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Short story about Edward leaving - and coming back. Will Bella accept him again? From Edward's Point of View. Companion story to Un(Broken) .

Just a little thing I wrote on impulse.

1. Chapter 1

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I stood there, memorising every feature of her, determined that I’d never go anywhere where I couldn’t see her face again. I could tell the last few months had not been easy on her – and neither was it easy on me. Her eyes had dark rings around them, suggesting that she hadn’t been able to get a good night sleep in months – she could even pass off as one of us now. And her once blushing red cheeks were now sallow and pale.

What had I done?

Nonetheless, she was still the beautiful Bella I knew – my beautiful Bella. I longed to reach out to her and pull her into my arms – relish the feel of her sweet warmth emanating from her and the intoxicating feel of her soft lips against mine. But now was not the time; I owed her an explanation – actually, I owed her much more than that. I tucked my hands into my pockets to stop myself of uncontrollably reaching out to her. My arms ached for the feel of her. Never in my century of existence had I felt more alive than when I was with her, and it was only in the past few months that I knew how being dead really felt like. With her in front of me now, I could swear I felt blood pulsing through my veins again – which was incredibly ironic since my heart had not beat for a hundred years.

I savoured the air as I breathe din her mouth-watering scent. I had no idea how in the world I had been able to live without her for so long. She looked so confused at my appearance, it was as though she was trying to determine if I was just one of her fantasies. As quickly as that look came, it was gone – replaced by anger. Rage was written all over her face and I heard her inhale deeply. Remorse clawed at me.

“Let me explain.” I blurted out, my voice breaking. Sudden anger engulfed her angelic features. My dead heart ached – I would deserve everything she was going to do to me in her fit of anger. I was undeserving of her love, of her.

“No.” She hissed at me, fury evident in her tone.

I blinked in shock – but I did not deserve anything less, did I? If I could cry, I’d most probably be sobbing my eyes out then. Gathering my broken self together, I tried again. “Please…” I begged.

Did she know that whatever I had uttered in the forest that day was a complete lie? A repulsive lie I detested myself for telling? Had it ever cross her mind that I was equally, or if not, more dependent on her for survival, than she was on me? That there was no way I could survive without her? Everything I said in the forest was a lie – I had loved her, and I still loved her now. There was not one single minute since the day I met her that I had not been in love with her.

I smelt her salty tears before I saw them. In that moment, she dashed past me, running to the door. I was stunned momentarily. She didn’t know I lied – she truly believed I didn’t love her at all. My dead heart burning agonisingly, I regained control of my limbs and dashed after my one true love and caught up with her – to tell her that I had always loved her, and I still did.