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The Haunted

Sequel to I Will Haunt You. Bella's a vampire now, but is it all that she ever wanted it to be? Can she avoid being one of the haunted? "My invisibility gave me a whole new level of temptation. It was the monster of me." (sequel to first ending, not the alternate ending)

Sorry this took so long to get up, guys. I hope you still want to read it.

3. Chapter 3

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I drew back farther and hissed. “Get away! Get away from me!” I pleaded. He held up his hands in a non-threatening gesture, a kindly look on his old face. “Please Miss; you call to us like a beacon.” He ventured inarticulately.

“W-what?” I stammered. Why did things always turn so weird when all I wanted was normalcy?

He appeared chagrined. “I mean, that’s not what I meant! What I meant, is that, uhh…we’ve-we’ve followed you here.”

“You’ve been following me?!” I blurted.

Edward grabbed my arm, and swung me around to face him. In my moment of distress, I had forgotten he was there.

“Bella! Bella- what’s going on? What’s wrong?” He said, with lines of worry on his face.

I looked at him and saw what he saw.

Me, staring and shouting into empty space.

Me, freaking out.

“There’s a- a ghost.” I fumbled, my eyes staring wildly into his.

The elderly ghost bent his head and rubbed his neck in an embarrassed gesture. “I know they shouldn’t have picked me as spokesman! I told them! I did, I did, I said: ‘Oh, not me, I’ve never been one with a way with words.’ But no, they said, they SAID : “George, you’ve gotta be the one to talk to her. You’re old and harmless looking, with no spooky wounds on ya.’ Well look what I’ve did. She’s gone and misunderstood what I was saying, and thinks I’m scary.”

I distantly heard Edward’s response to what I said, but it didn’t register. I stared at the ghost man named George in his vintage coat, the coat he died in, and my eyes widened. “They?”

“Wait, yes, but—Guys! Get back!” He barked at the trees.

But it was too late. I saw many pairs of eyes peeking around the trees. Ghostly legs and arms had already stepped out. Some didn’t pay heed to what George said, and stepped out fully. My jaw dropped at their gory appearances. Many were missing limbs, heads. Some had scratches and cuts, bullet wounds and bruises from being strangled. But this wasn’t what scared me the most.

George wasn’t referring to a few ghosts.

No, before me stood hundreds.

I faced Edward and let out a little scream. “Go, now! GO!”

His eyes widened, and quicker than lighting he scooped me up by habit and began running.

“No! No, let me run. I’m faster.”

He began to protest, but he took one look in at my face and realized my urgency. He lowered me to the ground, and let me pick him up.

I managed a smile at the perversity of the situation. Usually it was he that was stronger and faster than me. However, I was the newborn vampire; I would be the stronger one for a little while.

I began to pump my legs as fast as they could go, and ran.

“Look what you’ve done! You’ve gone and scared her! That’s no way to treat a lady!” George’s words drifted to my ears as I ran in the opposite direction.

Well, there was no way those ghosts were going to catch up to me this time.

“Bella,” Edward began, but seemed at a loss for words.

But I knew what he meant. “There were ghosts--lots of them--they followed us here.” I said breathlessly.

His brow crinkled. “Why?”

“I. Don’t. Know.” I could hear the hysteria creeping up in my voice.

Edward could hear it too, and he reached his hand up to my face and caressed my cheek. “It’s okay. Everything’s going to be okay.”

If only I knew if would be.

I took a deep breath and let it out. “They said something about me ‘calling to them like a beacon’.”

Edward appeared deep in thought. “Is it possible that—“

A hand reached out and wrenched me off my feet. Surprised, Edward fell back first onto the snowy ground.

“Bella?!” He said shocked, and looked up. “Bella!”

But I was already 20 feet away, being dragged off by a rather gruesome looking ghost.

“Hi, my name’s Dave, I’m really sorry about this.” He said congenially. Well as congenial as a man with a gaping whole in his chest could sound. “It’s just we needed you for like, two seconds. That’s all. Just two seconds.”

I really doubted they only wanted me for two seconds.

“Wait, how can you remember your name?” I said with honest curiosity.

He seemed surprised, as if he were expecting a different response. “Well,” He said in a conversational tone, “I only died about four months ago. Now, George? He’s an especially cool and particular case. He died, oh gosh, how long ago? About eighty or ninety years? He can still remember his name. We think maybe he held onto it by sheer willpower. Maybe, you know, he had a really cool lineage or something.”

This fellow was way too wordy.

“Well, Dave, it was very---nice--meeting you. But I have to go.” I said, trying to wiggle out of his arms while keeping a conversational tone to help mask my fear.

“I know, Bella. I’m really, really sorry. But we just need you for a few minutes, remember?”

“I thought you said two seconds?” I challenged.

His face flickered with some emotion, and he waved his hand in the air dismissively. “Two seconds, a few minutes, what does it matter? We have all the time in the world, don’t we?”

I shuddered and looked at him.

“What do you mean? I don’t have all the time in the world.” I said slowly.

His eyes narrowed. “Well, how can you be in Antarctica while wearing only one jacket and live? And one of your—friends—is here. He saw—“

I cut him off. “One of my friends?! From my human life?!”

I realized my mistake.

A little laugh burst from him. “We know you’re not alive, just like us. But we’re not quite sure what you are. Like I said, one of your friends says he was there when that guy you were carrying bit you. You know, like a vampire?”

“J-Jake?” I stuttered. “Jake’s dead? He’s a ghost, he’s with you?” My mind jumped to horrible conclusions.

Jake. Jake couldn’t be dead. He couldn’t.

Dave looked confused. “No, he doesn’t remember his name. He’s been dead about two years now…”

I let out a little breath. Jake. He was still alive. Jake was one of the few things I could remember about my human life.

“He came from Washington, and he has a rather large knife sticking from his chest—“

My bark of laughter cut Dave off. “Bloody man? He’s with you?”

Dave frowned. “Here in FGU, we don’t give each other names according to our deaths. It’s disrespectful. We know call ‘Bloody man’ Ervin.” Dave wrinkled his nose in distaste. “George came up with that name.”

I chuckled and then stopped. “Wait, what’s FGU?”

Dave gave me a superior look and smiled. “FGU stands for Friendly Ghosts United.”

“You guys have an organization?” I spluttered.

“Yes, it’s for friendly ghosts who will do whatever means necessary to move onto the other side.” He looked down at me pointedly.

“And you think I can help?”

“We know you can.”

“And you seriously want me to help an organization named ‘FGU’?”

Dave looked a little embarrassed. “Yeah, well maybe we shouldn’t have had little Bobby name it, but still! What it means is the same, even if the abbreviation is dumb.”

I said nothing.

“To be quite honest, we all thought Ervin was lying when he said he knew you. We were like ‘you do NOT know Bella Swan!’ and he was like ‘Yes, yes I do. I think.’ And then again, we kind of hoped he did know you. It would make things a whole lot easier.”

“How did you guys know that I could see you?” I asked quietly.

Dave looked up and appeared hesitant. “There was another organization member of ours, her name was Helen. She…well, to be quite honest, she…had some different ideas. And she said you saw her. Right before you left Washington?”

A feeling of horror crept to my dead heart, and froze it even deeper. Could Helen possibly be the red haired ghost that stood next to the car and glared at me with the white hot intensity of the sun? HER? I hoped it was not.

“Did she…did she have reddish wild hair?” I ventured weakly, my eyes closed.

“Yes.” Dave said crisply.

I tried to jerk out of his arms and run away. “Then I’m not coming to meet your ghost friends.”

I tried to jerk away and nearly made it out of the encirclement of his arms.

“Wait! Wait!” He said, struggling. “She’s not with us though! She left. Remember, she had a difference of ideas?”

“Are you lying to me?” I said with a deathly calm.

“No, I’m not! I swear! Only—“

“Only what?”

“It’s just—gosh… I really don’t know how to phrase this.”

“Just say it.” I said with an impatient fear.

“Well, that’s also mainly why we followed you. Sure, we hoped you could help us…but the main reason is that…well…”

I waited impatiently for him to continue.

“We also came to warn you. About Helen. She, well, she’s out for revenge.”

“Why should I care?” I said callously.

“Because it’s you she wants to hurt.”