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Visions of Paradise

Short story after Bella is changed.

I have always imagined this scene in my head.

1. Chapter 1

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Visions of Paradise

A white figure danced across the canopy of brown leaves, gently coming to a graceful stop at the edge of the forest. She scanned the large clearing with her acutely observant eyes and stopped upon finding the object of her thoughts – a dark figure, sitting in the dark shadows, the liquid moon on the surface of the water beside him.

It was a beautiful night – a vision of paradise. The silver moon in the stern, dark sky, little glittering stars dotting the dark expanse of the clear night sky – everything had a magical feel to it. There was a slight breeze, making the leaves sway back and forth in a hypnotising dance.

The girl, dressed in a flimsy white nightgown, made her way – cautiously, now – towards the dark figure sitting by the edge of the water. She knew that he knew she was here, and that she had to be very careful, for any wrong moves she made would send him bounding off into the darkness and leaving her alone again.

Her long dark hair flowed smoothly in the wind, a brown ribbon dancing beautifully in the breeze. Her unnatural grace – one akin to a butterfly’s graceful fluttering in the air – did not last long as at the final steps, she tripped on a rock, and almost sent herself sprawling head first into the lake, but not before the expected strong arms caught her, and set her on the ground safely. Then, he sat, eyes facing towards the grey faraway mountains, looking at something that only he, and no one else, could see.

She took a step towards him, and slowly placed her hands on his tense shoulders. After a few immeasurable moments in complete silence, he relaxed the slightest bit, with her hands rubbing his shoulders reassuringly. With deliberate slowness, she draped her arms across his stiff shoulders, and wound them around his neck, hugging his tense body from behind. His only reaction was to relax slightly more, succumbing to the luxurious feel of her body against his. Behind him, she leaned forward and pressed a kiss to the cold, granite skin of his neck.

“What are you doing here?” He murmured, his velvet voice soft and melodious as the breeze itself.

“Kissing you.” She muttered slyly against his skin, planting more kisses at the base of this neck.

“I shouldn’t have done it.” He muttered mostly to himself, in a voice tinged with regret.

“Yes, you shouldn’t have left me before I woke up.” She chided, yet not pausing in her ministrations.

“You know what I mean.”

“Yes, I do know what you mean. And I think you shouldn’t be brooding over it in regret, because inside, you know you don’t really regret it…”

There was a long pregnant pause as he contemplated what she had said. “You are right,” he said finally. “I don’t regret it.”

She sighed, and stroked his cheek lovingly. “More than a century old and still uncertain about what he really wants inside.”

He arched a perfect eyebrow and turned to face her, gathering her in his comforting arms. He breathed in the delicious scent of her. “And you know what you want?”

She snuggled into his chest, breathing in his wonderful scent as well. Nodding, she replied, face still buried in his chest. “Yes.”

“And may I enquire what that is?”

“It’s only two things, actually. I want you, and an eternity with you.” She giggled, and then added, “And I’ve gotten both. I’m lucky, aren’t I?”

“I think I’m luckier.” He said huskily, his gold eyes smouldering luminously in the dim moonlight, putting the glowing moon to shame. With a glint in his eyes that made her stomach clench in anticipation, he pressed his lips to hers hungrily, catching her in a loving, passionate kiss.

And there, the two lovers stood, their shadows melding into one, as they held on each other tightly, never letting go…