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so on and so forth

I'm not sure how to sumarize it I guess you'll have to read it to find out. Disclaimer: I do not own or make money off any of this, at all

I have no idea what this box is for.

1. Chapter 1

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You are my air, my breath, my life.

Why won't you accept the proposel to be my wife?

and when I had to go away,

I wanted to return every day.

How could you belive me when I said our love was done?

I remembered how you stick to me when I run,

I remember you wanting of me,

But I wouldn't pay attention to your unsaid plea.

I couldn't get carried away with you,

Yet deep inside I wanted more too.

"you don't want me?" you asked which tore me inside,

You thought I wanted to get of this ride.

Bela Swan stay with me and remain mine,

I promise when you with me you will always be fine.