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She Was Awake

Edward went to Bella's room to watch her sleep for the first time and when she said his name, he thought she might have woken up. What would happen if she really had?


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

BPOV- What was I supposed to do? I probably should have gotten up and told Charlie that some boy had been in my room. Instead I just sat there pondering all of the questions that were going through my mind.

Such as; how did he get in here? The doors were locked and there were no trees to climb that were close enough for him to use to get on the roof. Of course, someone who could lift a van could probably find some way to get into Charlie’s house; even without a key.

My second question was; why? Why had Edward Cullen, who, as far as I could tell hated me, been sitting in my rocking chair in my room while I slept? I knew I should have been more frightened by this, but I didn’t really know what to think.

Was he thinking of ways to kill me in my sleep? I didn’t really think so. He could have smothered me with a pillow and been gone; but there he had sat looking like a deer caught in the headlights when my eyes opened. Was he watching me sleep? I couldn’t help but feel flattered by the idea.

I knew I should be frightened. Wasn’t this stalker behavior? I had already tried to talk to him about the van incident and he had ignored me. But he wasn’t going to get away so easily this time. I needed some answers; and Edward was going to give them to me.

I got out of bed; there was no way I could go back to sleep after that. I went and turned on my computer. I figured Dr. Cullen might be listed in the phone book; there was no reason for him not to be in such a small town. Unfortunately, I didn’t find what I was looking for; just his name and phone number were listed.

When my ancient computer finally started showing signs of life I typed the name Carlisle Cullen and Forks, Washington into my favorite search engine. I only had one hit.

Forks’ local newspaper had a small entry announcing the arrival of a new doctor and his family. It also gave the address; it seemed Mrs. Cullen was taking on the task of renovating one of the oldest buildings in Forks, which was to be their new home. I had never heard of the road they lived on. In a town like Forks it should’ve taken only five minutes to memorize all of them.

I was afraid that Edward was going to skip school again to avoid me. So I looked up his address on MapQuest and printed out a map and directions to his house. I was sure I was going to seem forward to his siblings and parents; but I was going to pick up Edward for school. What was the worst he could do? Say no, or maybe ignore me? Either way I would have no fewer answers to my questions than I already had.

My mind was made up. I was going to the Cullen’s home to give Edward a ride to school; or at least, I was going to try.

EPOV- What was I supposed to do? I ran. I knew that she had seen me. I had gotten out of there really fast. But fast enough that she might think I was a figment of her imagination? I could only hope.

Bella Swan was quite obviously a very intelligent and perceptive human being. I needed to know what to do; I needed to talk to Carlisle and Alice. I needed to see if Alice had seen what Bella would do. I needed to know Carlisle’s opinion on the issue.

Within minutes I was within hearing range of all of their thoughts; and they were not good. And in just seconds more I was within hearing range of Rosalie’s shouts. Alice must have seen, and told them what had happened.

Rosalie was fuming. “Why was he even in her room if he wasn’t going to feed on her? What was he thinking?! I am never speaking to him again; and if he wasn’t already dead, I would kill him myself!”

I slowed as I approached the house, trying to hear all of their points of view before heading in. With Rosalie shouting I could have probably made it to my room without anyone hearing me.

Emmett’s thoughts hadn’t changed since I had gotten back from Alaska. Why didn’t he just kill her? We could have made it look like she ran away or just disappeared. I expected thoughts like that more from Jasper than Emmett; although, Jasper’s thoughts were along the same lines.

Carlisle and Esme were both just worried about what Rosalie would do to me when I got home.

Alice, knowing I was outside listening, spoke to me through her thoughts. Edward, it will be much worse if you sneak up to your room rather than confront the situation now.

I don’t usually bet against Alice; and in this case, I knew she was right. I slowly made my way up the steps and in the front door.

Rosalie had kept her word and was not speaking; she was however sending pictures of her tearing me limb from limb. It wasn’t until she started picturing doing the same to Bella that I started to get angry.

I was sure that the glares that Rosalie and I were giving each other were the reason Jasper stepped between us, sending waves of calm throughout the room.

“I really am sorry,” I said. I truly was sorry for any trouble that was going to be caused by the incident.

The unanimous thought coming off of everyone, including Esme, which was the one that hurt the most, was obvious. ”You should be.”

Carlisle spoke aloud. “As I see it, we had two good years here; maybe it is about time we leave.”

“There are other options,” said Emmett. “Edward can get what he wants. Once he has fed, we can dump her truck in the river, bury the body, and nobody is any wiser. She’s a danger magnet; no one can deny that. They would just think it was an accident.”

“That is not what I want!” I interjected. How could he even think that?

“I know what kind of blood lust you are dealing with here. I’ve been through this myself. You can’t deny it. You told us yourself how strong of a temptation her blood is. You know that’s what you want.”

“I desire her blood; I don’t deny that. Such a denial would be absurd. I meant I don’t want to...I can’t… I mean… I will not kill her,” I finally finished. She was more than just your average human. Isn’t that why I had gone into her room in the first place? Wasn’t that part of the reason that I was so drawn in by her? It wasn’t just her beauty. She was different; she was…special.

“I heartily agree with Edward,” said Carlisle.

“There are other options,” Alice said quietly. Right then I could see Bella, through Alice’s eyes, writhing in pain as the venom worked its ways through her veins; changing her, transforming her into one of us, into one of the soulless.

No. Seeing her in that kind of pain and knowing what would await her in the end was pure agony. This was a vision of angel having her soul torn from her body. Not her; not my Bella. I couldn’t do that; she wasn’t truly mine.

I could be her protector; I could save her from an eternity of darkness. That was the least I could do for her; probably the only thing I could ever do for her.

“No.” It was loud, but it had not come out as loud as the original roar in my head. “We have had to move for almost every one of you. You have all made mistakes. This was mine. I am allowed one. Carlisle is right; we move.”

That was not technically true. We had needed to leave when Carlisle had changed Rosalie, and that had not been an accident.

Jasper, Emmett and Esme had all slipped up at least once. Rosalie, Alice and I were the only one who hadn’t slipped up. That didn’t mean we hadn’t killed a human, or even fed off them; we just hadn’t made a mistake that had called for leaving.

I had left Carlisle in a fit of rebellion and spent a few years on my own. I killed and fed upon killers and rapists. I felt justified at the time, knowing that they were the worst humans amongst mankind, having been able to see their terror and hear their thoughts. I stopped eventually, seeing that I was a monster myself. Nothing could justify the murders I had committed. What I had done was not justice.

Rosalie has never tasted human blood. The only humans she had killed were those of the men who had all but killed her and left her for dead. We had to leave because she had been changed anyway. What she did to those men made no difference.

Alice was a mystery though. She knew nothing of her human life. She only remembered waking up from a vision that showed her finding Jasper and looking for us, knowing that we abstained from the regular vampire diet of human blood. We feed on animals instead.

Even if any single one of them had not been the cause of a move, their spouse had been.

The only thing Alice could see was Bella trying to talk to me sometime during the day in forest. She wanted to know what was going on; and Alice said I was going to tell her.

She could not see where, when, or even what happened after I told her. As if a decision was waiting to be made. We did know that she wasn’t calling the police, so we had until morning to leave.

It hurt knowing we would be leaving and I would never see her again. I didn't even know her. Maybe it was her eyes; beautiful, deep, brown…soulful. No, I thought to myself. I couldn't give in to that line of thinking. Maybe the reason I felt such pain at the thought of leaving was because she was still a mystery to me. One I would never solve.

I would never even get to say goodbye. She was probably afraid of me, sneaking in her room, watching her sleep. She probably thought I was a pervert; but why hadn't she called the police or told her father. Surely Chief Swan would have been over here to arrest me if she had. Alice would have seen it coming; and it wasn't.

I knew I could never see her again. If only Alice's vision of Bella and myself had come true. Unfortunately, I knew that couldn't be. Humans aren't allowed to know about us, and Alice said I would tell her. I knew we had to leave.

The fact is that there aren’t an over abundance of places we could live, and that caused a very long discussion. We needed a place with almost constant cloud cover, a hospital for Carlisle to practice medicine, and a place that had lots of wild life. We could never spend more than ten years in one place, so that narrowed down the field as well.

We unanimously decided to go to Alaska. There was a coven there that was practically family to us. They were pretending to be in high school like we were doing in Forks. We had decided that all of us, with the exception of Carlisle and Esme, would attend the local university there.

With the decision made we started to pack. It was still early in the morning when we had started packing. Esme had started covering our furniture with sheets when I heard the thunderous growl of what sounded like a very old vehicle turning onto our drive.

We all stopped what we were doing and looked at Alice. She was still as a statue; she was having a vision. I could see Rosalie ripping Bella to shreds through Alice’s mind. All I could think of was "Not her!"

As I decided to run and stop Bella before she reached the house the vision changed to Emmett holding Rosalie back as I ran down the road to meet Bella. I had to stop her before she could get any closer. When Alice came out of the trance she yelled ”Edward, go!”

As I ran down our lane towards Bella’s truck I heard Rosalie’s roaring growl. “Emmett let me go! I can end this!”

I couldn’t believe how much work it took to save one human.

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