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Charlie makes Bella move to Texas for college and finds vampires and Werewolves are not the only supernatural creatures out there.


1. Chapter 1

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“But Dad, I don’t want to go to college. Especially in Texas.” No wait I’m not going to Texas. I’m staying here. He wouldn’t have that. I would have to try something else. “What if I go for a year and then come back here to finish college?”

“ No Bella. You are going to Texas and that’s final.” He was determined this time to win the fight. “ I found a college that you can go to, to become a chef. Plus, I don’t want you anywhere near Edward anymore. He is rotten and no good for you. You can do much better Bella.”

I had to stop him there. “ Dad! Edward is perfect for me because he loves me and I love him. You can’t keep me from seeing him.” I was furious but I could see he was getting angrier with the Edward issue. “ What if I don’t want to be a chef?” I thought for a minute. “ What if I want to be an actress?”

He seemed surprised and changed his expression. “ An actress? That would be perfect for you because of how you have been acting lately. But can you pull it off? I mean sometimes you can’t fool me.”

“Yea Charlie I have been working on it and been practicing.” That was such a lie. Even Edward told me I couldn’t act.

“Well I will check back with them to see if they have theater for a major and see which classes you will be enrolling in.” He left to go to the kitchen and use the phone. “ We leave tomorrow for Seattle to catch your flight.”

I trudged upstairs dragging my feet because of my defeat. I can’t believe I gave in so easily. What was wrong with me? Now I won’t get to see Edward. Charlie won’t let me out of the house to even say goodbye. I couldn’t even say goodbye to Jacob because he hadn’t been talking to me.

I turned on my computer to email Renee and tell I was going to college to be an actress. I started to cry. Why couldn’t Charlie see that I was in love with Edward and Edward loved me?

There was a sudden chill that swept the room and looked over at my window. I don’t remember it being open though. I shut off the computer and walked over to the window. It was already dark outside. I then felt that cool familiar breathe on my neck.

“ Did I startle you?” His sweet melodic voice whispered in my ear. My heart skipped a beat. I remembered that I had been crying and quickly wiped my tears. I was not quick enough for him not to notice though.

“What’s wrong?” I looked into his deep golden eyes that were full of concern. I knew I had to tell him. I didn’t want to, I couldn’t. All I could do was cry but I had to try.

“Edward,” was all I could manage.

He took his cool hand and touched my cheek. “I love you and I will always be here for you. You can tell me anything.”

I looked deep into his eyes. “ I know that, but I can’t.” He looked at me with a confused expression. “ Charlie is sending me to Texas.” His faced turned hard.

‘Why?” was all he said.

“ Charlie is sending me to a college in Texas to become an actress.” I tried to sound cheerful but it didn’t work.

“Well that’s a waste. You would make a better chef.” He smiled my favorite crooked smile.

“How would you know you couldn’t even properly taste ‘human’ food. Pus if I’m going to become a vampire then that would be a waste of skills and money.” I glared at him because he knew that was what I wanted.

Oh no Bella. You’re going to college and living longer.” He glared back.

I wasn’t going to give up that easy. “But you promised me. I am turning nineteen in a month. I want to be with you more than any thing in the world.”

“I want to be with you too.” He paused and I knew he was thinking about it. “You still haven’t answered me yet.”

I looked at him. I wanted to but I don’t know when we would do it because I would leave in the morning. Charlie would stop it when he found out trying to prove that Edward is not fit to be my husband. I had to answer him though.

“Edward you know I do but Charlie would ruin it in a heart beat and I leave first thing in the morning. There is no time. Charlie is sending me to a four-year college. Four Years!” I started to cry again. I really didn’t want him to see me in this mood.

He pulled me to his chest and kissed me. Then he got down on one knee and pulled out a black box.

“Isabella Swan… will you marry me?” I started to hyperventilate. “Bella please?” I looked at the ring. It was a gold band with a beautiful topaz gem on it. It was the most beautiful ring. “ Bella, I love you.” I looked up at him and smiled. His face was sad and worried. I bent down to take his hand and pulled up to kiss him.

“ Yes, Edward Cullen. I will marry you.” He picked me up in a spinning rotation and kissed me. I pulled away from him trying to catch my balance. He took my hand and put the ring on it.

He looked at me with a sudden surprised expression.

“ Let’s go tell the others.” He pulled me onto his back and jumped out the window. I would miss the wind in my face and the accelerating speed every time we would run. I kissed his neck then enjoyed the short trip to his house. He slowed then pulled me around to stand beside him. I looked at his beautiful house and whispered goodbye.

Edward squeezed my hand and pulled me inside. Alice was the first to great us. She caught me in a graceful hug and lightly pecked me on the cheek. Esme carefully hugged me and Carlisle smiled at Edward. Rosalie, for the first time came over and hugged me.

“Thank you, for this.” She smiled and went to stand by a chuckling Emmett. Jasper stood by Alice smiling and nodding.

“Congratulations, Bella and Edward!” Alice chimed in her lovely voice. “ Let me see the ring!” I let go of Edward’s hand held out mine.

“ Oh it’s beautiful!” She beamed causing both Esme and Rosalie to come see too. Emmett looked over their shoulder then ran to Edward giving him a five.

I pulled my hand away. “ I’m leaving.”

Everybody looked up at me with serious faces.

“ Where/” Carlisle asked.

“ I’m going to Texas to become an actress.” I tried again to sound cheerful. I think this time it worked. “Charlie already took care of everything. Well I think he has taken care of everything.”

“Well then we better start now.” They all rushed around getting ready and left me standing alone.

Alice pulled me upstairs with Rosalie leading. “ Alice what’s going on?”

“ You are having your wedding before you leave. We are going to get you ready.” She pulled me into the bathroom then disappeared.

Not again. The last time we played beauty salon was at prom. Wait did we have time?

I looked at the clock and it read ten forty-five. Thank goodness we had plenty of time.

Rosalie came into the bathroom with three dresses. “ Which one?” I picked the simple white one. The top was lace and the sleeves were elbow length. The bottom was flowing and reached the floor. Alice came in. “Good choice.”

Alice then started on my hair while Rosalie worked on my make-up. I hated playing salon but later I knew I would miss them trying to make me look beautiful.

They finally finished my hair and make-up and I got dressed into the dress. We walked down stairs and I noticed that nobody was there.

“ Where is everybody?” I looked around confused.

They are all at the ceremony. Now we must hurry it is getting late.” Alice picked me up and we ran into the night with Rosalie beside us. After two minutes we showed up to a clearing and my eyes had to adjust to the dim light of the lanterns to notice that it was Edward’s meadow.

Edward stood a little ways with his back to me. Everybody stood around looking at me with astonished eyes. The music started, my lullaby. I walked as gracefully as I could towards Edward.

I stood by Edward looking at Carlisle in front of us. He looked at me then at Edward with a smile. Edward then turned to look at me with a surprised face.

“You look beautiful.” He smiled then kissed me.

“ May you two live happily together forever. Yes you may kiss the bride.” Carlisle laughed.

Edward picked me up in his arms and kissed me. I never expected marriage to be so brilliant.

“ I better take you back home before Charlie wakes up.” He picked me up as I said my goodbyes and we ran off into the night.

It didn’t take very long and before I knew it we where jumping back through the window.

“Stay here, please.” I dashed out of my room before he could answer to change my clothes. I came back and laid the dress on the rocking chair.

Edward smiled his perfect crooked smile and laid me on my bed. He lay there beside me holding me close to his cool body.

“Sorry we didn’t have a cake and I perfect honeymoon right away.” He said to break my thought of a beautiful night.

“ That’s fine. Edward when will you change me?” I still wanted what he promised me. I promised to marry him to get immortality.

“Not yet. You leave tomorrow and you can’t be suffering then.” Winced at the thought of three days of pain. He pulled me closer to his body in response. I turned to look at him. “ We will see each other soon. I promise. Just promise me this.”

“Yes.” I replied slowly.

“Promise me you will be safe till then.” He kissed my forehead. “I will leave before you even wake up in case Charlie wakes up earlier.”

I looked at him then hated what he just said. I agreed though. I couldn’t give Charlie any reason to go and lock Edward up so he couldn’t see me again.

“When will we see each other again?” I looked at him curiously.

“Very soon.” He kissed my forehead again and started to sing my lullaby as I turned over. I could deal with very soon. I trusted him that much with that answer.

I never wanted to give into sleep because I knew if I did Edward would leave, but sleep got the better of me. I dreamed of the honeymoon Edward and I should have gone on.

I tried to wake as early as possible to see Edward but as he promised, he wasn’t there. I was surprised I actually slept well last night. I looked at the chair and saw my clothes from last night n place of the dress. I got up slowly and got dressed. I noticed an envelope lying on my desk and opened it. It was addressed to me in Edward’s elegant handwriting.

Bella, I’m sorry I had to leave so early this morning but I wanted to say one last goodbye. If you haven’t noticed you have to act cheerful today because look outside. So please be happy for Charlie and for me. I promise I will see you soon. Be safe. Goodbye my love. Edward

I looked outside and sure enough it was sunny outside. Dang it. Well if I didn’t act cheerful then Charlie and I were sure to get into another fight and I didn’t want that this morning. Not after a perfect night. I put the letter into my bag and carried my stuff down stairs. Charlie was already there cleaning up his breakfast. I smiled at him.

“Good morning. I see that you’re in a good mood today.” He smiled back suspiciously.

“Yes it’s my kind of day. Nice and sunny outside. The rain and gloom already said their goodbye.” I started pouring me a bowl of cereal and sat down.

“Eat up we are going to have to leave in a minute.” He went upstairs to his room.

I finished my cereal and ran up to the bathroom to brush my teeth and my hair. When I came down Charlie was carrying my stuff out the door.

“I’m sorry you won’t be able to take your truck down with you but I found you a small apartment if you want by the college so you can walk to school. If you don’t want to be around noisy college students, I also found a nice quiet neighborhood with a house for sale. It’s small and perfect.”

He gave me the paper on the house. I looked at it while he put my things in the cruiser. Great traffic. There was one bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and two bedrooms. There was a backyard and two trees? Hmmm. Well it looked nice and I would have my privacy. It was a good price and I would be able to afford it along with a bed and some other furniture with the money I had earned.

“Oh Bella. Carlisle and Alice stopped by to drop this off.” He handed me an envelope and looked at me curiously.

Do not open till you get on the plane.

I put it in my jacket pocket and got in the cruiser. We both rode in silence all the way to Seattle. It was finally when we arrived at the airport Charlie decided to say something.

“Well I will really miss you. You know you can call or visit anytime you feel like.” He gave me a side hug and walked me to the portal. He slipped a twenty into my hand for a cab and food when I got there.

“Yes, Dad I know. I don’t need this twenty. Really I have enough money.” He wouldn’t accept it back and watched me as I got on the plane.

I finally got resting in my seat and watched everybody else as they took theirs. I pulled out Edward’s CD and the letter from Alice.

As soon as we took off I carefully opened the envelope and found a picture of our family, the family I now belonged in. I looked down at my ring and felt a tear roll down my cheek. There was also a letter inside.

Bella, we will see you soon. We have decided, your first break you have, you and Edward are going to go to Paris for your honeymoon. Here is a little something to help you out. Love the Cullens

I looked back in the envelope and there was four hundred dollars in there.

Oh guys, you spoil me too much. I started to cry. I put everything back in the envelope and put it in my bag. I still had five hours of flight so I relaxed and fell asleep to Edward’s CD.

I woke up to the bumping of the plane. Finally I was in Texas and I was able to get off the plane.

I looked for a pay phone and called the realtor for the house. She said I could come down in an hour so I went to grab a bite to eat, call Charlie to tell him I made it and then called a cab.

I stepped out side to wait and felt the sunshine. It was warm and comforting on my skin. I had missed the sun. Edward definitely wouldn’t have been able to come.

My cab showed up and I headed to what was now supposed to be home.