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So Selfish

This is just a short, okay mabye not so short, poem that just popped into my head. What does Leah really think about Sam? What does she have to say under all that anger? Leah's POV


1. So Selfish

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I love you.

I never want to be with out you.

You are my everything.

No. I am your nothing.


Why is it so hard to breathe at night?

Why is there this gaping hole in my chest?

Why does it feel like my whole world is exploding?

How could you abandon me like I was nothing more then a dirty dish rag?

You promised.

You lied to me Sam.


The days seem to move too slowly now.

Knowing that I have forever and all.

But what is the value of time when all I want to do is lay down and die?

And now that choice is taken away from me, too.

Every hour, every minute, I ask myself how this happened.

How my life suddenly got turned upside down.

And every time the answer dwindles down to one person.



I know you don’t care.

If you did then we would be happily married right now.

We would be together.

And Emily wouldn’t have hideous scars running down her side.

I wonder every day: What could have happened?

What could have happened if the world was normal and right?

What could have happened if there weren’t any monsters that plague the worlds’ dreams.

I can’t even come up with an answer.

You wouldn’t have stayed with me, that I know.

Maybe we weren’t meant to find happiness with each other.


No. All I need is you.

All I ever wanted was you.

How is that so hard to understand?

How could you squash me like a fly?

Don’t you even care?

Don’t I at all matter?

Shouldn’t I also be happy?

What about me?


All I wanted was some happiness.

I wanted something to go my way.

Is that so selfish?