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Escape by Awsomealice94 Carmen and Eleazar just wanted a normal life away from painful memories, but things can get complicated when you are on the run. my October challenge story (thanks Marta for the banner)

Disclaimer- i own nothing

1. Chapter 1

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The couple both ran as fast as they could away from the torturing scene of a once peaceful village.

They both tried not to look behind them, but out of pure curiosity and utter fear Carmen turned her head. She cried out, and ran faster. Eleazar held her hand as he encouraged his wife to keep moving. She had seen the village and Benito with his army, with many humans already killed. Houses and farms, shops and the town hall destroyed. Human blood was spilled all over.

“It’s so horrible! And the scent of all the human blood,” she shuddered, “it’s just so hard.” She said to him as they kept on running.

They had to move, or they would be a part of the massacre in the village behind them.They had come from Spain, the sun had shined too much there and they were both getting tired of night.

“Was this a mistake? How savage can they be?” she asked herself. She kept on running through the plains and dried out grass of Texas.

The moonlight glistened off of Eleazar and her skin, making their skin look like her diamond ring in the sun, and it was shining just bright enough to light the pathway to their safety.

Si, I know it’s hard Carmen.” Eleazar said back to her. Suddenly he started to slow down, and Carmen immediately did the same.

“Do you think it’s safe?” she wondered out loud.He nodded his head back to her as they both leaned against an old fence of an abandoned farm. A small breeze came, making tall grass ruffle.

Carmen immediately jumped at the sound. She almost laughed at herself, it’s just the grass and wind she thought, just to try and comfort herself.

“They won’t waste their time looking for us. Benito had strict orders that the whole army only attack the village and keep any of the other members involved with them.” He informed her, taking her hand.

“I had heard that some of the members are planning to run. Won’t they fallow our trail since they know we are safe?” Carmen asked in concern.

She looked back at the way they came. They were miles from the city.

“I doubt it; we were never really in the army anyway.” He shrugged.

Si,” she sighed to him, “I suppose your right…” her voice trailed off. Both of them had a Spanish accent, and every now and then they spoke Spanish just to remember where they came from. Carmen was only 23 when a vampire had attacked her and her family. She was the only one to survive, and had later met Eleazar, who was 24.

Both had been changed similarly, and both had vowed that they would never try to hurt humans like the vampire that had changed them did. Both had been in love ever since.

“How did we get into all of this?” she asked him. He put his arms around his wife and held her.

“Oh Carmen…” he comforted her as she was crying.

“We had just come to get away from those painful memories in Spain, and now-” she didn’t finish her sentence. Eleazar rubbed her back and kissed her on the head as she was still in his arms.

He had known that things were bad, especially around Texas and the south. The vampire Benito was the one who was doing all of this, and even before Carmen and Eleazar had come to America. Benito had started an army, killing and changing as many humans as possible. And when the newborn’s first year had passed, he had other ‘higher level’ vampires to get rid of them.

It made them both sick when they thought about how many people-humans and vampires- that had their life taken away from them just because of Benito. He had led massacres all around the south, and other vampires had done the same. Benito was the start of it all though.

Carmen and Eleazar were passing through Texas when they had followed the scent of other vampires. When they did it had only taken them a day to figure out just how bad all the vampires were. Benito was going to kill them, only because they refused to drink human blood or even spill it. Carmen and Eleazar had run here, escaping the massacre and Benito.

“He will be back for us.” Carmen whispered fearfully.

“We will be gone before he ever realizes that we are missing.” Eleazar assured her. They had done well, and had run very far.

“Your very brave, Carmen.” He whispered in her ear. His eyes were troubled as she looked up at him. He tried to hide it, but Carmen knew him too well. He gave a small smile before continuing.

He took her other hand, “come now, we must run if we are going to see another sunrise again.” He urged her. She nodded her head grimly as they ran from the abandoned farm.

Carmen was feeling like a fugitive, always on the run, and in the dark. For the past two days that was all her husband and she had done.

“We must run as far north as possible. I heard that it isn’t all like Texas and the south, Benito never comes up north.” Eleazar informed her as they stopped to sit.

They were somewhere in California. Carmen leaned her head against a rock, brushing dirt off herself. It was night again, and the moon- now not as full as the night before- shone along with the stars. She found comfort in that, knowing that there was peace at least somewhere.

Si.” She had heard it as well.

“Eleazar, how long will we have to do this?”She asked him after a little bit of silence.

Mi amor, only for a few more days.” He assured her. He held out his arms to her, and it was an invitation that she couldn’t resist. If Eleazar wasn’t here with her, she might have just let Benito have her.

“We will run up to the farthest state in this country, where there is hardly any sun to keep us inside.” He said to her.

“Alaska.” She stated. He nodded, “does it sound okay?” he asked her.

She looked up to him as a small smile touched her lips, “Anywhere with you is home.” She whispered. Really, Carmen would never need more then this-Eleazar holding her- to be okay.

Te quiero, Carmen.” He said before leaning in and stealing a kiss.

“Do you smell that?” Carmen asked him as they slowed to a walk, trudging through the snow. They were now in Alaska, in a city called Denali. And normal person would be freezing in the t-shirts and pants the couple was wearing.

He nodded, “its other vampires.” He stated.

“I don’t know if I want to meet more vampires, Eleazar. Remember what happened down south?” she asked him. She stopped walking, looking at him with worried eyes. Her dark, curly brown hair waved in the wind, and above them was the glow of the morning light.

“Carmen, I have a good feeling about this. Just trust me, if something goes wrong-not that it will-you have me to protect you.”

“We aren’t strong enough. The last time we hunted was a week ago.” she went over to him and traced the dark circles under his eyes. She probably had the same.

“We could probably hunt now, if that is what you wish.” Eleazar suggested, taking her hand in his and kissing it.

“No, it’s alright. Let’s just go follow that trail.” She sighed, walking hand in hand with him.

“That’s my brave Carmen.” He whispered, smiling. She smiled too, looking up at him. They kept walking for a few more minutes before hearing a voice.

“That must be them.” a voice announced. It was clearly a female.

Carmen looked up at Eleazar, her eyes questioning. Suddenly three blond vampires ran to them. One stopped in front of them, the others behind her. She was tall, had long strawberry blond hair and had topaz eyes. Carmen breathed a sigh of relief.

“They don’t hunt humans.” She murmured looking at all of the women.

“That’s right, we don’t. And either do you.” One observed from the back. The other two vampires looked similar to each other, both with blond hair.

“I’m Tanya, this is Irina and Kate,” the strawberry blond gestured to her two sisters, “we live a few miles away.” She explained.

“Live? As in a permanent settlement?” Eleazar asked. They had never heard of such a thing. But it was exactly what Carmen had wanted all along-to just live a normal life.

“Yes, we find it much more comfortable.” Kate nodded.

“I’m Eleazar, and this is Carmen my wife.” Eleazar said to them, “we come from Spain originally-but we had traveled through the south to get here.” Carmen finished for him. Tanya, Kate, and Irina were easy to talk to, and although they had all just met-they felt like family.

“The south?” Irina asked, her mouth open in shock. They must have heard of Benito as well.

“Unfortunately,” Eleazar nodded, “That’s what made us want to come to Alaska.” Eleazar explained.

“The farthest state north.” Kate whispered, understanding.

“It seems as though you are no harm to us or to the area,” Tanya contemplated something before saying more, “so why don’t you come back to our home. It seems as though we have much to talk about.” Tanya invited.

Eleazar looked to Carmen, and she nodded, “thank you.” She said to them. She knew that somehow, they would all be family in the end. She also knew that soon, the ache of her painful memories would fade away, in time.

She had escaped, and Eleazar was safe, which was more than she ever needed.