.

For my eyes to turn a threatening shade of black, with every sense sharpened and deadly.

But none of this happened.

The human, male, walked towards me slowly and surely, I leaned back and growled.

No, no, no, no! All I had built up couldn’t be wrecked again.

As much as I wanted to not kill the human, the deeper and darker part of me leaned forward and rubbed his greedy hands together.

I silently begged the human to turn around and run, run very far away.

That’s when I realized some things were off.

The man, who appeared very elderly, was wearing a 1930’s vintage jacket. It confused me that someone would wear this in extremely cold weather, and live. But there was something more off about the man that began to ring bells in my head.

He skin was just as pale as mine.

As he drew closer, his pasty skin became more apparent. Not a human pale, a dead pale.

I checked his eyes and scent. He didn’t look like a vampire. He didn’t smell like one.

Then I saw things that my naïve eyes should have seen before.

The slight pink aura surrounding his frame.

The space between his feet and the ground.

He was a ghost.

I drew back farther and hissed. “Get away! Get away from me!” I pleaded.

He held up his hands in a non-threatening gesture, a kindly look on his old face.

“Please Miss; you call to us like a beacon.” He ventured inarticulately.