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She Was Awake

Edward went to Bella's room to watch her sleep for the first time and when she said his name, he thought she might have woken up. What would happen if she really had?


2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2


I felt bad lying to Charlie. I had to get up early enough so that I could get to the Cullen’s house before they left for school. They lived pretty far out of town. I explained to Charlie that the reason I was up so early was because I was supposed to meet my biology lab partner before school. We had to finish a project that was due this afternoon.

“Why didn’t you work on it last night?” Charlie asked

I wasn’t any good at lying. I knew that. I hoped I could be convincing enough for Charlie though.

“Well, my partner was doing something with his family and he didn’t think there would be time enough afterward.”

Charlie was eating his cereal, but kept the questions coming. “He?” he mumbled through a mouthful of Cheerios. ”He who? Who did you say your partner was?”

I hadn’t said, and was hoping to avoid having to. “Dad, it’s just one of the kids from school,” I said as I grabbed my rain jacket, backpack, and keys while heading for the door. “I really have to hurry or we won’t have time to get the project finished. Bye. See you after work,” I called as I shut the door, ending the conversation.

I ran to my truck and jumped in. I began in the direction I remembered from the map. Finally I pulled the map out of my backpack just to make sure. Sure enough, I was on my way to get some answers. I was on the road to pick up Edward Cullen.

I had been thinking all night and the entire drive over what was I going to say. How was I going to explain my appearance at his house to his parents? “Hi, I’m Bella Swan. I caught your son in my room last night and I came to give him a ride to school today to show him there were no hard feelings.” Or how about “Dr. Cullen, it’s nice to see you again. We met in the hospital; you know, when Edward lifted a van off me and kept me from being crushed.”

I wasn’t sure what I was going to say. I just knew I need to see Edward.

I had been driving for quite a while when I reached what the map said was the turn off for Edward’s house. It looked like it was too overgrown to be a place where people were supposed to live. I wasn’t sure it was the correct turnoff until I saw him.

I braked hard, but I wasn’t sure I would be able to stop in time. He just appeared out of nowhere in front of my truck. I closed my eyes, afraid of what I might see. The car stopped and he was gone; or so I thought. He was really standing next to my door. He looked angry; really angry.

I shrunk back in my seat and moved to roll down the window when he opened the door. “Could you please scoot over?”

I don’t know why I complied. I felt; well…dazzled was the best way I could think of describing it. His eyes were smoldering in spite of his obvious anger. That was the only reason I could think of that would have made me forget my purpose for coming.

Then he started driving, and I realized that out of the two of us he shouldn’t be the one who was angry; I should. He was deftly backing out his driveway when I finally decided what to say.

“You haven’t changed clothes,” I said quietly.


Bella Swan.

Due to my special talent, I had an unprecedented understanding of the inner workings of the human, and not so human, mind. Even with the ability to hear the thoughts of those around me, Bella Swan was still an amazing mystery.

Of course, for some inexplicable reason I couldn’t read her thoughts. Still, out of all of the things to say. How about “why were you in my room last night?” I thought that would have seemed like the most obvious question.

“You haven’t changed clothes?” I repeated her question aloud, while pondering the thought behind such a question.

“Yes,” she said. ”Those are the same clothes you wore to school yesterday…” she paused. “And last night.”

So she was getting to that in her own round about way. I pulled off to the side of the road.

It was pure masochism that must have kept me sitting there in the car with her. Her scent was overwhelming; indescribably delicious and beautiful at the same time. Attractive seemed like the best description, if one must be made.

Her blood called to me in a way blood had never done before; but it was more than just the scent of her blood. It was the smell of her skin, her hair; her breath. It was so sweet, so inviting. It stirred desires I had never felt before and didn’t really understand.

“Bella lets go for a walk,” I said, pulling over and getting out of her car.

If I was trying to save her life, staying in such close proximity with her in that truck would have most definitely defeated the purpose. I walked around to the passenger door to open it for her.

“I may have come a little early, but not early enough that going for a leisurely walk through the forest would make it possible for me to still be on time to school.”

I was caught off guard by this. “Didn’t you come to talk?” I questioned her.

“Yes,” she said as she followed me hesitantly and then stopped. “But I thought we could talk on the way to school.”

That stopped me in my tracks, and I turned to face her. “You mean you came to pick me up for school?” I mused.

“Well… yes.” she admitted while blushing beautifully.

Seeing all of that blood rush to her face made my thirst flair with an almost unstoppable force. I had to remind myself of how beautiful it made her look, and how sad it would make me to never see her look this way again, to keep myself from her delectable throat.

I also couldn’t believe that she thought the matter of finding me in her room in the middle of the night and then disappearing with lightning speed could be discussed and resolved to her satisfaction in the short time that it would have taken to get from my house to the school. However, considering her vehicle, I wasn’t sure how she expected to get back to the school before nightfall.

“Bella,” I began, “have you ever skipped school before?”

“No,” she said in a horrified tone.

She had wanted to go back to school immediately after the car accident, or incident as my family had called it. Of course she wasn’t the type of girl to skip school.

“Bella, this explanation is going to take more time than the drive to school will allow, and as you already mentioned, I am obviously not prepared to go to school. Let’s go for a walk and I will do my best to explain myself,” I said as I turned and began walking again. Realizing she wasn’t following I turned back to face her.

She looked at me and then back to her truck. She was thinking, deciding. I wished I could hear what she was thinking; it was driving me mad. If only I knew, I could override all of her objections; make her want to come with me.

I hadn’t had to stoop to being overtly compelling ever in my time as a vampire, but knowing how to be was simply…instinct. It was a part of the physiology of a vampire. Natural, if any part of even being a vampire can be referred to as such.

“Bella, please come with me?” I asked as I looked into her eyes while stepping toward her. I was being my most compelling. “Please?” I persuaded as I stepped closer, holding my breath. Our faces were just inches apart. “Please?”

“Alright,” she sighed, looking slightly dazed.

I was close enough that I could taste her sweet breath in my mouth. I felt that desire stirring again. I was coming to recognize that it was only in the intoxicating presence of Isabella Swan that these emotions had ever been stirred. I wanted to kiss her; I wanted to kiss her in a way I had never wanted to kiss anyone in my entire life; human or otherwise. I stepped away from her, my thoughts shocking me.

She had a confused look on her face as I did so that cleared instantly as I held my hand out for hers. She took it eagerly. There was a small jolt of electricity, much like the first time our hands had touched.

It felt so wonderful and warm. I wanted now more than ever to kiss her. To know what her warm soft lips would feel like against my hardened cold ones…the idea of it was mind numbing.

We only walked for a few minutes into the forest; in those few minutes she had stumbled almost twice every thirty seconds. I had started counting. I had also started watching the ground carefully, and couldn’t see what it was that was making her stumble. She wasn’t so much of an accident waiting to happen as she was, more or less, an accident in progress.

As we stopped I realized I had been thinking about all of the wrong things from the moment I had gotten in her truck. Now the time had come for me to start explaining. What was I going to tell her?