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Edward, I'll be fine

When Edward left, life for Bella fell into confusion and reality was sucked away.

This my first poem for Twilight...I hope you like it!

1. Chapter 1

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What once was up, now is down

Black and white is shaded gray

The things I’ve seen no longer clear

A Constant night without a day

A spring as cold as winter

Tears that run river dry

A life lived in death

Where there were truths now are lies

The past is now my future

And my future becomes my past

A fairy tale gone bitter

A beauty turned to ash

The minutes now are days

No ending to the story

The days now are months

A failure born from glory

Gold is turned to dust

I thought you said forever

Shattered but never broken

Always became my never

Reality has faded

Oblivion takes the stage

A sweet dream is my nightmare

A different act for every page

A wound that never bled

Safe when caught in danger

Found but always lost

Happy in my anger

Torn and battered when you left

My sun as forgotten to shine

You took my heart, my love, my soul

But don’t worry, my Edward…I’ll be fine