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Charlie makes Bella move to Texas for college and finds vampires and Werewolves are not the only supernatural creatures out there.


2. Chapter 2

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The house was plain but perfect. She was astonished when I pulled out cash Charlie gave me way before to buy the house. I had a problem filling out the paper work because I didn’t know last name to go by, so I went by Swan because of course Edward wasn’t there to sign papers.

I brought all my stuff inside and asked where the locations of the major stores I would need and the grocery store.

Yes shopping, my favorite. They at least left a refrigerator for me. It needed to be cleaned a little but that was fine.

I would worry about food first then some furniture. Maybe it would be wise to get a cell phone and computer.

I walked down to the grocery store and used a hundred dollars out of the four hundred Alice gave me. I had to call a cab to get everything home. Now if I was a vampire that would be a different story.

After I put everything away I decided I needed to find a car and a bed at least.

I saw a car depot on my way to the grocery store so I decided to stop there to look. I wish Edward were here to help me look. I knew nothing about cars but how to drive them.

I asked the sales man for something small and that would get around easy. He preferred an Audi. Edward maybe I should have accepted. I didn’t have enough but I asked him to hold a silver one for me.

Four thirty and I still had a lot to do. I went to buy a nice cell phone and then looked for a bed and a couch. I settled for something that would match and didn’t worry about the price.

I went home to relax on my new couch and decided to call Edward to tell him that I made it safely.

After three rings he picked up.

“Hello Edward. It’s me Bella.” He sounded so relieved to hear my voice. “I made it ok and I decided to buy a cell phone.” He sounded sad when he asked if I got the letters.

“Yes Edward, I bought groceries and a bed with the money you gave me. But if you would have changed me then I could have used that money to buy a car.” There was a low growl in the back of his throat that made me shiver. I was almost use to it.

“Just call me to tell me when you are coming down. Edward, I really miss you… I love you…goodbye.” I shut my cell phone and began to cry.

No I can’t start this now. I tried to pull myself together quickly and looked at the phone book. If I was going to live on my own, I needed a job.

Well, here there were a variety of jobs and many different locations for the same store. I knew I could not work in a restaurant, one, because of my clumsiness, and two, I didn’t want to give anybody the impression that I could cook and then try to get me to become a chef. That option was ruled out.

Then something caught my eye, Barnes & Nobles bookstore. Perfect! I would be surrounded by millions of books and the quiet. I wrote down the number and address and called to ask if they had anything open. They told me what was open and how much I would be paid. I didn’t care because it was perfect and I needed a job bad.

I hung up. Tomorrow I would go down there and check it out and meet the manager in person.

I decided, since I didn’t have any cooking utensils yet, I would have cold cut sandwiches.

I took a shower and decided to turn in early. Tomorrow would be a big day. I lay down and started to cry because I missed the comfort that Edward would give me when he lay next to me. I put in his CD and cried myself to sleep.

I woke up early and I felt sore. At first, it startled me to see a different room. Then as my senses came to me I remembered where I was.

I curled up in a ball on my side and lay there for a while. The sun was shining again. I decided, after about ten minutes, to get up and get dressed.

I went to the kitchen and got the cereal out. I had to eat it dry because I had not bought dishes yet.

When I finished I made a list of what I had to do today and then called a cab to go to the bookstore.

It was the perfect job, like I said and I would start it in two days.

It was located by a mall, which was perfect for what I needed to do today so I decided to go take a look around.

I was huge and had like over two hundred stores. I stayed out of the clothing stores and decided to get some appliances for the house to create some privacy and make me feel a little more at home.

I got some dark blue curtains for my room and the living room, purple for the other room and a light olive green for the kitchen. For some reason if felt like everything was on sale because I found a really good deal on black cotton sheets for the bed and found a nice set of four cups, bowls, and plates. I could deal with plastic forks and spoons for a while. I also bought some pots and pans so I could have other food besides cold cut sandwiches all the time.

I left the store and passed by an electronics store. Come to think of it, I would need a computer really soon.

I bought a nice laptop with a carrying case, printer and appliances.

Perfect! I was all set for now. Later I would buy school supplies. I called a cab to take me home and I set up the computer to email Renee and Charlie.

I hung up the curtains in each room so I could create privacy and put the new sheets on my bed. I did everything I could and it was only three. I decided I would do something I hadn’t done in a long time.

I grabbed a book from my bag and headed for the back yard.

As I leaned against one of the trees and began reading, I heard a voice. “Hello.” Was the tree talking to me? It was a female voice. Hmmm…a female tree.

“You must be new here. I have never seen you before.” I looked up to see a girls smiling face peek over my fence. “My names Stacy.” She had ivory skin a little darker than mine and short dark brown hair. She looked almost like Alice only not as beautiful.

“Umm…oh my name is Bella.” I closed my book and walked over to her. “Yes I just moved here from Washington.”

“Oh really. I heard it’s lovely up there. No I have stayed here all my life. I’m a freshman at the college. What about you/ I want to be an actress.” She spoke kind of fast and in a high pitch voice.

“Yes, I’m a freshman and I too came to be an actress.” I smiled back. I really didn’t like trying to talk over the fence. Would you like to come over?”

“Sure, just a sec.” She disappeared to around and come in through my gate. She was kind of small and very skinny. She reminded me so much of Alice.

“Are you reading Pride and Prejudice? That is one of my favorite books.” She sat down under the tree and looked around.

I sat down in front of her and studied her for a minute. She didn’t seem to mind and lied down on the grass. I think I would like this girl.

“So what was it like living in Washington? Do you miss your friends amd family? She played with a leaf while she spoke.

“Well it was cloudy a lot and rained almost everyday. The temperature was a little chilly. I only there with my dad, Charlie, for two years. The other years I lived with my mom in Arizona. Charlie didn’t want me going to college in Washington so he sent me here. There was an annoyed tone in my voice. She seemed to catch it and looked up at me with a confused look on her face.

“How come?” She sat up at the question and looked at me thoughtfully.

“He didn’t want me seeing this guy. He thought he wasn’t good enough for me.” My eyes started to fill up with tears. I wiped them away and looked up at the sky.

“But you love him and he loves you. Nobody can separate true love.” There was a short pause. “Will I get to meet this guy?” I jerked my head back to look at her. She was smiling widely with sparkles in her eyes.

“Maybe. He is going to try and visit soon.” I smiled at the thought.

“He sounds perfect. You will have to tell me about him sometime.” She looked at her wrist watch. “I have to go now so I will see you later. Bye.” We both got up and she smiled and waved as she ran out the gate to her yard.

I went inside and decided I really didn’t feel like cooking so I made sandwiches again. I then heard my cell phone ringing and ran to pick it up.

“Hello?” I wonder who it could be.

“Hello Bella.” It was my angel. “How was your second day in Texas?”

“Its been pretty good. I met my next-door neighbor named Stacy today. She reminds me a little of Alice only not as beautiful. I’m so happy you called. I really miss hearing your voice every night.”

“I really miss being with you too. Hey, could you check the weather for this week please?”

“Umm…just a second.” I went to my laptop and looked at the forecast. That stinks. It’s going to be sunny and hot all week long. “Edward it’s going to be sunny and hot all week. Why?”

“Just wondering because it is raining non-stop here.” There was a short pause. “You should be getting something in the mail soon.”

“Edward, you spoil me too much. No more gifts presents, MONEY.”

“Oh, Bella. But you need this. This is the least I can do.”

“I have a job now I can take care of myself. I work at Barnes & Nobles.” I felt proud of myself for finding job on my first day here. Usually it would take someone for ever to find a job.

“Good place to work. No you really will need this. Anyways… I have to go. I love you and we will be seeing you soon ok. I really just called to here your voice and see if you were safe. I really miss you.”

“I love you too Edward. I really wish you were here too. Bye my angel.” I shut my phone and went to finish my sandwich.

I should be expecting something in the mail. I wonder what it would be. Too bad it couldn’t be him.

I decided it was time to turn in. I went into my room to get ready and that when I heard a howl.

Weird I didn’t know wolves settled around here. Then I thought of Jacob.

No Jacob wouldn’t come down here. He had to protect La Push. Then I shivered. Maybe he was following Victoria.

I started to shake more. No I need to settle myself. Victoria can’t and probably wouldn’t come down here.

I lay in my bed for the longest time then decided to put Edward’s CD in, Maybe this will calm me down.

Please Edward, make very soon be really soon.

I cried myself to sleep.