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This is a short poem I wrote after I finished New Moon. I was sad that the book was done and that I have to wait forever for Eclipse. So I wrote this in Bella's perspective (it would be in mine... If Edward was in love with me).


1. Chapter 1

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In the eyes of Onyx I can see beauty;
Something true and pure that keeps me asking.
In the eyes of Ocher I can see truth;
Something so amazing that I linger on your every word.
In the eyes of a Topaz, so golden and soft, I see you;
Something I crave for every second.
In your eyes I see love and magic;
Something that keeps me wondering, shaking, and even alive.
It makes me feel cold, in the sincerest way possible.
It makes me do crazy things just so I can hear your voice;
Your wonderfully smooth, beautiful voice.
Anything to see your face;
Your wise, spectacular face that could never be compared to something as miniscule as a god.
It is so much more than that.
The way you love me.
That is enough for my one wish, the only one I could ever have.
Immortality, so I can love you forever and eternity.
To have your eyes always hold their gaze upon me.
To be with you, the only thing that makes me happy, that keeps me alive.