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Edward's thoughts and feelings towards his attraction to Bella's blood.

Just one of my short little drabbles. :)

1. Chapter 1

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Her blood called relentlessly to me.

I ran my nose down from the smooth curve of her neck, drinking in her divine, luscious scent. It was unfair that someone could smell this good – as if she was purposely made to tempt me again and again, dangling herself just in my reach, only to disappear into thin air when I regained my self-control.

Her warm blood throbbed at her pulse point in her delicate neck. One bite – that was all it took for me to be able to drink this heavenly liquid I had thirsted for so long. Struggling with myself, I regained my sanity and quickly dismissed the detestable idea before she guessed what was wrong and pulled away from me. She always seemed to know what I was thinking, and I did not want this stupid thought of mine to destroy the perfect might we had together.

I pressed a kiss to her collarbone, savoring the warmth against my ice-cold lips. How I survived over a century without my sweet Bella, I did not know. It was almost impossible to spend a day apart from her. She kissed me, and I returned it as passionately as I could, not wanting to overstep the boundaries I had set to keep her safe. Curse those boundaries.

With her warm mouth against mine, I could not string a coherent thought all. I reined myself in before I lost my control again. I dragged my lips away from hers, breathing heavily. She looked at me, a mixture of disappointment and understanding in her eyes. She wanted more, I knew. If only she knew how much more I wanted her than she me. It was impossible to put the exact amount of my feelings and want for her into words. I hugged her to my chest.

I wanted her for eternity – wanted for her to be mine. I used to think I hungered for her blood. But now, I knew better – the hunger for her appalling delicious blood was nothing in comparison to the other hungers I felt when she was kissing me like that… hungers that were waiting impatiently to be fulfilled.

I flashed a smirk at her, and dropped a chillingly cold kiss to the fragile base of her throat, inhaling deeply as I felt the strong rush of her mouthwatering blood beneath her porcelain skin.