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Elizabeth Sophia Masen has everything a woman of her time could want; A loving husband, a son she adores and a easy lifestyle in Chicago. Yet the Fall of 1918 threatens what she holds most dear: Her son Edward The Last few days of Edwards life through the eyes of his mother. "Sequel" to 1918 Now UP! For More of Elizabeth and a vampire Edward turn into "Returning to Chicago" ASAP!


10. 30th September- 3rd October

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“What do you mean, within the hour?” I didn’t think it was possible to get angry in heaven, or wherever I was, this wasn’t right, “Dr. Cullen is going to perform a miracle and Edward will be all right—I know it. He couldn’t get one for me quick enough—I didn’t ask for one, I only asked for Edward—“

“Lizzie,” Eddie spoke gently as soft as he always did, tenderly taking my hand. “Edward has fought his hardest, he can’t anymore. He wants this to end; He is going to—“

Eddie was silent as Dr. Cullen entered the room.

“Sit down dearest,” he sighed as we sat on the foot of my bed. I watched attentively. Obviously, He couldn’t see us sitting on my bed, looking at our son; we where invisible. It felt as though I was watching a show at the theater, everything was going on around us as though we weren’t being observed it at all.

I watched as he approached my deathbed. A twinkle seemed to vanish from his eye, he knew that I was dead. He knelt down and for the longest time, it seemed as though he was staring regretfully at my face, like he wished he had been able to do more then he did. Gently, he moved my hands gently to my side, and looking at my face one last time with tender gaze, moved a stray hair to the side. Gently, he lifted the white sheet to where it would cover my face;

Immediately, my noble doctor looked over at Edward instantly, checking his pulse, making sure that he was still alive. “Come on Edward, don’t you die on me yet,” he whispered quickly and angrily. As he gripped Edward’s wrist for a pulse, faint but steady.

“See Eddie?” I pointed out, “Dr. Cullen is going to save him now I know it, he’s going to—“

“Jefferson, Marx” Dr. Cullen called out to two men who suddenly approached from the hallway. “I need you to get me a gurney—we lost them.”

I was livid, jumping from the bed I walked quickly to face Dr. Cullen “You haven’t lost him yet Carlisle!” Oh how I was fuming, I was really starting to believe I was too angry to be allowed into heaven. “My son is still alive, how is he—he’s going to take him there and—he’s not even dead yet!” I placed my hand on his shoulder, trying to call his attention; Nothing happened. My touch didn’t effect him. I really was dead.

“This is so—frustrating!” I continued to rant until sitting next to Eddie’s side. It was frustrating. “I didn’t know it was humanely possible to go through this much frustration, and in death none the less! The preachers paint a picture of relaxation and peace,” I waved my hand between my son and I, “This is no the sort of eternal ‘peace’ I was planning on. Where’s Father Michael? He tought Mass all my childhood—I’d like to file a complaint.”

Eddie smiled. I looked at my husband disgusted. Why the devil was he smiling? “What may I ask is so happy, so jovial about this situation that it would leave you smiling Edward Andrew Masen! They’re giving up on our son, they’re robbing him of his chances of survival and here you’re sitting like a child at the circus smiling! Has death taken all good sense from your mind?”

He was still smiling as he shook his head. “No, it’s not funny—It’s just the afterlife has been so bland with out your livid remarks—I’m glad to have my friend back.” He took my hand.

“Elizabeth, we need to go now.”

“Go,” I was puzzled. “Go where? I will not be going anywhere until I see that my son is either alive or dead.” I was proud—I could be stubborn even in death.

Suddenly I saw a metal gurney enter the door. Dr. Cullen removed the sheet covering my face. I watched the doctor bend down, nearly whispering in my dead ear, “ I’ll save him Elizabeth—“he whispered quietly, “just like I promised, please rest in peace.” His eyes where kind and his voice promising from what I could tell. He suddenly turned his attention to the two other doctors.

“Careful Marx, just because they’re dead doesn’t mean they should be tossed like potatoes,” Dr. Cullen sighed as the man named Marx lifted my body at the feet. “Set her down gently, She lived like a lady she should rest as a lady.” Dr. Cullen instructed as he lifted my shoulders; upon my body’s arrival on the gurney, he placed a white sheet over my body again, silently, I watched Dr. Cullen begin to push along.

“Oi, Doctor!” Jefferson called out, “What about the son, do you want another gurney for him?” Dr. Cullen looked as though he was thinking many things at once. “Yes. But I’ll just use this one, I want to wheel them off myself.”

“Where are they taking me?” I asked Eddie who was still at my side.

“The morgue dearest,” he sighed. “It’s really not that bad, Dr. Cullen is taking care of you, he will make sure your body is in a good location in there. Trust me, I know.”

“But—he said he was going to take Edward there—he said that right after promising me again that he’d—“ I was so confused, what was the doctor doing? What was he going to do. I watched as Dr. Cullen wheeled me away, turning from that to my son laying in the bed, making small movements, small and steady movements.

“Lizzie, as soon as we know what the Doctor is going to do to Edward, we have to leave—“ Eddie started, still holding my hand gently as ever.

“Why? Where are we going to?” I asked puzzled; so many things where floating through my mind at that moment. Edward’s dying but Dr. Cullen is going to make him live. I’m dead and have been carted off. My husband, who is also dead, is telling me that we have to leave.

“Well Lizzie, I know you don’t think Heaven is a hospital, we have places to go, clouds to float on, harps to play, and according to you, old Priests to complain to…” he was listing these things making me laugh. “I haven’t even been dead for an hour and I am still as busy as a bee in a beehive aren’t I?” I sighed;“Have you been there yet?” I motioned my head upwards to the ceiling, Eddie smiled, “Nah, not yet. I had to stick around for my girl,” he grinned a lopsided smile as he held my hand.

“Anyway, when I checked in the line was ridiculously long, St. Peter or Paul, who ever guards the gate, advised that I take a walk and try again in a few days,” he joked.

Dr. Cullen had returned to the room. Still pushing his steel gurney he made way to Edward’s bed. Placing a small, thin cot on the cold gurney first, he then lifted up with great strength the still sleeping Edward. Thank Heavens he wasn’t awaked; that would probably through him off more. In a familiar practice to what he had done for me, he placed a sheet over Edward’s body, giving the illusion that it was yet another cadaver off to its resting place.

I sprang to my feet as the gurney began to move. “Eddie, can we follow him can we see what’s going to happen—“ I was still tied to my husband.

“Sweetheart—we can’t go any farther. Our journey with Edward ends here,” he rose to his feet. “Our place is not among the living anymore, we’ve been promoted, you could say—come on dearest; Heaven’s waiting.”

My heart broke as we stood in the hallway watching Dr. Cullen carry our son away. Eddie was right. I couldn’t do anymore for him. I think that it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to come to terms with, realizing that I could do no more for my son, that I had loved and watched over for his entire life. He was so helpless and I could do nothing. His life lay in the hands of the doctor that had failed to provide me with a miracle. If Dr. Cullen was unable to pull of a miracle for my son, then Edward would be with us soon enough. If Dr. Cullen was successful though—someday we would be reunited.

I watched them travel their way until they turned the corner. Then it was my cue. I couldn’t go on anymore. Not because I didn’t want to, it was because I couldn’t.

“Good Luck Edward,” I whispered with small tears trickling my eyes as my husband took my hand and lead me elsewhere, to my new residence, without my son.

“I love you.”

The room was just as it was when I had left it moments ago. I could hear Edward’s haggard breaths and I knew that his time was drawing to an end; the curtain of his life was beginning to close. I had to do something within the next twenty minutes or so or I would have lost my window and Edward would return to his mother, who would have died with a vain promise unkept by myself.

I lifted Edward into my arms. He was extremely light. It maybe the fact that I was extremely stronger then the average man, but he had also lost a fair amount of weight in the hospital during the influenza. “Alright Edward, we’re going to go for a little run alright?” I whispered to myself, as I kicked open the door that led to the outside alley outside the hospital.

The morgue was on the fourth floor; I ran down the fire escapes, hoping that he’d make it to the apartment. I just had to cross the street and go through a back alley and I would be home free. No one suspects anything because there was no one outside. The hospital had become the epicenter of the city; you constantly had people coming in and out, waiting for news on ill loved ones.

Yet tonight it was different. It was as though some sense of grace had been provided. The streets where clear. Chicago was a ghost town. Nothing could change that. At least not right now. I took a deep breath as I reached the alleyway, running at full vampire speed across the street to where the Doctor housing was. Edward hadn’t made any movement. Either he was dead or just a sound sleeper; I was relieved to find that it was the later.

We entered the apartment building that was deserted. All medical staff was on duty tonight as they should be, the hospital was in complete disarray, I should be there but I am a man of my word. We reached my apartment and I carried Edward into my never-used bedroom.

I set him down on the bed, his eyes flickering open for a minute, trying to take in his surroundings, but they closed quickly, a sign that his time was drawing near. It was now or never I quiet feared. How do you do this Carlisle? I thought. Of course I knew, I had to bite him. But how? Was there a specific location I needed to bite? Was it one or multiple? I could remember my own changing experience in London all those centuries ago. It was painful, but what do I do?

I took in a deep breath—and bent down to Edward’s hand. “I promised you Elizabeth—“ I whispered to the night air that seemed to be tainted with her somehow, “This may hurt a bit Edward—I’m sorry.”

I sank my teeth into his hand, his neck and right elbow, the exact locations where I had been bitten all those hundreds of years past, his blood tasted extraordinarily sweet, yet it was weak. In comparison to human food it was like a chocolate cake that was in the process of becoming stale. Yes, it tasted delicious still, but I was strong enough to pull back.

I drew away looking at him. I knew that if my heart could beat it would be running a race, a marathon as I waited with anticipation for the transformation to begin.

Instantly, Edward’s eyes flew open, flickering everywhere. He didn’t know where he was and his first words out will echo in my mind I knew forever, “FIRE!” He had awaken with a new sense of strength I instantly thought he could have survived without my interference, I would later realize that was wrong. He needed this to life; he needed this to honor his mother’s wishes.

He twisted his head to and fro looking for his mother, looking for that calming touch that would bring him the only comfort. “MOTHER, MOTHER WHERE ARE YOU, STOP THE FIRE!” It was painful to listen as he screamed.

This would be the first of a three-day experience. I looked at the calendar. 30th September 1918. October 3rd. He had to wait till October 3rd to be free of this.

“Dr. Cullen,” his green eyes where fluttering as he looked at me they appeared as though they where burning, His voice was cracking. It didn’t sound like a young man, more like a little boy crying out for help.

“I need medicine—Mother, I need my mother.” I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have the faintest Idea what to say, “You’ll be alright Edward, you’re going to be alright—“ I tried comforting him as he grasped my hand.

“No, I need mother, I need her to stop the fire— Please Dr. Cullen, Let me see my mother“ His eyes burned with the intensity that I knew he would have given anything he had at that moment in time for his mother to be there holding his hand. His cries filled the night as I sat by his bed, trying to over the comfort that we both knew, only his mother could give.