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You don't have to die for her lies.


Edward/Riley. Don't bother saying anything bad about it. They call it FAN fiction for a reason.

1. Lies

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I smelled him even before I entered her house—it was like I was so attuned to him, that the moment I hit her street, his scent wound its way into my Volvo, taunting me. I was furious, furious with him. How could he be doing this? He couldn’t play on both sides. Didn’t he understand that that’s not how things work?
What did Riley think he was playing at?


I’d gone to Seattle, making the split second decision while Alice was hunting and the rest were preoccupied; I wouldn’t be gone long, so they wouldn’t miss me. I just needed to check things out for myself—this newborn (these newborns?) were out of control. I wasn’t hoping to stop anything, not on my own, when we weren’t even certain what was going on. …I was just attempting to get a better hold on the situation.

I didn’t expect to catch a scent so quickly, and I certainly didn’t expect to find him so quickly. Hell, he didn’t even try to run.

He was young, that much was certain, with eyes so brightly red that they could have been frightening to look at, if I were one to get scared. He studied me with the same curiosity I felt, his flickering over my face, meeting my gold eyes before he realized who I was.
Mind in a panic, he quickly focused on reciting the Gettysburg address in his head, straining to get each and every syllable correct.

I felt an anger rise, and, not caring that he would be stronger than me, pinned him harshly against the wall and snarled at him.
“How do you know?”


His scent was intoxicating; I smelt it the strongest in her room, fists clenching at this betrayal—even if he hadn’t actually done anything yet. I didn’t know what he was doing, or why he’d been here, for that matter. Was it his jealousy getting the better of him? Was it an attempt to kill her? Why would he be so suddenly discouraged if she wasn’t there? He would have waited, I’m certain, if he wanted her dead; he would have killed Charlie, just to hurt her, if it was jealousy.

It wasn’t until Bella mentioned her things were missing that I realized what was happening.
The traitor would be lucky if I didn’t rip his throat out.


The apartment was deserted; it was our usual meeting place, where we came to talk or discuss what was going on with our side of the line. This was one of the days where our conversations rose above normal volume. My snarls and growls were enough to test his temper as well, and we circled each other angrily.

“What do you think you’re doing?” My question was genuine—his thoughts were a complete mess. It was hard for me to pick through it all. “Whose side are you on, Riley? You want them to find her, don’t you?”

“You can’t have us both, Edward. You want me or you want her. You can’t have both.”

“So you’d take Victoria’s side, even if she’s using you? You’d let your ridiculous jealousy get the better of you because I love Bella too?” I was trembling with my rage, gaze so intense that he almost recoiled. “You’re allowed to love more than one person, Riley.”

The boy’s voice was much softer, much less harsh than I’d anticipated.
“Why can’t you love me like you love her?”


The plan was set in motion. We knew they were coming, we knew when they were coming. We knew we’d destroy them all; however Carlisle was considering the option of taking in those who surrendered, explaining to them the rules and giving them their options. Despite it all, I hoped Riley would be one of those to surrender.


“Don’t do this, Riley.”

We were close, noses brushing and lips touching. I squeezed my eyes shut, gripping his hands tightly in my own. “Please, Riley. Don’t do this. You don’t have to lead them with her. You don’t have to get killed.”

Riley let out an uneven sigh, his eyes closed tightly. “Just kiss me, Edward.”
I could not help but comply.

He didn’t hide his thoughts from me, though: What was the point in living through this if I’d just forget about him?


I hadn’t expected this. Riley must not have, either, because Alice saw his decision to go! We wouldn’t have known otherwise! But suddenly I could hear him, his thoughts practically screaming in protest at this plan; he’d wanted to go into this battle, without seeing me ever again, without surrendering. He’d just wanted this sick game of Victoria’s to end.

And when she wanted to go looking for me instead of going with the rest, he panicked.

He looked quite under control, though, standing near Victoria, and as I shielded Bella, I heard the plan instantly. He’d distract me, she’d get Bella. Then it would be over. It was what he wanted, right? He wanted me all to himself… yet the plan scared him. And I realized with suddenness that he didn’t want me to be hurt. He knew killing Bella would kill me—not literally, but all the same—and the thought brought incredible guilt.

I realized I pitied him. I didn’t want him to die, not like this, not when he could do so much better. Victoria didn’t love him at all, and I couldn’t love him the way he wanted to be loved—he needed someone, but he didn’t need death. He could stay with us, maybe, and see what it was like to have a family that cared about him.


He looked to me, wide eyed and uncertain, frozen on spot.

“She’s lying to you, Riley. Listen to me. She’s lying to you just like she lied to the others who are dying now in the clearing. You know that she’s lied to them, that she had you lie to them, that neither of you were ever going to help them. Is it so hard to believe that she lied to you, too?”

My eyes pleaded, ‘I love you, Riley. Don’t do this, Riley.’

He looked confused, edging away as I moved forward.
“She doesn’t love you, Riley.” I spoke softly, meaningfully. He had to listen to me. “She never has. She loved someone named James, and you’re no more than a tool to her.”

Riley’s mind seemed to scream at this. He thought he could trust Victoria, but now that he thought we were both using him, he had to make a choice. No matter what he chose, he would get hurt.
What am I to you, then, Edward? his mind questioned, and I commended his ability not to question these things out loud, to not lose control.

“Riley?” I wanted to gain his attention back to the present. He couldn’t think of that, not right now. “She knows that I will kill you, Riley.” I flinched inwardly at the words, but the idea didn’t seem to bother him nearly as much. “She
wants you to die so that she doesn’t have to keep up the pretense anymore. Yes—you’ve seen that, haven’t you? You’ve read the reluctance in her eyes, suspected a false note in her promises. You were right. She’s never wanted you. Every kiss, every touch was a lie.”

Does the same not go for you? the boy questioned silently, unable to move away for a moment. Were you not lying to me too, Edward?

“You don’t have to die.” And I meant it. I didn’t want him to die. I cared too much. “There are other ways to live than the way she’s shown you. It’s not all lies and blood, Riley.” I hope he caught on—I wasn’t all lies either. “You can walk away right now. You don’t have to die for her lies.”

I moved further forward. I wanted to grab his hands, his face, anything, and shake some sense into him. He had to understand this. He had to want to live.

“Last chance, Riley.” My voice was a desperate whisper, as desperate as his gaze was towards Victoria.

“He’s the liar, Riley.”

I watched him harden, void himself of all emotion.
It was too late.