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My Aphrodite

Jasper and Alice spend a night together. Pure fluff.


1. Chapter 1

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My Aphrodite

The moonlight played along her skin, making her seem more surreal and dreamlike to me. Her dark black hair contrasted against the white sheets perfectly. The pure white moonlight seeped through the open window and reflected itself on her milky, porcelain skin, making her akin to Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty – albeit a more modern version.

Her perfect features lit up in a bright, dazzling smile, leaving me gasping with breath. I traced her faultless features with my hand, memorising every single detail. She smiled, and kissed the palm of my hand with her unbelievably soft lips. My hand moved downwards and I took pleasure in hearing her breath hitch in her throat. I ran my hand across her voluptuous curves and tangled my hand in her short black hair.

I could feel her contentment, and at the same time, her impossibly deep depth of love for me.

I did not deserve her, this I knew.

There must have been a mistake – a huge glorious mistake – in the tangled webs of fate somewhere. There was no way this Goddess was meant for a blood-sucking monstrous beast like me. What she saw in me, I could never comprehend. Sometimes, I did not even have the strength of will to rein in the monster in me, but Alice, no matter what I did, or who I was at the moment, she was always there for me.

The first time she saw me out of control, I had expected her to be revolted – I had expected her to disappear from my existence, disappear like a magnificent illusion or dream. But instead, she stayed with me, comforted me, and helped me regain my strength again.

To Alice I owed everything – my existence, my personality, my sanity.

She snuggled deeper into my bare chest, the thin fabric wrapped around her slipping and revealing a tender, pure white shoulder. Caught by the beauty of it – of her – I leant forward and kissed her shoulder, running my sharp teeth harmlessly and gently along her delicate expanse of snow-white skin. I looked up and smirked at her, as she giggled uncontrollably.

“I love you too, Jasper.” Came her melodious voice, muffled against my chest. She wrapped her arms around me tightly.

“You saw this.” I accused gently, without much conviction in my tone as I kissed the top of her head.

She giggled again and nodded, trailing a line of kisses down my chest. I sighed heavily – in surrender and in contentment. Her eyelids daintily fluttered close as I murmured, “I love you, Alice.”