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First Love

Snapshots of the relationship between Jasper and Alice from the time they met in the diner till the time they got married. Contains fluff and more fluff.


1. Chapter 1

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First Love

Her face was one that of utmost patience, serene expression a fold to the noisy atmosphere. Hands folded primly on her lap, legs dangling off the edge of the seat, she was the picture of pure innocence.

Curious people eyed her, but somewhat; they could not find it in themselves to go up to the lady, however far from intimidating she looked. For all her child-like innocence, there was a certain grace to her, a timeless look in her seemingly ancient eyes. That look alone was enough to draw countless number of people to her, all unknowing as to why they were drawn to this innocent girl.

Her eyes were the most intriguing, and they drew different reactions from the people. Some were interested, some felt defensive; for those eyes had a gentle probing look to them, a look that said they had seen and experienced whatever the world had to offer, and knew that unlike others, she did not belong to the world – the world belonged to her.

There was one, one person who was brave enough to ask her name. She smiled slightly, and that was enough to take everyone’s breath away. Alice, she had said quietly. Some stared, others gasped none to softly; her mellifluous voice floated over the din of the racket in the diner like the soft tinkering of wind chimes. Then, when she turned the full force of her eyes to the young man standing in front of her, his courage faltered; her eyes did not seem that intense from far away than they did now, luminous and bright. It was as though she could see every thought, every memory in his head.

Muttering an excuse under this breath, the young man backed away slowly, bumping into a chair in the process. He cast one more glance at her before disappearing into the streets outside the diner.

The people inspected her reaction carefully. And Alice allowed herself a little quirk at the corner of her lips before her face smoothed out into the calm expression as before. She flicked an invisible piece of dust off her skirt and inspected her nails slowly, angling them towards the dim lightings of the diner to see the gleam.

She had been waiting for quite a long time already, and although she had perfected her patience over the years, she could not help but feeling anxious. She had many visions in her existence, but none of them were as many or as profound as this was. There could not have been a mistake; it was impossible.

Rain fell slightly against the windowpanes, and Alice settled herself deeper into the seat. Undeterred by her circumstance, she laced her fingers together and set them neatly on her knee. Back straight and head held high, she determinedly waited for her years of dreaming to finally come true.

There was a storm coming, and the rain came down upon the glass of the windows in rivulets. More than half of the diner’s usual occupants had already left for home; and the diner was dark and quiet in the oncoming storm. Many times had the owner of the diner advised her to leave, but she politely declined. On the third time, he gave up and went back to his own business, thinking that for all her grace and otherworldly feel, she was one queer duck.

No matter what anyone said, Alice was staying through the rain. Besides, the rain was a good sign; in her vision, it was raining when he came. She let her glance slip from the glass windows to the folds of her skirt for a second, and in that second, the door opened.

When she looked up immediately, she entirely sure he was the one that she had been waiting for all this time. She watched him as he entered the dark diner slowly; and there was an aura about him that she had not noticed in all her visions before. He walked lightly, with a sure, graceful step; and he eyed everyone in the diner with a suspicious light in his eyes, as if anytime now, someone was going to jump out and attack him.

My poor darling, what have they done to you? As if summoned, his dark eyes landed on Alice, cold and calculating. At once, she knew what she had to do. Composing herself, she hopped down from the seat at the counter and made her way towards him. Alice moved slowly, hoping to convey that she did not mean him any harm. A beautiful smile adorned her face as she approached him.

“You’ve kept me waiting a long time,” she said, smiling warmly, her eyes lighting up in joy. The suspicion faded from his eyes and apprehension took its place.

He ducked his head in a contrite manner and Alice knew that he had no sense of what was going on and did the only thing he could think of. Even in such a situation, she could not keep herself from laughing. She sensed the stares of the people in the diner on them, but it did not matter; none of it mattered as long as he was there with her.

“I’m sorry, ma’am,” he had replied, and his expression clearly revealed the inner confusion that he was feeling.

Alice giggled and noticing his bewildered expression, she held out her hand. He frowned at first, then slowly took it in such a way that made her think he had no control over his limbs, that he had did it without thinking, without making sense of what he had did. Surprisingly, that suited her just fine.

They walked out into the pouring rain together, Alice uncaring of her drenched hair and skirts. All she could think of was the feel of his strong hand holding hers, enclosing hers, and keeping her safe, warm. She turned to him and laughed; unexpectedly, he cracked a smile. For the first time in centuries, hope filled her again.

They walked across the clearing and entered the woods. It was a sunny day. Streams of sunlight filtered through the clouds and landed on them, golden specks of dust in the wind. The facets in his skin glittered like diamonds and the gold in his eyes gleamed luminously as he gazed at her.

For someone so unaccustomed to drinking from animals, Jasper was doing exceptionally well – but so as not to take any chances, they had left town. Alice did not need to do much on educating Jasper on her different lifestyle, he had so easily promised her that he would put in his best effort not to kill another human again.

Jasper smiled at her, and she swore she could feel her dead heart jump alive, beating faster with each passing second. The sunshine shone onto his honey blonde hair, and reflected a halo of pure gold light. Alice thought that he looked like an angel, and when she shared her sentiments with him, he vehemently disagreed, adding that she was his angel and that no fool would ever think him an angel.

She sighed and shook her head. How incredibly stubborn he could be at times. But how she loved him for that. He grinned at her, and she knew that he knew what she was thinking. However, as soon as that smile began, it faded away.

His nose flared and his head swung quickly to his left. And then the smell hit her as well. Human. There was a human in the woods; a human that was injured and was bleeding heavily. All at once, she saw what he intended to do and the happiness that rose in her heart before dissipated. She cried out and made to stop him, but he was too quick for her, already disappearing into the foliage of the woods, gone with the wind.

Fear filled her like never before; and the irony was that she did not fear for the poor human’s life, as she ought to be doing, but instead, for her love. Alice took off after him as fast as she could, and she found she had never ran this swiftly in her existence before. Curse that human. Why was he where he was not supposed to be? And to be so heavily wounded, of all things.

Alice sped past the trees till they were nothing but green blurs. Panic tore at her insides. She ran, and ran, and ran. Her hair was matted and her clothes were stained with mud but she was beyond caring. She would not even care if the hounds of hell were after her, so long as Jasper was all right, and did not do anything he would regret later on. Finally, she came to a halt. Eyes wide, she gasped.

There was Jasper, golden hair windblown and tousled from the running, stiffly standing directly in front of the dying man, who had a pool of dark red blood pooling around him. She could imagine his eyes, gold darkening and giving way to the dark ocher, predatory and hungry. She could imagine his strong arms, arms that held her so tightly, clenching around the man’s neck and killing him instantly. She could imagine his polished white teeth, sharp and dangerous, biting down into the soft flesh of the man’s neck; the crimson liquid spilling out and disappearing into Jasper’s mouth…

Alice cringed. All this would be in vain. Nothing would –

And then, Jasper took a few steps forward, carefully avoiding the pool of blood; he picked up the injured man easily and turned to face her, eyes alight with thirst, but at the same time, having a measure of control around them. He nimbly leapt over a log and stood before her, his jaw clenched tightly from the effort. The hand which was not supporting the injured hiker was clenched into a fist tightly, the skin turner paler than normal from the force exerted on it.

Jasper took a few steps forward, and swallowed. She could tell he was not breathing at all, and had not been breathing ever since he scented the blood. His eyes piercing, he looked into her eyes and spoke in a low and rough voice, “We ought to get him some help, or it’ll be too late.”

Alice was stunned, and could only nod in her astonishment. Her feet stood rooted to the ground. “You – you would do this for me?”

Dark intense eyes surveyed her. “And more,” Jasper said simply, his velvet voice slightly hoarse.

“Tell me you love me.”

Jasper rolled his eyes. “Why don’t you ask me to tell you something you don’t know, instead?”

“Tell me you love me.” Alice insisted stubbornly.

Shrugging nonchalantly, he sat up from the grassy field and with his back to her, gazed out into the rolling hills beneath them in what he hoped was in a very blasé fashion.

Behind, Alice scowled at his back, hoping he could feel the waves of annoyance rolling off her. Judging from his slight chuckle, he could. She spread her arms out and rubbed them against the warm grass, sighing. Turning, she saw a daisy sprouting from the grass beside her and gave it a little tug. Instantly, it came free.

Stroking the yellow petals, she could smell the sweet scent of the pollen coming from it and smiled to herself. She twirled it around her finger, watching it as it caught the sunlight and blinded her momentarily. The petals felt smooth, velvety. Grasping a single petal in one hand, she pulled on it.

“He loves me,” she began, tossing the petal aside. “He loves me not.” Alice tugged on another petal.

Jasper ignored her antics.

“He loves me.” Another petal fell to the ground. “He loves me not.” And another.

It went on till there were two petals left. “He loves me not,” said Alice sourly, tossing away the second last petal.

Finally, Jasper turned around. “Poor flower. What did it ever do to you?”

“It’s not my fault I have to resort to such means. If you have told me what I wanted to know, the flower would not be suffering as it is now.”

“So it’s my fault?”

“Technically speaking, yes.” Alice spun the flower in her hand, and the last bright yellow petal bounced jauntily.

His eyes held an evil gleam and he leapt on her so fast she had no time to even blink. “I am sorry then, ma’am.” Her arms were pinned to her sides and the flower had flown out of her hand to land near the side of her head.

Before she knew it, his lips were on hers, hungry and passionate. When they broke apart some time later, she was glad to see his breathing was just as heavy or if not, heavier than hers. As he lay on the grass beside her, she rolled into his arms and rested her cheek on his shoulder. Snatching the flower from its resting place, she plucked off the last petal.

“He loves me.” Alice giggled.

Jasper just shook his head. “I have been singing that tune like a songbird ever since I met you, love.”

She could not help grinning widely. “Well, it’s good to hear it, all the same.”

Laced up in a beautiful long gown, a shimmering veil over her head, Alice looked every bit the angel as she glided across the grassy grounds. The sun was shining brightly and as she made her way towards her true love, the specks of diamonds in her skin glittered enticingly. She could hear the birds chirping in the distance and the sounds of the streams in the woods nearby.

After all this time, she had finally found her home; she had finally found peace. Not only that, she had found a family; a family unlike any other, a family which loved and cared for one another. No more did the dark looming walls of the asylum haunt her memories; no more did the fear of rejection fill her. She was welcome here, loved and cherished. If only her mother could see her now. But her mother, the only one she ever trusted, was the one who sent her to the asylum, the one who left her there to die.

It was all different now, though. This family would not reject her; this family would not leave her to her death. They accepted her for who she was, and she was sure, fight for her till their deaths – not that it was at all necessary.

Smiling faces surrounded her and she walked steadily, a joyful smile lighting up her face. Alice giggled out loud to herself, and her spirits soared. She was going to be married to Jasper! She was certain that if she had a heart, it would be beating right out of her chest then. There was a dance to her steps as she walked the last few meters to reach Jasper at last.

Alice did not notice the clouds moving in the sky, she did not notice that they were starting to block out the sun slightly. Slowly, a thin sheen of rain began to fall to the ground, little drops of pearls from the heavens above. Nonetheless, she took Jasper’s proffered hand, entwining her glove-covered fingers with his.

The whole ceremony went past in a dizzy blur. When it came to her turn, she half-whispered the words she had wanted to for so long, “I do.” Jasper turned to kiss her then, and she brought her hand to his neck, pressing his cool lips against hers firmly.

Where they had met in the rain years earlier, they were united in it at last.