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Welcome to the Afterlife

Bree and Sara are only fifteen years of age. But when a handsome vampires comes strolling along, they're futures are cut short. My entry to the October challenge!


1. Welcome to the Afterlife

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Wow… That was the only word to describe him. Nothing else could compare. Beautiful, gorgeous, and amazing just didn’t do it. He was like an angel. Sent down from heaven to be eye candy for us love sick teenagers. I placed my hands over my heart and sighed dramatically. Sara turned around from the glass jewelry showcase, wondering what I was gaping at. Her eyebrow shot strait up as soon as she saw the God no further then twenty feet in front of us. Her lipstick clad lips formed a large smile, barring her unnaturally white teeth. How she managed them she would never tell me; someone like her never likes competition.

“Tasty, isn’t he?” she muttered, her slender finger topped with a perfectly manicured fingernail twirled around a lock of her shiny brown hair hair, like she was already trying to seduce him. I rolled my eyes at her, even though knowing that if I had half her guts I would be doing the same exact thing. But then all my thoughts came to a complete halt as the man glanced over at us like he knew precisely what we were up to. My heart stopped beating in my chest but Sara just waved her hand and winked. I stared at her in both horror and admiration. “Stop looking like you just swallowed a bug,” she snapped at me through her perfect smile. I blinked a few times, trying to rid my face of my dumbfounded expression. “He’s coming this way!” she gasped and I slowly turned my head to see him strutting over to us. I felt feint; he even walked like an angel. He was practically floating.

Sara was preoccupied fluffing her hair and giving him a dazzling smile while I was just trying not to look like a complete idiot. I don’t think I succeeded because he threw an amused smile in my direction. My heart thumped louder then it ever had, much to my embarrassment. I didn’t think people could actually hear your heart beat, but he chuckled as soon as it started to act up. That did not fail in sending a fresh coat of red paint right up to my cheeks.

“Hello ladies,” he purred, making both Sara and I swoon. He eyed both of us like he was accessing whether we were worthy or not. We must have passed the test because he took each of our hands and kissed the palms. That almost gave me a heart attack right there. His lips were as cold and hard as stone, but it suited him. It added to the allure. “My name is Riley,” he announced, his red eyes looking so deep and magnetic. I found myself leaning towards him subconsciously. Suddenly I had no control over my brain or actions; I couldn’t think strait. It was like he charmed me to death.

“Sara,” Sara breathed, hardly handling herself better then I was. Riley chuckled quietly and turned towards me, expecting an answer from me, too. I found that very difficult to do because I had trouble picking up my chin from the sidewalk. After a few moments of confidence gathering, I was finally able to maneuver my lips well enough to speak.

“I’m Bree,” I whispered, not able to take my eyes off this…creature in front of me. He was defiantly not human, that I was sure of. He must have been an angel. I heard a light cough beside me. Sara regained her composure and stood up strait, challenging the man in front of us.

“Well, we better be on our way,” she said, running a hand through her hair. She fluttered her eyelashes, an action none of the boys in our high school could resist. Sara was as famous for stealing someone’s boy friend just as she was making them. I never saw her without some random boy hanging off her every word. But Riley here didn’t even seem deterred by her at all. A worthy candidate in Sara’s eyes. It just made her game even more entertaining. But this was one game I wasn’t sure she was going to win…

“There’s no need to leave so quickly,” Riley said, his voice sounding like a purr again. He struck Sara dumb and she struggled to find her voice once more. I had stopped trying to talk around him; I was just following Sara’s lead. But now we were both blind. “Why don’t we go somewhere else a little more private?” he offered. Against my better judgment I followed Sara as she tagged behind Riley. I was only fifteen, but this guy could charm anyone into jumping off a cliff if he wanted to.

The three of us weaved around pedestrians and bicyclers, making sure we never lost track of one another. The question to why someone like Riley would be interested in Sara and I never entered my brain. I wasn’t even able to think around him, let alone make a logical decision.

We finally entered a neglected alleyway, dirtied with garbage and abandoned shopping carts. Finally, that was when some alarm bells started to off in my head. I took an involuntary step backwards. I started to get goose bumps down my arms so I rubbed my hands up and down them to warm them up. The goose bumps didn’t disappear; they weren’t from the cold. Looking up at the sky, I realized it got far too late. Even if there was a God standing right in front of me, I knew when something had gone too far. I tried to diminish the panic rising up in me, but the hysteria still leaked through my voice.

“I think we better be going, Sara,” I squeaked out, my intuition screaming at me to run, run away as fast as I could. “Sara?” I called out again. I was suddenly alone in the darkness. Sara and Riley had both disappeared. My breathing became panicked and I whipped around quickly, trying to find Sara. I wanted to run, but I didn’t want to leave with out her. But as soon as I felt a pair of cold hands wrap around my forearms all thoughts of Sara escaped me. I screamed and tried to break loose of the hands holding me. But they were as hard as stone and no human would be able to even budge them.

Shut up,” someone hissed behind me. I took in another deep breath of air to let out another scream, but a blow to my head silenced me.

I didn’t think I would die at age fifteen. I expected at least sixty more years to be added to my life. But the moment I saw Riley my future ended. I woke up from at least three days of pain to find Sara laying next to me, her body just coming out of the pain I endured. We stared at each other in shock, hoping that it was all just a bad, horrible dream. But of course all of those hopes were crushed as Riley walked in the door. He eyed us wearily, but seeing that we were not going to attack, he stepped forward, a sly smile on his lips. Sara and I just stared up at him, wondering why there was an intense burning at the back of our throats. We couldn’t to anything else but lie there. We didn’t even need to ask our questions before he answered them. He smirked one last time before uttering the four words that sent everything I ever knew spiraling into oblivion.

Welcome to the afterlife.”