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Surprise In Every Corner

my October challenge....What is Leah's life like after she changes into a werewolve? What is happens on her birthday? Will it change her life perpective forever?

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer's charcters... None of this is mine!

1. Chapter 1

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Leah’s P.O.V

I gazed out of the fogged up pane of the tinted-navy window that I was looking out of as I sighed when I saw the pack heading towards my petite blue house.

Everyone was really nice to me and helped built it a few months after I turned into a werewolf…

My house was like their third home after their own and Emily’s…Now that I have passed the age limit, I lived by myself, with no one else…

Why did this accursed thing happen to me? I know I hadn’t been especially good, but I don’t think being a werewolf counted as a punishment! Grrr! I still do not see why I have to be the one who had to pay…I mean; come on! Who really wanted to be one of those make believe creatures called werewolves?!

I felt really bad because I took out all my anger upon a mere human, Bella Swan…

She deserved it, I mean…Her boyfriend was a vampire and her best friend is a werewolf (that was how messed up her life really was), and THAT werewolf was MINE!

I guess you could say that I imprinted on Jacob, but he was (and still) SO hung up on that…that…bitch!

I chuckled darkly to myself because that b-word also meant a female wolf and technically, I’m a wolf…

“Hey, Big Sis! We’re here!” my younger brother Seth, who was like almost as tall as the rest of the pack, called out from the main room, breaking my train of thoughts.

I sighed once over as I lugged my skinny body over to the living room where they waited; soaked to the bone because of their swim to catch a wretched vampire…

“Jeez! You could’ve knock, you know!” I chided at Seth as I grabbed the nearest towels and threw the latter to them.

“Aw! C’mon! Was it really my fault if I dragged the pack except for Jacob, over to your house to celebrate your birthday slash Halloween? Besides, you even GAVE me the keys, telling me to drop by at anytime!” he retorted back as his clear emerald eyes glared at me defiantly.

Everyone else was wiping off the water that dripped down and tried to dry themselves as best as they could… It was too late because there was a gigantic puddle of chilly water stretching from the door to the living room.

I felt a pang of sadness as I thought: I told you to drop by and ONLY you because I’m not strong enough to see Jacob (who thought that I’m just a conceited 20 year old, turning 21, who never got over Sam), or Sam who dumped me for my favorite cousin…

Didn’t Seth understand that Sam was my LIFE, my soul mate, and my everything? It hurt like a million of bricks when he stopped seeing me… I even went through a depression where I couldn’t eat without bursting into tears… I felt like a dagger ran through my heart and I almost committed suicide.

I felt like I wanted to cry all over again, so I said as best as I could without waving my voice, “Be that way, runt! All of you make yourselves comfortable while I go fix up some things.”

I felt 6 pairs of eyes stare at my back as I hurried out of the room and into the bathroom.

I slammed the door by accident and double locked it…

I wept onto the now moist tissues from the tissue box on the shelf above the toilet.

My lips quivered as I whimpered softly. My make-up got blotchy, but I didn’t care (I know shocker to find me, the queen of looking neat, not even caring that my make-up was streaming across my cheeks and my lipstick smeared all over my cheeks).

“Why Sam, why? Didn’t you know how much it killed me when you got up and left without an excuse?” I asked agonizingly to no one in particular.

I tried to calm myself down as I went to the sink and washed my red, tear-stained cheeked face multiple times until the redness backed down.

My face looked so plain with my too small lips, my pretty much non-existing eyelashes…

I dabbed on some blush, put on some mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick before I unlocked the door and left the bathroom that looked like it had been raided.

I definitely looked a lot better than I felt…

As I neared the living room, I heard Seth call out, “Dude, where’s the food? I know that I can’t smell it!”

I grinned as I grabbed a bunch of SPECIAL-K diet water as I threw each one of the bottles over to the guys.

“What the freaking---!” Paul sputtered as he started to shake slightly.

“Mind your language, young man! There is a lady present!” I scolded lightly as I continued, “Since all you are getting SOO fat, I think you all need to cut down a few pounds….or two hundred.”

“First of all, where is that so-called-lady-of-the-house?” Seth asked as I growled deeply at him, “and second, I DO NOT weigh a lot! I’m only 30-- Oh my God! I AM getting obese!”

I couldn’t keep contain it any longer so I burst into laughter as Quil, Embry, and Jared chuckled slightly. Paul shook even more, but Sam threw him the ‘look’. Seth got redder and redder as the seconds ticked by.

“Back to business, everyone… Leah, tell everyone in this room that raiding the towns of La Push and Forks isn’t a smart move! Mischief night was LAST NIGHT, not on Halloween!” Sam whined, getting all business like.

Ouch! I felt another stab in my gut…

“WHY DO I HAVE TO DECIDE?! I’m not even close to being in command or second-in-command!” I cried out as I looked at each one of the freakishly tall guys straight in the eye, waiting for one of them to speak up.

“We took a vote and Sam was outnumbered by 5. So it was decided that it would be up to you, birthday girl,” Quil quickly filled me in.

“Let’s do it, except we can’t cross Cullen territory, remember?” I pumped a hand up in the air as I planned on how Bella’s house should look like.

“Aw, I always thought you were a rebel, Sis!” Seth complained as I hit him slightly on the head.

Then I stuck my tongue out at him as Embry intervened, “I crossed the territory once, remember? I went with Quil and Jacob…It was perfectly fine…”

Sam looked defeated as he gloomily asked, “All in favor, say aye…”

All of us except for the always serious Sam crowed ‘aye’!

We all waited until 10:00 p.m. before we all snuck out with toilet paper, a bag of garbage, whip cream, dirty and ripped up clothes (from when we forgot to take off our clothes when we changed), eggs, and a banana that Paul CLAIMED that he needed to survive.

We all crept out into the night sky with stars blazing, leading our path…

We neared Emily’s house, I wondered why they would mess up my cousin’s house… Wouldn’t Sam try to stop them?

Even if she got to be with Sam instead of me, she still didn’t deserve that kind of treatment…

We got closer to the cottage, and when we reached the steps…

The front lights snapped open as everyone either sprayed me with whip cream, threw eggs at me, dumped the surprisingly not all that revolting garbage and dirty, ripped up clothes on me, or wrapped toilet paper around me like a Christmas tree (in fact I thought that I heard Seth singing ‘Jingle Bells’, and ‘Silent Night’ when he pranced around me with the toilet paper….)…

Finally, Paul, being the smart Alec, and ALWAYS having to have the last laugh, placed the bright yellow banana peel gingerly on my head like the star of a REAL Christmas tree.

I felt gooey stuff in my hair strands and garbage and little pieces of clothing stuck on my favorite black sweater and toilet paper around my knees and arms…

I felt like a mummy (Emily took a picture of me, and I looked like a disaster….like a tornado when by me…).

I couldn’t believe on how icky and slimy the egg yellow-orange yolk dripped down from my hair to my hands and shirt.

Yuck! I felt the slime travel down my hands like a snake running away from a predator.

I mopped up the whip cream off my eyes, as ALL of the pack members, Emily, my mom, and Billy yelled, “Surprise, happy birthday!”

“Gee thanks you guys,” I muttered sarcastically as I brushed off all the garbage and clothes.

Great! Now I’ll have whip cream stains on my outfit…

“Well, if you said no to the whole all raiding towns thing, we would’ve thrown the regular stuff on you, but you wanted to trash someone’s house, so instead we trashed you,” Jared explained with a shrug as if it was all that simple.

“But it showed that you wanted to trash me because all of you, except Sam agreed to the raiding thing!” I screamed at the still collected Jared.

“That’s true…” Embry went off.

“You guys are SO immature!” I finally laughed as I took my own bottle of whip cream and sprayed it on my ‘family’ (not including my mom, Emily, and Billy because they didn’t do anything to me) and Jacob because he was in the pack too; whatever a person the group does, the rest either have to share the blame or glory….

“Make a wish, my Leah,” Emily whispered as she carried the cake over to where I was standing; the only one that dared to come near me after I went ‘whip-cream-happy’…

What the heck…I blew out all 21 candles in one blow without making a wish for the first time….

“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Leah… Happy birthday to you! Happy Halloween too, everyone!” everyone shouted out in a semi-singing and yelling voice as they clapped and whistled.

It was nice to have your birthday on Halloween…Usually after that, we go ‘trick-or-treating’ like the idiots we were. Somehow, there were homes that offered candy well past 11:00 p.m.

“Okay! Let’s go trick-or-treating now!” Seth called out impatiently.

He started to sprint madly, but I chuckled when an idea came to me…

I’ll let the pack go on ahead and then I’ll jump them and push cake down their shirts…

“Last one there is a vampire!” Paul yelled out as he went past Seth and Jared went after the twosome.

Yep, I grinned to myself as I grabbed the cake from Emily and waited until the last werewolf left the cottage.

That’s when I went into the woods to change into my wolf self…

The boys were going to need everything they could to protect themselves from me…